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Chuck and Blair This Year's Liebe

The Departed Trailer - Gossip Girl style

Chuck & Blair -- Can't Have Du

Blair & Chuck: Shattered

Chuck & Blair - Never say never

Ed Westwick - Radar

KISS And Sell: Chuck/Jenny

Lucas/Jenny - Black Black herz

Lost along the way | Chuck/Blair

Blair♥Chuck | Tell Me That Du Liebe Me

Dan & Blair - Everytime

Leighton Meester - Fashion

Blair&Chuck - Swear it Again

Fall So Hard For You// Blair Chuck

Gossip Girl - The Discussion (6.15.09)

Blair Waldorf - The Tears Of An Angel – Jäger der Finsternis

Sex on Fire- Chuck/Blair

Cook and Jenny - Johnny and Mary

paparazzi; georgina sparks

Even Engel Fall [Serena;Nate]

Gossip Girl Saturday Morning

Gossip Girl Cast - High School Never Ends

Serena/Nate; (Everything)

Gossip Girl Cast : Do What Du Want

Sidewalks (Gossip Girl Cast) [PREVIEW]

Blair - A.E Girl

Chuck/Blair-Breathe In Breath Out

Let it Rock ~ Gossip Girl

Chuck/Blair/Nate I See a Storm Bubbling Up

Gossip Girl - Flying Trought The Wind

97 BHT - Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen w/ Ralphie!

Nate & Serena - Always

Gossip Girl - Jealousy

Gossip Girl Sleepover

Blender Jenny Humphrey

Chuck/Jenny "So Damn Hot"

GOSSIP GIRL 01x05 - Dan saves Jenny at the club

Gossip Girl 225 : Jenny (The New Queen)

Gossip Girl 2x25(Finale)Jenny it's NewQueen!!!

Gossip Girl 2x25 - Blair chooses Jenny for Queen

Jenny Confronts Blair About New Year's Eve (Gossip Girl 2 x 25) The Goodbye Gossip Girl

Blair & Jenny Talk Chuck & Other Things (Gossip Girl 2 x 25) The Goodbye Gossip Girl

Blair Crowns Jenny Queen (Gossip Girl 2 x 25) The Goodbye Gossip Girl

Jenny / Nate

Jenny Humphrey - Lip Gloss

Crossover Alex Rider and Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl 2x25 Sneak Peak #2 Jenny Warns Blair

Gossip Girl 2x25 Sneak Peak #6 Blair picks Jenny as Queen

Kaitlin&Jenny-Good Girls go Bad

Gossip Girl AU The Hand Maiden's Tale Jenny/ Serena's POV

Gossip Girl- Chuck and Bart - Season 2 Episode 10

Limotalk Between Chuck, Eric, & Bart (Gossip Girl) (1 x 14 - Blair hündin Project)

chuck and bart bass- perfect

Face Down (Gossip Girl) Chuck/Blair/Nate

Tonight I Liebe Du - Chuck and Blair

Blair - Me Out Of Me

Gossip Girl [Lily] - Too Young

Serena. Birthday

Blair/Nate [Save You]

Chuck/Blair Hey Baby

Gossip girl - OMFG moments (Right Round)

Chuck/Blair- Boston

Gossip Girl; Agnes - Let it rock

Breathe// Chuck Blair

tony & blair // break even

Chuck & Blair || Off I Go ||

Georgina Sparks - If Du Seek Amy

Gossip Girl - Forgive me

Chuck/Blair/Nate/Vanessa - The way I loved Du

Good Enough -- Chuck & Blair

Chuck and Blair - Du Won't Find This

Chuck & Blair- Mehr than anyone


Serena and Nate - Shattered

Shattered | Chuck & Blair

Chuck and Blair Untouched

Du Found Me - Blair/Serena

High Society: Du vs Me

Blair Waldorf - Suddenly i see

Chuck & Blair {[Gossip Girl]} - Uninvited

Nate & Jenny Best Not To Think About It

Chuck & Blair - Battlefield

Non Judging Breakfast Club ( Times After Time)

Bedshaped - Chuck & Blair

CHuck and Blair: Baby Its Du

Liebe Story - Chuck and Blair

Blair & Chuck Tell Her

Chuck & Blair- Runaway

Chair - Because I Liebe her [Beauty and the Beast]

Blair and Chuck - Chuck's POV (season finale)

Should I give up? (Dan/Blair)

Gossip Girl Couples!

Blair y Chuck Gossip

Chuck & Blair - She is Liebe

CW "TV To Talk About" Promo

Blair Waldorf - Boring [vidlet]

Blair/Chuck - Your Ex-Lover Is Dead

We Used to Be Friends- The Non-Judging Breakfast Club

Blair/Serena - Rockstar

Chuck and Blair [Latika's Theme]