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Tony/Blair - GG/Skins

tonight i Liebe Du (chuck;blair)

Nate/Jenny Where Did I Go Wrong

The Sourcies 09 - Best Friends Forever Moment

Body Control L Gossip Girl L C&B

Chuck & Blair - In Your Arms

The End's Beginning (NJBC)

Gossip Girl Cast- Our Time Now

best of me.gossip girl cast.

Chuck&Blair - That's Where It Is

Ed Westwick on the GG set (07/09/09)

Ed Westwick on the GG set

Blair and Chuck- I Almost Told Du That I Loved Du

Gossip Girl Filming in SoHo

Chuck Bass: I Get All The Girls

Gossip Girl being filmed in SoHo - July 9th, 2009

Chuck and Blair (Here We Go Again)

Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester Filming Scene for Gossip Girl S3 6/29/09

Blake Lively filming gossip girl season 3

Self Inflicted || Blair + Chuck

Non-Judging Breakfast Club

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 25 Ending - Season Finale (Last Scene)

I feel so [Blair Waldorf]

Leighton Meester - Body Control (New HQ 2009+download link)

Chuck&Blair- Body Control (Leighton Meester's new song)

Blair - I do not hook up

Sex Is Sad Gossip Girl Entertainment Weekly Photoshoot Extended Interview

Gossip Girl Cast Photoshoot

Gossip Girl's Ed and Leighton interview HQ

Blair/Chuck - We are the People - Gossip Girl

chuck;blair I don't believe Du

May I. Chuck And Blair

Blair/Chuck/Nate/Serena - Panic Switch

Nate & Jenny- The Scientist

Dan & Blair -From Loving Du

Chuck & Blair: Boring

Chuck/Blair- Signal feuer

Chuck and Blair-3 words..8 letters

Leighton Meesters Clearasil Commercial

Can't Break A Broken herz - Blair; Chuck

Already Gone- Chuck; Blair

Never Say Never- Chuck; Blair

Pieces - Blair; Chuck

Du Found Me - Chuck; Blair

Gossip Girl filming in Manhattan 7-6-09

Pieces ; Chuck/Blair

Gossip Girl Georgina & Chuck Blame it

Does Ed Westwick prefer Blair oder Serena

Gossip Girl Revealed Outtakes

Blair & Nate: Мальчик мой (My boy)

Sourcies 2009 - Best Fight

Breathing Weltraum - chuck&blair

Gossip Girl - I Can't Stay Away

Blair and Chuck - I Did It For Liebe

Gossip Girl - Addicted

Gossip Girl - Fairytale Gone Bad

Gossip Girl - Stolen

Gossip Girl - Boring

Blair and Chuck - Before The Storm

Gossip Girl - Freeze

Serena and Blair - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Gossip Girl Kisses

Blair and Chuck - Halo

Blair and Chuck - Silence

Blair - If She Feels Bad, Then I Do, Too

Gossip Girl - The Discussion (7.6.09) [+ New Season 3 Set Photos]

Nate/Serena: Crawl.

Baby When The Light ; Chuck/Blair

Blair & Chuck | Come Around

The 10 OMG Gossip Girl Moments

Dan and Serena: Better Together oder Apart?

Taylor Momsen Interview

Blake Lively Interview

T. Momsen Designs

Mean Girls Interview

Chace Crawford Interview

Penn Badgley Interview

Blake Lively Interview

Cecily Von Ziegesar Interview

Ed Westwick Interview

Leighton Meester Interview

Gossip Girl: Behind The Scenes

Penn Badgley Interview

Taylor Momsen Interview

Gossip Girl: Musik

Leighton Meester Interview

Gossip Girl: New York

Gossip Girl: Zeigen Style

Gossip Girl: Favorit Episodes

Only Time - NJBC

Serena;Blair - My Immortal


Chuck and Blair (13) "Bed of Rosen

Chuck & Blair | Flashback

Blair and Chuck - Black Keys

Bleeding Liebe [Nate and Serena]

Serena/Nate Untouched

Nate and Serena

chuck & blair; easy way to cry

Chuck|Blair - Battlefield.