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Gossip Girl - Season 5 - Set Fotos of Blair & Dan - SPOILER

GG| it's Du who brought me here.

Swallowed In The Sea (dedicated to BlairWaldorfan0 & britneyandtvd19)

Gossip Girl 5x14 SNEAK PEEK #1 "The Backup Dan"

Gossip Girl 5x14 The Backup Dan - Sneak Peek #2

Gossip Girl 5x14 CANADIAN PROMO "The Backup Dan"

Gossip Girl 5x13 100th Episode Ratings - Gossip Girl's Royal Wedding

Gossip Girl - The Back Up Dan Producer's Vorschau

I'm Chuck Buss

Chuck & Blair & Louis & Dan | That was it [5x13]

gossip girl (5.13) | this woman's work

Gossip Girl - The Back Up Dan Vorschau

Gossip Girl Promo - 5x14 The Backup Dan

Gossip Girl - Blair's Walk

Gossip Girl Cast Celebrates 100th Episode

"Gossip Girl" Bridal Gowns Revealed

Gossip Girl 5x13 SNEAK PEEK #4 "G.G"

Ed Westwick Interview

Dan/Blair || Du always keep passing me Von

Gossip Girl - 100th Episode Party

Quotable Guide - Blair Waldorf Edition

Gossip Guide - Royal Wedding Edition

Gossip Girl - G.G. Producer's Vorschau

Gossip Girl Season 5 Episode 13 G.G Promo

Gossip Girl - Quotable Guide - Chuck bass Edition

Gossip Girl - Wedding Sign Clip

Gossip Girl - Quotable Gossip Girl

'Gossip Girl' Cast Celebrates 100th Episode

100th episode-Chuck bass

Blair's Royal Wedding to Feature the Most Jaw Dropping Twist in Gossip Girl History!

Gossip Girl - 100th Episode Style With Eric Daman

Gossip Girl: 100th episode promo!!!!

Gossip Girl 5x13 G.G. (Episode 100th) - Sneak Peek #3

Gossip Girl 5x13 "GG" NEW Sneak Peek (2) Wedding Video: Here Comes the Blair!!

Gossip Girl 5x13 Sneak Peek | G.G |

Gossip Girl - G. G. Clip

And it's because of you, Blair Waldorf

Gossip Girl 5x13 PROMO "G.G" (100th episode)

Gossip Girl - Father and the Bride Producer's Vorschau

Chuck & Blair- Only Girl (In the World)

Dan&Blair | My Liebe

dan&blair | g r a v i t y

Leighton Meester filming runaway bride scene for Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl 5x12 Father and the Bride - Sneak Peek

Nate & Serena ; Gravity

Nate and Serena - Losing Your Memory

someone like Du | nate&serena

Dan & Serena - Thousand Years

Dan & Serena - We Were Young

Dan & Serena - With Me

Dan & Serena - Holocene

Dan & Serena - Wicked Game

Dan & Serena - I Liebe Du Because

Dan & Serena - KISS Me

Dan & Serena - 5X10 scenes

Dan & Serena - 5x11 Scenes

Dan & Serena 5X11

Blair x Chuck | Don't leave me here alone

Gossip Girl 5x12 - Father And The Bride Canadian Promo

Gossip Girl 5x12 - "Father and the Bride" Promo (HD)

dan&blair | g r a v i t y

Ed Westwick Dishes on "Gossip Girl"

Gossip Girl - The End of The Affair? Vorschau

Gossip Girl - The End of the Affair? Clip

Gossip Girl 5x13 Promotional Fotos (2) Blair's Wedding!

Gossip Girl 5x11 - End of the Affair Canadian Promo

Gossip Girl - The End of The Affair? Producer Vorschau

The CW Orders 'Cult' Pilot from 'Gossip Girl' Producers

Comes and Goes; The NJBC


Liebe Of My Life [Chuck & Blair]

Cute Chuck And Blair Scene

Blair Seduces Chuck

Chuck Gives Up On Blair :(

Chuck And Blair At A Bar Mitzvah

Hold It Against Me [Dan/Blair GG]

Nate/Serena; not over Du

Chuck and Blair (She)

Gossip Girl 5x15 Promotional Fotos (1)

ships in the night | nate&serena

Chuck/Blair - I was just a bad dream...

►[The Scientist] Chuck/Blair- "You two used to be in love..."

Chuck & Blair | Season of Liebe | 5x10

Halo || Blair/Serena

Dan & Blair ~ Stay

dan/blair [stop crying your herz out] Gossip Girl HD Dair

What's A SoulMate // Gossip Girl Couples

When did everything get so screwed up? || Chuck and Blair ♥

blair&chuck | beside Du

[Hey Princess | Chuck & Blair.]

Dan/Blair: "Let me KISS Du hard in the pouring rain"

Gossip Girl Cast (Obsession)

dan+serena | back for good

Jenny/Nate 'I swear I'd Liebe Du right.'

Fix Du | Dan & Blair

poison and wine | chuck & blair

Chuck & Blair I Just a dream.

General - People's Choice 2012 Preview. CW

dan/blair - all the things that Du are