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Hate Me - Chuck&Blair

Georgina Sparks || Without Me

Gossip Girl Season 3 Behind the Scenes

E! Gossip Girl Season 3 Vorschau

Gossip Girl: Save Du [DS/NV]

Blair - Duality

chuck & blair \\ everywhere

Blair/Serena- Prom Dialogue

Chuck & Blair - Crawl

I Will Not Be Weak Anymore

Gossip Girl Set

Gossip Girl Set Video Leighton Ed talking about Chuck/Blair SPOILER

Gossip Girl; Liebe Game

Chuck & Blair \\ Liebe sex magic

Engel on the Moon- Blair/Serena

Chuck and Blair ( oh oh It's Magic)

Chuck&Blair: Taking Back My Liebe

Blair&Serena - Walk Du Home

Nate & Serena - Never say Never

breakeven; dan&blair

Blair/Serena - Halo

Dan & Serena - Black Keys

chuck//blair-- battlefield

[AU] Letters From The Sky; Chuck&Blair

Chuck/Nate | 2x21 ''Blair changed''

Chuck/Blair - Too young !

18 days (chuck;blair)

ED WESTWICK saying happy birthday

Rufus & Lily - Apologize

Serena transporter, van Der Woodsen // Breathe In

Vanilla [Blair Waldorf]

She wants to touch me(Won' trust a ho)

Blumen For A Ghost

Gossip Girl Cast: Friends Forever

Gossip Girl; When Du Were Young

Dan & Serena | The Lightning Strike

Dan Humphrey | The "Are Du Gay" Interrogative & Bloopers

Serena transporter, van Der Woodsen - Runaway

Ed/Leighton [BTS] - Liebe at First Sight

Multi-Fandom - She Can Get It

Happy 16th Birthday, Taylor Momsen; Bang, Bang!

Chuck Blair SPOILER KISS 07/13/09

Leighton Meester on set

Penn Badgley on set

Leighton Meester Ed Westwick Share Steamy KISS on Set!

Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick Set of Gossip Girl 07/13/09 SPOILER Küssen

Gossip Girl Ed Westwick and Leighton Meester Filming

Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick on set Gossip Girl Season three

Ed Westwick on the GG set 07/09/09


Chuck Bass~Gives Du Hell


Chuck/Blair/Nate~Every Light Has Blown

Blair/Chuck~Stuck With Each Other

Chuck&Blair; Truly epic

chuck and blair - when youre gone- chuck's death (AU)

Letters From The Sky (One baum hügel & Gossip Girl)

Without saying Goodbye (Chuck/Blair)

Chuck & Blair: Everything

Leighton Meester talking about Chair!!!!!

Chuck's Death || Quiet in my town

Brooke/Peyton | Blair/Serena - Two Worlds Collide

chuck/blair ; if i never see your face again

chuck/blair ; if i never see your face again

Chuck / Blair / Nate : Everything Du Want

Nate & Blair - Instrumental

Gossip girl - Never say Never

CB | Du picked me

chuck/blair ; stuck with eachother

gossip girl ; good girls go bad

Gossip Girl; Blair pretending to be a drug addict.

Nate/Blair Season 1 Breakup

Gossip Girl- Nate, Blair, Serena Water Fight

3 words...8 letters..say it, and im yours

Gossip Girl -Field Hockey Scene -Serena & Blair

Gossip Girl- Nate and Blair

freddie/serena ; Du found me

nate/jenny ; before the storm

chuck/blair ; shake it

chuck/blair ; shake it

Gossip Girl Season 2 Funny Moments

Gossip Girl Spoiler, Season 3 Serena/Blair/Carter/Georgina/Vanessa/Chuck/Dan

serena transporter, van der woodsen ; cry me a river

gossip girl ; double time

gossip girl ; double time

gossip girl ; double time

gossip girl ; double time

gossip girl ; sauer, saure kirsche

Gossip Girl Spoiler Season 3, CB CB CB CB!!

blair/serena ; rich girl

gossip girl ; all in time

ed westwick ; guilty pleasure

chuck/blair ; never alone

chuck/blair ; never alone

dan/serena ; breath

rufus/lily ; hot n cold

nate/serena ; sooner oder later (TEST)

Blair`s halskette

Chuck/Blair- 2x23 "I want Du to be happy"

Nate/Serena: If It Kills Me