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Blair/Chuck - Live Like We're Dying

Blair/Chuck - Live Like We're Dying

Blair/Chuck - Tonight I Know

Blair/Chuck - Rewind

Blair/Chuck - Lover Dearest

Blair/Chuck - Start Again

Blair/Chuck - The Reason

Blair/Chuck - Masquerade

Gossip Girl - Tik Tok

Blair/Chuck - Mixtape

Blair/Chuck - Dear Agony

Gossip Girl - Paparazzi

Blair/Chuck - I Hate Everything About Du

Blair/Chuck - Nice And Slow

Chuck bass - Bad Things

Chuck/Blair/Dan - Closer

Blair/Chuck - Only Human

Blair/Chuck - Fallin' For Du

Gossip Girl - The Fame

Blair/Chuck - Run Away With My Liebe

Blair/Chuck - She's So Lovely

Leighton/Chace - Love, Sex, And Magic

Blair/Chuck - Paper Scars

Blair/Nate - First Liebe

Blair vs. Little J

Blair Waldorf - She wolf

Blair Waldorf - All She Wrote

Chuck/Blair/Nate - Siren

Leighton/Ed - She Can Get It

Blair Waldorf - Sexy hündin

Blair/Chuck - Ayo Technology

Chair/Serena - Define Like

Non-Judging Breakfast Club - Use Somebody


Blair Waldorf - Sexy hündin

Blair/Chuck - With Me

♥ Taylor Momsen | BeautifulDirtyRich

"a sleeping Queen woken Von her true love's kiss"

Serena&Nate - 3.06 scene - Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl sneak peek 3.06 Blair and Vanessa

gossip girl - we are broken

Blair Waldorf- Without Me

Dan&Blair- Anywhere But Here

Chuck/Blair; The Mess I've Made

Blair is a lady who chuck is in Liebe with!


I hate everything about you.


Blair/Dan- Torn AU

Gossip Girl - Sex/Drugs/Dirty Money (Ten Sekunde Contest)

Nylon TV - Jessica Szohr - Photoshoot

dan/blair, serena/carter; wonderwall

Carter & Serena// Never say never - Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl - The Discussion (10.15.09) [+ New Season 3 Set Photos]

take it all away (AU GOSSIP GIRL)

blair/dan/chuck; the way i loved Du

Gossip girl 3.06 sneak peek Chuck and Blair

Girls of Gossip Girl | Sexy hündin

Gossip Girl On Set of Season 3; Blake & Chace // Nate & Serena.(SPOILERS!!) October 14th

Gossip Girl: Season 3 Episode 5 (Youku)

Gossip Girl: Season 3 Episode 5 (Tudou)

(chuck/blair) however far away...

Gossip Girl Cast: Frozen

carter and serena: tonight i will Liebe Du forever (gossip girl)

Scott & Vanessa (Gossip Girl) - Crush

Hallelujah - Gossip Girl Cast

Paparazzi--Gossip girl

Gossip Girl Cast | We are Golden (100+ SUBS!)

S/Ca vidlet [for CAM!]

:: Gossip Girl: Tik Tok ::

Leighton Meester calls Ryan Seacrest

Gossip Girl Webclip 2 - Enough About Eve

Gossip Girl Webclip 1 - Enough About Eve

Gossip Girl 3.06 Promo Extended "Enough about eve"

Chuck/Blair: Brings Me Back To Du

Blair/Chuck/Serena/Nate || Don't Trust Me

Bigger Than Love- Chuck&Blair

Addison & Blair || You're my family

lair Waldorf; Sexy hündin

Chuck/Blair || Gravity Of Liebe

CB: Turn Right

Get Sexy || Leighton Meester

Leighton_Blake ; Sexy B!tch [PersonalCollabChan,.]

Gossip Girl - Official 306 Promo (#2 . Extended)

Gossip Girl - Official 306 Promo (Enough About Eve)

Blair Waldorf // Tik Tok

Carter/Serena - Naturally

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 6 PROMO

Blair and Chuck - Fall For Du

Blair and Chuck - Gossip Girl - Paralyzer

gossip girl hi society ep 10 (chuck leaving for airport)

Gossip Girl Season 3 on set; Blake & Chace // Nate & Serena <3


Gossip Girl 3x06 Promo "Enough About Eve"

because I Liebe you.. //Chuck&Blair

Gossip Girl - Nate and Blair - Wonderwall

Chuck;Blair - Black Black herz (AU)

Shattered- Serena/Carter [newer preview]

Chuck/Blair - ILY scene

Chuck/Blair - Have sex with me