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gossip girl - serena car crash scene

The Girls Of Gossip Girl - Tik Tok

Taylor Momsen - Turn the lights on

chuck&blair ; nude (BOIT)


Dan & Blair- Crawl

Chuck & Blair- Until We Bleed

Multi-Fandom - Down

cast of gg | empire state of mind

The GG Cast ( Telephone)

Gossip Girl Cast ; Funhouse

Chuck/Blair/Nate || Think Twice

Chuck bass : Womanizer

I really didnt see us Singen through this [Chuck&Blair]

[Chuck/Blair] -- Sweet Disposition

Chuck & Blair/ Stefan & Elena - Outta My Head

Gossip Girl Cast - KISS & Tell

GG/OTH/90210/S.O.N - Never gonna be alone

when i look at you- nate/jenny

multifandom ; 8 becomes 1

Distant Sky : TEASER

~~Multi-Fandom- When I Look At You/Happy~~

chuck/blair :: gives Du hell.

Serena & Nate || I'll never get the chance again

Gossip Girl 3x12 | The Debarted | Dan Tells Vanessa He Loves Her

shut up and let me go [Blair&Chuck]

multi-fandom [what hurts the most about a broken heart] VINT

Gossip Girl || Serena and Nate - How Did I Fall in Liebe with Du

Blair & Sebastian (Cruel Intentions) II Crossover

Chuck & Blair: "World Of Chances"

Tik Tok- Jenny Humphrey

Multifandom: Use Somebody

Blue Light- Blair/Chuck

Jenny Humphrey // Memories ♥

Blair Waldorf *. Kill The Lights.*

Blair/Chuck;Dan/Serena;Nate/Vanessa Vorschau

Chuck & Blair- Blumen For A Ghost

Jenny Humphrey- If u seek amy

Two Steps Back // Dan/Serena

Blair/Chuck/Nate: The Past, Present, and Future

Taylor Momsen/Jenny Humphrey-That girls a genius

Serena/Nate- -gimme that

Serenate and Dan - Thinking Of Du

Serena/Nate-- The way i are

Chuck / Blair - all the right Filme

Secret Santa:Blair Waldorf-Let it Rock (For Dora)

Serena & Nate: Far Away

Higher Places; GG Cast

Chuck & Blair; Let Me Be Me

Maybe this Weihnachten - Gossip Girl Weihnachten

Gossip Girl - Moment Like This

Gossip Girl || All This Time (Joana's Wish)

Serena&Nate - Breathing Weltraum

Chuck and Blair - all the right moves

chuck and blair [secrets]

No Air - Serena & Dan - Gossip Girl

Leighton Meester and eichelhäher, jay Sean Meet Fans!

Leighton Meester on Singen vs. Acting!

Gossip Girl - Glamorous

Thinking of Du - Blair/Nate/Chuck

boys boys boys (one baum hügel | gossip girl)

hündin | Gossip Girls

Blair and Chuck: Sexy hündin

Jenny and Blair - Kill The Lights

NS/CB/NV; I can't take my eyes off of Du

Nate and Serena (HeartBeat)

Blair/Nate/Serena (Strong)

- skinny love, chuck|blair.

Serena and Nate - Hot Mess

Invisible [Jenny/Nate/Serena]

never too late ; serena & nate

Chuck Blair and Serena Carter (Gossip Girl) - I Wanna

Chuck and Blair: A Beautiful Mess - Gossip Girl


CHUCK / BLAIR - In My Arms

Chuck and Blair; "I hold Du up above everyone".

Chuck & Blair - "Shattered"

I don't know where there is, but I believe it's somewhere, and I hope it's beautiful. (CB)

naturally fanvideo chuckandblair

nate & serena // i beg and plead

Nate/Serena- Want Your Body (vidlet)

chuck and blair [secrets] Vorschau

Gossip Girl & Skins - Shove It

come on closer ; blair/chuck ; GG

the way I loved Du - chuck&blair

Gossip Girl - Russian Roulette

Gossip Girl - Telephone xx

Gossip girl - Winter Story

Blair and Sebastian (Cruel Intentions) Crossover [Preview]

Nate/Serena || Du make me Crazier

Dan & Vanessa - "Replay" [Collab Part]

Gossip Girl - Nate/Blair :: Bad Tag [PREVIEW]

With Me - Chuck & Blair

Serena || I fell in your opinion when I fell in Liebe with you.

Gossip Girl - Chuck/Blair/Dan [AU]

Chuck & Blair - Closer to the edge

Gossip Girl Cast- sauer, saure kirsche (Bloopers)

TV's Sexiest Stars: Leighton Meester & Ed Westwick

Gossip Girl - Beautiful, Dirty Rich. =]

Chuck;Blair | If Du Can Afford Me