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nate and serena

Gossip Girl Tribute

Blair & Chuck ♥.

Blair and Chuck the weight of us

chuck & blair: i'm shiny and i know it (gossip girl)

Chuck & Blair How Deep

Chuck/Blair - Free (for Cami)

Liebe Complications; Gossip Girl

Leighton Meester ; Labels Of Liebe [2.000 subscribers video]

Broken // Blair Waldorf

Nate & Blair - Hallelujah MEP

Blair y Chuck (hOt N cOlDs)

TaylorM. Tribute || Radio

if we ever meet again (chuck;blair)

Chuck & Blair - 10 things I hate about Du

Chuck/Blair - When I Look At Du

Look After You; Chuck & Blair

Multifandoms || Everybody Loves Me (for Jessica)

Hottest couples EVER

bad boys (collab)

Carter x Georgina - Superman

Gossip Girl 3x15 | Jenny and Damien sneak peek

Chuck/Blair; [AIMC+7DS]

Damon/Elena and Nate/Serena Gimme Mehr

Chuck&Blair// Sink oder Swim

Naomi/Blair/Serena/ Ella (Rich Girl)

Quitting Vidding Important Message Read and Unfinished Projects

Multifandom Collab - Blah Blah Blah || Gossip Girl (My part)

Nate and Serena belong together


Derena/Chair--Feel This

Chuck and Blair The Only Exception

Nate/Jenny-Better Than Me

Nate & Serena - Still Meant To Be (Preview)

Tik Tok GG Cast

Deerheart - Breakdown (Lily & Rufus)

Jenny Humphrey - spitze And Leather

Blair/Chuck - Brown Eyes

AU Dan/Blair; never be the same

blair & serena [GG] // i got Du

Gossip Girl ║ All we are


Nate Archibald | Let it rock

Blair &' Serena // There's no me without you.

Taste Of Sex (Gossip Girl' Serenate)

Blair & Chuck, she will be loved...

Fading Fast Away [Chuck|Jack|Blair]

dan & vanessa: wherever Du go (gossip girl)

I'm Kinda Busy || Gossip Girl

Vorschau (NJBC)

Gossip Girl- The Sixteen Jahr Old Virgin Sneak peek 2

Gossip Girl- The Sixteen Jahr Old Virgin Sneak Peek 1

Dan and Serena- I'll Be

Dan & Serena, Tell me a lie.

Serena & Nate - Gravity

nate/serena; dont Du want to

blair and chuck (*) ONLY YOU!

Chuck & Blair | Perfect | collab with JMDforever

Chuck Blair _ What If I Fall And Hurt MySelf

Telephone [Gossip Girl]

Howl (Chuck/Blair; Gossip Girl)

Serenate - Your so good to me baby

Serena/Nate - Little Secret

Blair(Chuck/Nate) Cut

Gossip Girl - Set Video

Somebody's Me || Nate & Serena

Nate and Serena - Gone Away

Chuck & Blair 3x14 - bett scene

Chuck & Blair 3x14 - Bar scene

Gossip Girl 3x15 Promo

Gossip Girl | Elizabeth/NJBC | 3x14

Gossip Girl | Serena and Nate scene | 3x14

Gossip Girl | Chuck, Blair & Elizabeth | 3x14

Gossip Girl | Chuck and Blair scene | 3x14

Gossip Girl 3x14 Ending

Gossip Girl 3x15 Promo

Helpless when Serena smiles (derena tribute)

The Nicest Thing

Dan and Serena

Serena;Blair | Great Escape

Dan and Serena - Keep Holding On

Gossip Girl - Blame It On The Pop


The Scarlet Letter Trailer

Gossip Girl Liebe dreieck chuck/blair/nate

use somebody

look after Du

Nate & Serena - I can't breath without Du

Nate&Serena- I'd do anything (to Erica!)

Dan and Serena-Closer

Barbie Girl - Blair Waldorf

She will be loved - Blair Waldorf

chuck/serena "i got it from my mama" [vidlet]

Chuck and Blair ( Chair ) ღ Impossible

Chuck and Blair - Gravity [REUPLOAD]

Multi-fandom - Boots and Boys

Chuck&Brooke(/Blair) • Signal feuer

Gossip Girl: Season 3 Episode 13 (Tudou)

Gossip Girl & Private Practice Cast || Heartbreak World

Halo; Chuck/Blair