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Blinding; Chuck&Blair [3x17 spoilers]

Gossip Girl | Jenny seduces Nate

Chuck & Blair - Fireflies

Vorschau Goodbye - Chuck/Blair

Gossip Girl - Good Life

Chuck bass - If I Can't


Chuck Bass; Broken

Chuck bass - Good Girls Go Bad

Blair Waldorf - Vanilla [RE-UP]

Nenny - Glass Bone Crash


Chuck & Blair- River Flows In Du

that should be me ♥ (chuck and blair)

Chuck + Blair: Apologize

Chuck/Blair----Forever and Always


Die for Du [Jenny/Nate]

Nate & Serena - Rise & Fall

Get U Home Multifandom

Nate and Serena - Mess I've Made (FOR RIA)

Chuck/Blair ["all i ever did was Liebe you"]

chuck & blair; goodbye chuck

CHUCK/BLAIR 3.17; already over (I did what I had to, to win) Vorschau

Jenny Humphrey - Rockstar

Blair / Chuck | Corner of Your herz

Chuck/Blair:: Hallelujah

blah blah blah; chuck/blair

Nate&Serena/If we ever meet again

Jenny Humphrey - Good Girls Go Bad


Nate & Serena- Right Von my side (for Erica)

Serena+Nate|| Angel – Jäger der Finsternis in the Night

Gotta be somebody Gossip's girl couples

Your Liebe is a drug- Chuck/Blair & Serena/Nate

Nate / Serena ღ The silence

Nate/Serena- Everything [PREVIEW]

Nate/Serena; cinco letras (500 THREADS!)

A Lot Like Love-Gossip Girl Style-Nate & Serena

Chuck&Blair (Us Against The World) FOR ANNA

Chuck and Blair - Off I Go (3x17)

GoodBye Chuck - 3x17

That's what Du get when Du let your herz win [3x17]

Chuck and Blair's song.

Jenny & Nate Is it true

Nathaniel&Jennifer-She Will be Loved

nate & jenny - clutch; [3x17 - 'he's trying to kill me']

Gossip Girl: Assassin


Du were the best I ever had [Chuck;Blair]

Derena hear Du me

Serena & Nate // Apologize

GG: Nate & Jenny - Forever

Serena and Nate xoxo Abba

CHUCK/BLAIR 3.17; disappear (all I ever did was Liebe you) FULL

chuck & blair // even if it means losing me? (3x17 spoilers)

Gossip Girl Sneak Peak - Blair & Nate [3x18]

Chuck & Blair || Hush (3x17 Spoilers)

I never thought that the worst thing you'd ever do would be to me; Chuck & Blair

Serena/Nate • Get Over It

Nate and Serena - Mess I've Made

Serenate and Clana

Nate/Jenny/Gibbs NCIS-Leverage

Chuck / Blair - Tell me it was something

A Little Too Not Over You-Chuck and Blair

chuck & blair // full kreis

Chuck and Blair / The Burned - Make Believe

Chuck/Serena - Hateful of Liebe

Nate/Jenny - Du Were The One I Was In Liebe

Nate/Jenny - Take A Bow

Chuck and Blair - Rude Boy

Chuck and Blair, My Immortal

She Will Be Loved (Gossip Girl- Blair and Chuck)

Chuck and Blair /Biko Von Bloc Party

Who Am I To Say ( Chuck and Blair)

Gossip Girl | So Happy I Could Die

Chuck & Blair - My Angel – Jäger der Finsternis Gabriel

Leighton Meester || A.N.G.E.L. [OMFG :O contest entry]

Lost and Insecure (Cook/Effy/Sid/Blair/Cassie) AU/CROSSOVER

Chuck & Blair - The Vision (3x17)

blair & serena // my immortal

what is wrong

A Drop In The Ocean (Chuck & Blair)

Jump then Fall Matt/Caroline Dan/Vanessa


Superman Returns Trailer-Gossip Girl Style

Gossip Girl // Beautiful Dirty Rich

3.18- The Unblairable Lightness of Being- Chuck, Nate and Serena


I could use somebody like you- Vorschau

Nate & Serena

NATE&JENNY ; That Should Be Me

Nate/Jenny - Du are my heaven

Jenny & Nate / When I look at you!

Gossip Girl - Nate/Jenny - Terrified

Crashed; Chuck/Blair

Gossip Girl; goodbye Chuck [3x17]

Multi-couples[" spin my head right round, right round..."]

BeAutiFulyProBroKen || Rude Boy

Blair and chuck