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Chuck&Blair - Meet Me Halfway

GG-Chuck and Blair-Brick Von Boring Brick (HD)

misery business (jenny/ blair/ chuck)

[[Chuck and Blair]] Stay

Gossip Girl - Tik Tok

Chuck/Blair - I Got Du

||Already Gone||Chuck And Blair

Mercy ll Blair/Dan

ayo technology

Gossip Girl 3x21 Chuck and Blair

Gossip Girl Trailer - Chair Forever

Gossip Girl 3x22 Serena and Blair

Chuck and Blair- Drumming Song

Gossip Girl 321 : Chuck & Blair #2

Gossip Girl 321 : Chuck & Blair

Multifandom Males- Break Your herz (Dedicated to 200+ Subscribers)

Like Tick Tick: Dorota

Dan&Serena-Too long weve been denying

Blair Waldorf ;In the city

Chuck & Blair - I'd Come For Du

Gossip Girl Cast- I'll Follow Du Forever

Gossip Girl Trailer 3.22 Chair Forever

Gossip Girl 3 x 22 [Preview]

Gossip Girl 3 x 22 [Promo 3] OMG

Gossip girl 3x22 Last Tango, Then Paris Sneak Peek 2

Gossip Girl Webclip 1 - Last Tango, Then Paris


Gossip girl - Scenes 3x22

Gossip Girl 3x22 Promo Season Finale

Gossip Girl 3.22 Promo #2 " Last Tango, Then Paris "

Gossip Girl 3x21- Jenny finds Nate at the Empire alone

Nate & Jenny Rush Musik Video!

Jenny and Nate- Du and Me

GG: Jenny Nate Chuck Damien - Mr Brightside

Gossip girl 3x22 spoiler scenes


Find a way - MULTIFANDOM

Chuck & Blair - Liebe Is Hard

Gossip Girl 3x22 Promo

Breathe (Gossip Girl)

➟ i know i'm not forgiven [collab + mcccmproductions]

Damon & Blair | Until we b L e e d

Gossip Girl 3x21 | Ex Husbands & Ex Wives | Scene 41

Gossip Girl 3x21 | Ex Husbands & Ex Wives | Scene 42

Gossip Girl 3x21 | Ex Husbands & Ex Wives | Scene 43

Gossip Girl 3x21 | Ex Husbands & Ex Wives | Scene 44

Gossip Girl 3x22 Vorschau

Gossip Girl : Rock That Body

That girl's a genius; {Blair/Dan}

Major finale spoilers!

Chuck&Blair-Ice Box

U Got It Bad - Chuck/Blair

C&B - Use Somebody.

Chuck & Blair || Liebe Ain't The Enemy

Chair: "You Belong With Me"

~Chuck and Blair (GossipGirl) ..::With Me - Sum 41::..

Chuck Bass: Animal I Have Become

Teardrops on my guitar-Blair and Chuck

Chuck & Blair- Teardrops On My gitarre

*Like a boy* Gossip Girl

Nate and Blair - My life would suck without Du

Nate & Blair - [We Belong Together]

Chuck and Blair - Naturally

Chuck & Blair: Deep Inside My Tears I'll Drown

He could be the one Serena and nate

He Could Be The One-Nate/Jenny

blair&chuck: he could be the one [PREVIEW]

Gossip Girl "White Horse" taylor schnell, swift

Don't say her name! - SPOILER -

This Ain't A Liebe Song; Chuck and Blair

- crazy in love, chuck|blair.

Chuck and Blair- Halo (Gossip Girl spoiler pictures season 3)

Chuck & Blair - Breathe Slow

Chuck & Blair ● Things I'll Never Say

Brooke-Nate-Rachel Apologize

Chuck & Blair: With Me

GG-Chuck and Blair-Use Somebody (HQ)

Chuck & Blair: Fall For Du

gossip girl clip

They like to Bewegen it {Gossip Girl cast}

Hot Scene Gossip Girl.wmv

Gossip Girl. Blair

Gossip Girl Nate/Serena/Dan - Revenge Is Sweeter [REQUEST]

Jenny & Nate Russian Roulette

Du Make Me Smile-DS

Goodbye (Chuck&Blair)

chuck and blair // brick Von brick

Blair & Chuck [Fix you]

chuck and blair down.wmv

chuck & blair {gossip girl}

chuck and blair español

Chuck/Blair-El Me Mintio

always something in the way (dan/blair)

Jenny&Nate-Into your arms

Chuck and Blair - I won't let Du down [3x22 Finale Spoiler]

Nate ♥ Jenny | | I Want Du So Bad

GG: Gossip Girl Cast - Beautiful Dirty Rich

Chuck/Blair : See Through

Don't say her name; Chair and Jenny [GG FINALE MAJOR SPOILERS]

blair (+ chuck) ::Breathe me::