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Gossip Girl - Dan Has A Dream About Sex With Serena

Dan/Serena Into Your Arms

What Goes Around//75 person collab//Nate-Serena-Dan//Part 10

bombastic Liebe

Gossip Girl - Blaire Reads Her Letter To Serena

All I need [Dan/Serena]

Gossip Girl - Blair And Serena Take Fashion To The Streets

Gossip Girl - Eric Tells Blair About His Attempted Suicide

Blair y Nate Rompen (Blair and Nate break up) Español Subtítulado!

Gossip Girl - Blair And Chuck Make Out In The Limo

Gossip Girl - Chuck Spots Blair And Nate Küssen

Gossip Girl - Serena Finds Blair And Chuck Küssen

Gossip Girl - Chuck Tells Blair He Likes Her

Perfect Jenny Nate Vorschau

Jenny and Nate- only one

Gossip Girl - Jenny/Nate - Happy (collab auditions, track 9)

Jenny kisses Nate

[Nate/Jenny/Damien] Eclipse Trailer (Gossip Girl style)

Gossip Girl - Jenny/Nate - Unintended

BLAIR and chuck - Fille Atomique

safe, sicher Place to Hide - Chuck and Blair.

I Can't Hate Du Anymore { Blair, Serena, Chuck, & Nate}

Chuck & Blair - Paradise Circus


Chuck and Blair - As Liebhaber Go

chuck et blair les meilleure moments.wmv

Chuck/Blair Good Girls Go Bad!

Chuck Blair in forgiveness Gossip Girl

Everything - Chuck & Blair

~make Liebe to something innocent... {chuck/serena} TO LUCY!

Chuck/Blair - Keep Holding On

blair & chuck / slow goodbye.

Chuck and Blair - Hot in herre

Chuck et Blair

NS/CB/DV - A Drop In The Ocean (re-edited & extended) // dedicated to musicormisery22

Du make me wanna die; blair&chuck (jack/jenny)

Chuck & Blair - Fearless

Blair and Chuck - [ Russian Roulette ]

[Nate/Jenny/Chuck] Eclipse Trailer (Gossip Girl style)

Everything youre NOT! Chuck/Blair

It's Only Natural | Chuck&Blair

'touch me' [blair waldorf]

It's coming down, down, DOWN.

Broken Fairytale - Chuck&Blair

Leighton Meester's New song!- Your Liebe is a Drug

PopSugar's oben, nach oben Ten Must-See Moments from season 3

Dan/Serena That Should Be Me.

Fanmade Gossip Girl Promo

Serena transporter, van der Woodsen//nothing on Du

Jenny Humphrey; Tears of an Angel – Jäger der Finsternis

Jenny and Nate

Nate e Jenny...come in un film!

Gossip Girl || Slow Me Down

Revolutionary Road trailer Chuck and Blair Gossip Girl style


Blair and Chuck - Undisclosed desires

Chuck and Blair- Never Say Goodbye

Stay close, don't go (Chuck & Blair)

Blair & Chuck Season 3 Finale: BLIND

Gossip Girl-Dan Broken herz Serena

Somebody's Baby - Chuck/Blair- Nate/Serena- Dan/Vanessa

Dan and Serena (I Never Told Ya)

Chuck/Blair/Nate | Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have

Serena & Carter - In Liebe With a Girl

Nobody - Damon & Blair

Just a boy - Dan & Blair

Colorblind - Chuck & Blair

Gossip Girl - Blair/Chuck - Just So Du Know

Gossip Girl

~Gossip Girl Cast~Midnight Skies~

Back Where We Belong ;; Chuck and Blair ;; My Part

Chair ::: Battlefield

chuck bass and blair waldorf

The CW - Coming This Fall

{ Gossip Girl } . Gives Du hell ♥ !

[GG] - Blair/Serena - Letter //One Sentence contest//

Serena and Blair (collab part)

Chuck e Blair - La storia più bella...

nate,blair and chuck-love story.wmv

Dan&Serena • You're not that easy to forget

Gossip Girl 2x13 Blair/Chuck " I Liebe you! '

Tonight- Chuck and Blair

Chuck and Blair - Blumen For A Ghost (collab with nicegurl323)


Colorblind | Chuck&Blair

Why don't Du KISS her? (Nate/Jenny)

what if what i want makes Du sad at me?

Blair Vorschau (Fighter)

Blair and Chuck / Apologize

Everything Collab

Blair's baby

Chuck & Blair [Full of regrets, it only breaks my heart]

Team Endgame:Change!<3<3<3

Blair & Chuck

Chuck And Blair - Fireflies

Chuck and Blair; Your Liebe

unbeautiful (chuck&blair)[NEW!]

Jenny&Nate - Why Do Du Care So Much

Nate e Jenny-per dvnas95

PROMO "Autumn - Dan/Serena (Gossip Girl)"