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Chuck bass - Comin' Home baby

Nate and Serena Lost

Wish Right Now \\ Nate serena

Jenny and Nate- Tell me Du Didn't.

Jenny & Nate - See Du Again

Nate & Jenny(Nenny) ~ Pretty Girl

Jenny and Nate - I Liebe the way Du lie

Blair/Chuck - You'r Liebe is my drug

GG | Blair & Chuck | 9 Crimes

chuck & blair - i didn't mean to hurt Du (season 3 - sad finale)

- im caught in between, chuck|dan|blair.

Chuck/Blair- Fever

Chuck and Blair oben, nach oben 10 Moments Part 2

Dan/Blair- Poker Face

She (For Liz) - Blair Waldorf


Blair and Chuck - Gossip Girl «3

Blair & Chuck - Hanging Von a moment

Blair & Chuck - Found Du

Heavy In Your Arms - Blair and Chuck (Gossip Girl)

Gossip Girl // SLEEPYHEAD

Jenny Humphrey-My skin


California Gurls - Gossip Girl

TOUCHIN' ON MY ♥ Gossip Girl

Dirty Little Secret - Gossip Girl Cast

Gossip Girl - Dirty Little Secret

Ed Westwick on the 7pm Project (Australia)

Gossip Girl | High School Never Ends

previews again... vote..

Gossip Girl | So Fxcking Depressed

Blair / Chuck || " ...I know we'll make it through..."

gossip girl - Season 4 Filming in Paris

Chuck and Blair - Du Know Me

My Favorit Game - Blair and Chuck (Gossip Girl)

Chuck and Blair- Can Du Help Me

Blair and Chuck-What is Liebe

Gossip Girl \\ Dan and Serena Breathe me

Leighton filming Gossip Girl

Blair/Serena/Eva set video

Chuck/Blair set video

Chuck/Eva set video

so in Liebe that i acted insane | serena dan nate

Heartbreak - Blair and Chuck

Chuck;Blair | Ive seen it all..

Gossip Girl Awards 2010 (Part 4); END

Blake and Leighton filming in Paris - July 9th

In a höhle, den of thieves ; CARTER/SERENA

Blake and Leighton set video 2

Leighton and Blake set video - July 8

gossip girl cast // celebrity status

Gossip Girl Awards 2010 (Part 3)

Gossip Girl-Blair & Chuck: If Du were gone

Gossip girl. Time won't let her go. (Song: The Bravery - Time won't let me go.)

3 small words ♥ Blair and Chuck (Gossip Girl)

Ballad of a Teenage Queen - Blair Waldorf (Gossip Girl)

I could really use a wish right now... (Chuck & Blair)

center of attention [N&S]

Ed Westwick (Chuck) dans Paris

kill the lights.

jenny from the block.

Blair & Serena // Gossip girl.

I Liebe the way Du lie-Chuck/Blair

Dan x Vanessa: Honey

So I think I have some competition.

Center of attention // Jenny&Nate

Blair/Chuck - Fearless

i wanna run away from Liebe (chuck&blair)

Serena Carter [Gossip Girl] - Perfect

Leighton Meester à Paris pour le tournage de Gossip Girl

Everybody Loves Chuck bass

Couples Collab ll The Way I Are ll My Part ll Serena//Dan

His Liebe Will Qonquer All; Serena/Dan

Chuck/Blair: Watch Me Burn

Dan And Serena-Can I Have This Dance

Chuck & Blair | that's alrightt becausee i like the way it hurts..

Gossip Girl Cast | Gotta Be Somebody

YouTube - I MEAN WTF? {multifandom; Gossip Girl TVD}

Blair/Serena - 9 Crimes

GG | Rockstar 101 - Blair Waldorf

Gossip Girl ♥ Vorschau

Gossip Girl ; Vanessa Abrams

I Won't [Gossip Girl]

Gossip Girl Awards 2010 (Part 2)

Dan & Serena | "you're a trainwreck, but with Du i'm in Liebe

Gossip Girl // Bruises and Bitemarks

JENNY/NATE/SERENA; Found Out About You...

Gossip Girl | Hotel Room Service

Another herz Calls - Gossip Girl - Season 1

Nate/Jenny- He could be the one

Chuck & Blair -- Flashing Lights

Chuck & Blair - Liebe Drunk

Chuck & Blair // Number 1

Chuck and Blair (AU) - Possibility (HNAC)

Chuck & Blair - Pieces

Dan Serena Lost then Found

YouTube - Chuck & Blair - I wish we could see... [One Sentence Contest]

When I Look At You-Jenny and Nate-Gossip Girl

Jai Ho{Chuck&Blair}

Jenny Humphrey Jai HO