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Blair + Serena │ We used to be Friends

Dan Humphrey "People Are Strange"

Gossip Girl Cast L Beside Du

Chace/Blake // "Are Du Gonna Be My Girl?"

Chuck/Jenny - Chemicals React (AUish)

Gossip Girl 4.07 Sneak Peek Eleanor, Dorota and Blair

Gossip Girl 4.07 War at the Rosen Extended Promo

Gossip Girl 4x07 Promo "War at the Roses" [HQ]

Gossip Girl 4.07 War at the Rosen Canadian Promo

Gossip Girl~Last Friday Night

i need Liebe (blair/chuck/dan)

Just watch!!!!!

Um, Whip Your Hair!

Thinking of Du - Blair/Chuck/Nate

Gossip Girl Cast || N.Y.C

Unbreak My herz || Chuck And Blair

blair waldorf//airplanes

The Best Serena & Blair scenes EVER!

Chuck//Blair: "Good bye Chuck"

The Queen Bee Blair C. Waldorf

Nate & Serena // Angel – Jäger der Finsternis

Nate & Serena- A Drop In The Ocean

Used To||Nate And Serena

Gossip.Girl - Do it all night

Nate and Serena - Crying is beautiful

The Notebook - Serena/Nate

"When Du smile the whole world stops and stares for a while"-Derena

Blair x Chuck x Jenny - I'll hurt you.

avoid the topics

histoires de Liebe

GG - Nate/Jenny - Paradise Circus

way Du lie jenny nate chuck

ℛichman ║ ℂhuck

Blair & Chuck - Its too late

I couldn't see him anymore - Chuck & Blair

Chuck/Blair - "'Cuz the wounds never heal"

Last Chance - Chair (Chuck/Blair)

Georgina Sparks; "She can get it"

Georgina Sparks Returns to Gossip Girl Season 2.wmv

hündin Collab | Georgina Sparks {My Part}

hündin Collab | Georgina Sparks {My Part}

Georgina Sparks - Out of control

Georgina Sparks || Go Getta

Georgina Sparks [ I'll have no regrets ]

Georgina Sparks | Unstoppable

gg] PoV; Georgina Sparks - bad [nearly 700 subs video xD]

Georgina Sparks - The hündin is back

*The Georgina Sparks Story Chapter 12*

*The Georgina Sparks Story Chapter 13*

boom boom pow - blair waldorf

it wouldn't be my world without Du - Chuck & Blair

Eva Coupeau & Chuck bass ● The One That Got Away

chuck bass

The Lovestory goes on.♥

good girls go bad Nate

Nate&Serena (''I'm here, always'')

Serena And Nate-That's why i Liebe Du

Teenage Dream-Jenny and Nate

Gossip girl Jenny & Nate ♥

KISS kiss.

underneatth the starlight

Dan & Serena • i know Du feel forgotten, but i've been here all along

"In My Veins" - Dan & Serena / Chuck & Blair

Dan & Serena true Liebe /Gossip girl /come and save me

Dan and Serena mm

Nate Archibald - Just haven't met Du yet

right round

it's gonna be me

Chuck and Blair's epic story....wmv

Chuck and Blair, every finale...

Blair- I don´t know who I am anymore [Pieces]

Blair & Chuck | the pain

Pretty Little Liars Promo GG Style

Blair/Chuck - Du Lost me

Chuck & Blair // Du Lost me

Perfect; Chuck and Blair

Crazy//Chuck/Blair//Gossip Girl


Gossip Girl // Chuck x Blair // Only Du // Season 1

Blair and Chuck [Love Game]

[Gossip Girl] Chuck & Blair (Fix You)

Blair Waldorf ;; V is for Vanity

Blair Waldorf / Maneater

Blair Waldorf[L.M]/ The Show*

Collab Channel- Dan Serena

Dan&Serena \\ Chuck&Blair - aiRPlanes

Chuck/Blair | Make me whole, once again.

Blair & Chuck - Closer

Blair/Chuck - Liebe the way Du lie


Blair & Chuck // "Say Du Liebe me Mehr ..Than Du did before.."

"i Liebe Du so much, it consumes me" || Chuck and Blair

What It Is||Chuck And Blair||collab with chuckandblair50||

- butterflies, chuck|blair.

Chair || Liebe the Way Du Lie

Chuck & Blair || The Liebe the way Du lie || Collab Part

Chuck & Blair- Haunted

Chuck&Blair (3x22) - Perfect (+200subs)

Blair and Chuck [Horizon]