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Chuck & Blair | "interesting sense of style, ten million dollar smile..." (Version II)

Chuck & Blair // push me and then just touch me

GG-Chuck and Blair-"looking for something crazy, beautiful" (HD)

Rock That Body - Black Eyed Peas - Gossip Girl - Avid Video Project

blair and chuck | meet me halfway


Jenny & Chuck - Liebe Game

If I were A boy

Chuck & Blair // Du keep making me ill (Gossip Girl)

Gossip Girl - blair e chuck halo

Chuck & Blair - Halo

Gossip Girl || Chuck Blair

Chuck & Blair - Fallin

Gossip Girl ; Blair Waldorf ; Diva ! =D

gossip girls and GUYS

Blair & Chuck : In God's Hands

Chuck and Blair- Gossip Girl

Chuck & Blair.m4v

gossip girl || broken hearted girl ||

CB-This Broken herz

Preview: Blair and Chuck- Broken Hearted Girl

Chuck and Blair *Broken-Hearted Girl* ~Fun MEP~

Chuck and blair // Broken Hearted Girl

Chuck and Blair- Broken Hearted Girl

Blair and Chuck - Broken hearted girl (Beyonce)

blair chuck baby boy

Satellite herz || Nate/Blair/Serena/Carter (for Allegra)

Chuck and Blair - Beyonce- Satellites

Chuck and Blair - With Me

Chuck+Blair / Airplanes

Wish Right Now// Jenny Humphrey // Gossip Girl

Chuck and Blair, Thing's I'll never say

Chuck/Blair - For Your Entertainment { Vorschau }

Chuck♥Blair} ~ For your entertainment [4x07 vidlet]

Chuck&Blair ;; For Your Entertainment

*Candy Shop* Gossip Boys

:::CALIFORNIA GIRLS::: Leighton Meester (Collab Part)

Chuck and Blair.

Chuck and Blair- Escape

Jenny Humphrey - Firework

Gossip Girl - Season 4 Blake Lively , Leighton Meester - Katy Perry - Firework (Teenager Dream

Blair/Chuck - Fireworks

'Cause baby you're a firework . . . // Chuck && Blair (Sex Scene)

kreis The Drain (Chuck/Blair)

INTRO ; blair and chuck | teenage dream

Teenage Dream [Chuck n Blair]

Ed Westwick (Ridin´Solo)

Chuck and blair - All In my head

Blair Waldorf & Chuck bass - Over My Head

Chuck/Blair - All I need is the air I breath

No Air_ chuck & blair

Chuck & Blair - When I look at Du

Unfaithful Chuck [Preview]

Unfaithful Nate// Blair// Chuck

Blair Unfaithful

Chuck & Blair - Unfaithful

Gossip Girl - Dynamite

Gossip Girl Nate/Serena - Dynamite

Dan&Blair; kühler Than Me

kühler than me Blair and Serena

Leighton Meester-Whats my name

Blair Waldorf(That's Not My Name)Gossip Girl

What's my name? |Blair W.| [Gossip Girl]

  GG boys  Rude boys Dedicated to Diana

Blair & Serena

Serena-Tik Tok

Nate Serena Dan Tik Tok

Tik Tok // Collab My Part // Serena transporter, van der Woodsen

Serena transporter, van Der Woodsen

When Blair and Serena Grow Up

Chuck and Jenny When I Grow Up

] Jenny Humphrey - Rockstar 101 (Version 2;Black Background

Jenny Humphrey - One girl revolution

Jenny Humphrey Good Girls Go bad

The Liebe story of Serena and Nate ***A moment like this***

Serena and Nate-I'm Waiting Here

Gossip Girl-S01 E01 Serena, Blair, Nate, Chuck

Serena and Nate (and Dan) - Unfaithful

Chuck & Blair- Hate this part

"I have to be Blair Waldorf before I can Be Chuck Bass' girlfriend" Gossip Girl 4x09 PL

Gossip Girl 4x06 Easy J - Blair & Chuck, Nate & Juliet (Love the way Du lie)

chuck & blair - just the way Du are

chuck and blair - hate that i Liebe you.

Chuck and Blair - Hate That I Liebe Du

Chuck & Blair - Dig

Chuck & Blair - Liebe The Way Du Lie

Blair & Chuck - Grenade

CW - We Own The Night Vorschau

Dan & Serena - Broken

Taylor Momsen interview

YouTube - Chuck and Blair (Stormy Passion)

YouTube - Chuck and Blair - All Out Of Liebe

Gossip Girl/The Breakfast Club Trailer

Father Figure- Chuck and Blair

Blair/Nate/Serena - The Beautiful People

Only Girl (In the World) - Chuck and Blair

Serena transporter, van Der Woodsen - Worse Things (Grease)

Season 4 Gossip Girl - Run to Du

The Death of Bart bass