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chuck&blair | under the sheets

Nate and Serena - Come Around

Ed Westwick on BBC Radio 1 - February 7th

"Gossip Girl" Gals' Big Roles

Gossip Girl - 4.17 Empire of The Son Canadian Promo

Gossip Girl - 4.17 Empire of the Son Promo

last dance|chuck & blair

Serena-i want your body now

Dan/Blair - Dair in the shadow of Chair & Derena Untitled

Dan & Blair // We'd never have to wonder...

Bubbly ¤ Brooke&Lucas ♥ Dan&Serena ♥ Stefan&Elena

Tonight, I Liebe Du // Multifandom. - contains Dair

Dan/Blair || Teenage Dream

Dan & Blair L Just The Way Du Are

Dan & Blair-For the first time

Dan/Blair || Iris

Dan/Blair [Daydream]

Dan & Blair L Du Picked Me

GG Cast| Born This Way | Laby Gaga

Dair ;; I'll hold Du til the hurt is gone. [4x15;TUVO]

Gossip Girl 4.16 "While Du Weren't Sleeping" Sneak Peek

Jenny/Nate/Serena- Manip for TMC

Multi-Couples ; Von your side [Happy Valentines Day!!]

"No strings attached" Trailer - Chuck&Blair

Gossip Girl 4.16 While Du Weren't Sleeping Promo

Gossip Girl | Where We Belong

blair waldorf // behind these schloss walls

Chuck and Blair || I'll Wait For Love's Sake ||

i could not ask for Mehr | chuck and blair

Gossip Girl 4.15 Sneak Peek Dan and Blair

Gossip Girl 4.15 It-Girl Happened One Night Extended Promo

My First KISS \\ Gossip Girl

Chuck & Blair | Jar of Hearts

"You really do have a gift" (CBN 4.14)

"Nuns & Nazis" (NB 4.14)

"Go get her!" (NB 4.14)

"Don't push it, wickeln, wickeln sie it up" (CBN 4.14)

"A woman remembers" (NB 4.14)

"I need your help" (CB 4.14)

Gossip Girl 4.15 It Girl Happened One Night Promo

Gossip Girl - Episode 4.15 - It-Girl Happened One Night - Sneak Peek

kreuz the river; Dan/Blair (for Emma)

Dan Blair Never Say Never

Blair&Dan || Trouble Is A Friend Of Mine

Dan & Blair - Du make me feel.

Dan/Blair - Du Make Me Tick

Nate & Serena - A dream is all we need

good times gonna come | multifandom

Nate and Serena - Where Du Are

Dan & Blair : Misery

Gossip Girl Cast: Hold it against me

The Roommate Interview #6

The Roommate Interview #5

The Roommate Interview #4

Leighton Meester - Young Hollywood

THE ROOMMATE - In Theaters Friday


Leighton Meester's Hot Retro Pics

NYLON celebrates its newest cover girl Leighton Meester

Send Me a Sign (Dan/Blair)

Dan Blair Something Good Can Work


birthday collab! (beautiful)

Leighton Meester - Vanity Fair Photoshoot

Umbrella \\ Blair Serena

multi-fandom | teenage dream

Damon/Serena(+Blair) ; "No running that can hide you..."

we'll throw it all away || multi-fandom [to Elvira]

multi-fandom ; Liebe the way Du lie part 2 [2000+ subscribers]

Nate + Serena | Just the way Du are

MultiCouples ; Broken

Nate/Serena - Make This Go on Forever

(Nate&Serena) ''the good & the bad'' [THC]

Multicouples collab / All i need

multicouples | we say goodbye (VIDLET)

I didn't mean it, yet I cheated on Du my love... (TV Zeigen Couples)

Multifandom || My herz Is Yours

Multicouples Collab || Endlessly

Nate & Serena || I would wait a Lifetime [UVC]

Nate & Serena - Even Engel fall

Never Let This Go ♣ Nate&Serena

multifandom couples || Nate&Serena; Effy&Freddie; Damon&Elena; Blair&Chuck || Crawl

multifandoms 'what could i say to Du except i Liebe you...'

multicouples collab | one Tag [for ver]

A Place For Us {Multifandom-575 subs}

Multi-Couples; 'I live to let Du shine'

Falling For Du (Multi-Couples)

My Dream || Multi-Ship

Where we Belong (Sue's Farewell collab)

D&B ;; You're the closest to heaven that I'll ever be [4x13]

Gossip Girl 4.14 Panic Roommate Extended Promo

Gossip Girl 4.14 Sneak Peek Chuck, Raina and Russell

Chuck/Serena; I'm Not Your Boyfriend, Baby {For Lucy}

This is Beautiful \\ Chuck Serena \\ spoilers 4x12

Blair Waldorf-Human

Gossip girl - Naturally

nate and serena [broken arrow]

Chuck/Blair [4x07]; When The Sun Goes Down

Jar of Hearts // Chuck and Blair

Chuck/Blair; "In the face of true Liebe Du don't just give up"