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Nate/Jenny * Feel This

Nate/Jenny/Blair * The Truth

Jenny/Nate * I Won't Say I'm In Liebe

Gossip Girl * All We Are

Gossip Girl * oben, nach oben Moments

GG Cast - Emergency

Chuck/Blair * Always

Blair/Serena * Wannabe

Blair/Nate * The Boy Saw A Comet

Chuck bass * Viva La Vida (With Quotes)

Chuck bass * Buy Du A Drink

Serena/Nate * Black Balloon

Blair/Chuck/Serena/Nate * How Many Words

Nate/Chuck * Until The Tag I Die

Chuck/Blair * Feel This

Gossip Girl * Catch & Release

Blair/Page/Nate * Breathe

Blair/Serena * It's Only Life

Nate/Blair * All We Are

Blair/Dan/Serena/Nate * Pretty Girl

Gossip Girl * Pour Some Sugar On Me

Nate/Vanessa * Stolen

Jenny/Serena/Blair * Rockstar

Chuck/Blair * Moulin Rouge Trailer (C/B style)

Gossip Girl * Running Up That hügel

Serena/Dan/Nate * Halo

Serena/Nate * For Du I Will

Serena/Nate * Clocks

Blair/Nate * I Try

Chuck/Blair * Far Away

Chuck/Blair/Nate * Seventeen 4 ever

Chuck/Serena * Again & Again

Chuck/Serena * Harder To Breathe

Dan/Blair/Serena * I'm Not That Girl

Dan/Blair * Chemicals React

Dan/Blair * Everything

Dan/Blair * Twisted

Dean/Blair * Sometimes Du Leave

Blair Waldorf * Bad Reputation

Nate/Serena * The One

Dan/Serena * Dancing

Chuck/Blair * One In A Million

Blair/Chuck/Nate * One Thing

Blair/Chuck/Nate * Secret

Oops! ...I did it again - Blair, Chuck, Nate

Gossip Girl - Mr. Brightside

Twilight Trailer - Gossip Girl Version

Serena transporter, van Der Woodsen - Never too Late

Serena transporter, van Der Woodsen - Emotional

Gossip Girl Season 2 : Girl Talk

Season 2 Promo - Boy Talk

Mother Chucker - promo

Kleenex - promo

Chuck&Blair - Shimmer

Feels like Tonight - Chuck/Blair

Chuck&Blair - Season 1 Trailer

Gossip Girl - Breath (C&B - D&S - N&V)

my girl's ex boyfriend (chuck/blair/nate)

Gossip Girl fake movie trailer

Gossip Girl Lifeguard Promo S&B

Chuck and Blair (Stolen)

She Left Me - Nate/Jenny

True Liebe Never Dies

Chuck & Blair - 7 Things [Music Video]

rush (serena vanderwoosden)

She's Just A Teenage Girl - Blair/Chuck

Song Beneath the Song - Gossip Girl

Uptown Girl - Dan and Serena

Shy Boy ~ Serena/Dan

What is Liebe - Serena and Dan

Blair/Nate/Serena - Jolene

Nate & Serena - One Step at a Time

papercut; nate/blair/chuck/serena

Chuck/Blair/Nate- Quicksand

Chuck Bass: Stupid Boy

"Everything Changes" Blair & Serena


gossip girl rush

Unfaithful Blair/Nate

CHUCK VS NATE-We're young and beautiful

Wonderwall (chuck/blair)

Gossip Girl - Chuck and Blair - Shake It

chuck/blair/nate, dangerous

Gossip Girl - Girls - Dangerous

hündin (Blair Waldorf)

Shut up and Drive - GG opening credits

All The Things Du sagte - Chuck/Blair

Blair&Serena&Chuck&Nate - Time After Time

Gossip Girl Season 2 Promo

Georgina/Serena- I Kissed A Girl

GG S2 Promo

GG Season 1 Tribute - When I Grow Up

The Other Boleyn Girl - GG Style

Tell me Du Liebe me N/B

gossip girl: season 1 episode 6

gossip girl: season 1 episode 4

gossip girl: season 1 episode 3

gossip girl: season 1 episode 13

gossip girl: season 1 episode 12

gossip girl: season 1 episode 11