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Other Opening

Gossip Girl Opening

Hanging Von A Moment - Nate/Vanessa

Nate Blair - Hedonism

Sweetest Goodbye

Everytime (Lily/Rufus)

Gossip Girl: Dance Hall Drug

Chuck & Blair Du Found Me

Chuck and Blair - As Long As Du Liebe Me

Chuck & Blair - You're a God

Gossip Girl - Do Somethin'

All At Once--.|.Blair/Chuck.|.

Blair/Chuck - Unlove Du

Blair And Chuck - Reach Out And Touch Me

Chuck & Blair - Himerus and Eros

Dan Serena - White Horse

Chuck/Blair - Leave out all the rest

In Liebe With A Girl {Dan & Serena}

Gossip Girl - "Look After You" - W/One baum hügel Voiceover

here in your arms ♥ [chuck/blair]

Gossip Girl - High School Never Ends

glamourous ♥ [gossip girl opening]

starlight ♥ [nate/serena]

Gossip Girl [Blair & Serena - She's not me]

blair/serena ; u + ur hand

Leigton Meester on The Morning Zeigen (part 2)

Leigton Meester on The Morning Zeigen (part 1)

Stand in the rain (Blair Waldorf)

Dan & Serena Over Du

Different Tag -Serenate

Nair/Derena - 7 Things Musik Video

Chuck and Blair- Rosen

AnOthEr YOU! -Blair-Nate-Chuck in Liebe

Serena/Nate: Feel This

No Good [Blair/Chuck]

Gossip Girl's Boys Details Photoshoot

blair waldorf;All we are

Chuck's "I Will Always Return"

Crush (Blair and Chuck)

Dean & Jenny:// Hey There Delilah

gossip girl-hot n' cold

Ed/Chace ♥ (This is why i'm hot)

Gossip Girl - Mind In The Gutter

Gossip Girl w/ One baum hügel Voiceovers

Leighton Meester on the CW11 Morning News (10.02.08)

Nate (womenizer)

Serena transporter, van der Woodsen [Queen S] - Bad Girl

2.05 - Angry Blair

Gossip Girl 2.06 - Promo #2

Du Found Me (Serena/Nate)

Addicted - Chuck/Blair

Gossip Girl 2x06 Promo

Blair Waldorf - Lucky

Blair/Chuck - Helpless when she smiles

Blair/Nate - Liar Liar

Womanizer - Gossip Girl Style

Chuck/Blair "The Garden"

Blair & Chuck - Wherever Du will go

gossip girl - that's what Du get

Chuck & Blair-Stay With Me

Womanizer - Dan Humphrey Edition

Of All The gin Joints; Gossip Girl

In Another Life - Nate/Serena

Promo for Season 2 Episode 6

Nate and Blair (Feel This)

Mouth Shut-Blair and Brooke

Wait for you-Nate/Blair/Veronica

Logan/Blair - Maybe tomorrow

Feeling a Moment - Jenny/Nate

Nate & Vanessa - I'm Only Me When I'm With Du

Blair/Serena (Gilmore Girls Style)

Gossip Girl Cast: The Air We Breathe

Chuck/Blair - We belong together

Ryan/Taylor/Chuck/Blair - So contagious

Gossip Girl- Prelude 12/21

Blair Waldorf- Underneath This Smile

"Everything" [Blair/Serena]

"If You're Not the One" [Dan/Serena]

Hey Ya - Nate & Blair


Blair/Chuck - Hot 'n' Cold

Gossip Girl - Chuck/Blair - Everytime

Gossip Girl 2.05 - The Serena Also Rises Promo

Blair/Dan- Where I Stood

Nobody Wins (Dan/Serena)

Blair's "Going Under"

Chuck/Blair - Liebe is Noise

Gossip Girl - Chuck/Blair - The Good Kind

Why Can't I - SerenaDan

Blair-So what!

Blair/Chuck: Womanizer


Umbrella (Non-Judging Breakfast Club)

Du and Me - Nate/Serena

Blair Waldorf (Insomania)

Blind (Dan/Blair/Serena)

All We Are (The Non Judging Breakfast Club)

Gossip Girl - Dan/Serena - Scream

Nelly Yuki must be destroyed.