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Chuck;Blair | We Might As well Be Strangers

My oben, nach oben 6 Dan and Blair moments.

when Du need a place to run to | chuck and blair

blair & dan // moments

the imprint is always there | chuck and blair "nothing is ever really forgotten"

Dan/Blair; (The Lightning Strike)

I do not wanna be afraid | chuck and blair "I will not be weak anymore"

what's your name? | chuck and blair

Every Little Thing [Dan/Blair]

got to get to Du | chuck and blair "got to see this through"

Blair & Dan:// Make Du Mine [Full]

Dan&Blair- What hurts the most

Dair - Dan & Blair Gossip Girl - Believe

Dan and Blair, coming to terms

dan and blair - shut up and KISS me

Dair for a New Season

Blair and Dan Crush

Chuck/Blair/Dan/Louis PROMO 4X18-22 WHO WILL SHE CHOOSE?

Dan and Blair || Du to late ||

Dan/Blair - Somewhere Out There

Dan and blair/ i miss Du

'Gossip Girl' star, sterne Leighton Meester on 'The Roommate'

Gossip Girl 4.18-4.22 The Prince, The Pauper and The Dark Knight Promo

Dan/Blair - She's got me dancing

no one can take your place • Dan/Blair

Dan/Blair - just like a dream to me

Dan/Blair ~ The Greatest

Dan/Blair - It is what it is

Dair - Du lift me up

Dan and Blair - A Beautiful Mess

Blair/Dan- Ride

near to Du (dan/blair)

Dan/Blair Over Du

Blair/Dan - One Tag

.cosmic love. || dan&blair

what led Du on || dan&blair

It Starts with a KISS || Dair

Dan/Blair -Time

blair dan

Dan/Blair - Liebe Lost - Dair Gossip Girl HD || No Chair Derena

Dairing Friendship

Dan/Blair: The kind of opposites who do not attract....Or do they? (For LuckyBiatch)

goodnight and go (DAN/BLAIR)

My oben, nach oben 25 Dan and Blair Moments [Part 2]

My oben, nach oben 25 Dan & Blair Moments [Part 1]

Gossip Girl. Dan & Blair. The only exception

Dan/Blair- For The First Time

Don't Du Wanna Stay

Dan/Blair/Serena/Georgina ~ Better than Revenge

Chuck/Blair/Dan- According To Du

Dan/Blair || Today Was A Fairytale

Dan & Blair || Just the way Du are ||

Gossip Girl Final 5 episodes PROMO Who will Blair choose.

Dan & Blair; you're not sorry

Dan/Blair 'You're so in Liebe that Du act insane' (fabfriend7's wish)

Dan/Blair - If This Was A Movie (Dedicated to Youngdiva3)

Dan/Blair ~ Du belong with me

Season of Liebe | Dan & Blair

► Dan & Blair Just Tonight ♥

Chemicals React | Dan & Blair

Dan & Blair - Just a dream*

The Reason | Dan/Blair/Chuck

Dan/Blair - Someone Like Du (Adele)

The boy saw a comet...Dan & Blair

Dan & Blair • Two is Better Than One ♥

all this time, we were waiting for eachother.. ♡

Dan and Blair- Back to December

"I don't think Du realize who we are." DAIR.


Blair and Dan|||Smile

Dan & Blair | Just The Girl

Blair/Dan - Dare Du to Bewegen

Dan and Blair/ just so Du know

Dan & Blair ~ Just So Du Know

Dan + Blair // Du are the thunder and I am the lightning

Blair//Dan; Coming Home


Dan and Blair - Unexpected

f**kin' perfect // Dan;Blair

all i have, all i need (dan/blair)

Dan & Blair collab part

Dan and Blair/all she knows

Dan and blair /Broken

Dan and Blair/who is?

[GG]Dan & Blair ● X & Y

"you take everything from me" dan+blair.

Dan Blair - Catch Me

Dare to Dair - Gossip Girls - Dan & Blair

Sideways | Dan & Blair

DAN/BLAIR; Du could be the greatest thing that has happened to me

Kristen Stewart-Leighton Meester Who's That Chick {Happy Birthday

You're my sunshine and my dark - CB

Video: Gossip Girl Season 4 Spoilers!

Monte Carlo Movie Trailer Official (HD)

Dan and Blair: ~Never Say Never~

Leighton Meester -

like a piramyd ♥♥♥♥♥ jenny & nate

Chuck + Nate + Dan | The Devil Makes Us Sin

I'll be standing right Weiter to Du

Chuck & Blair ;; Keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest | For Dana .: