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Blair and Chuck trailer Twilight style (Re-upload)

Chuck & Blair ♥ You're in my veins

Start Over Again | Chuck & Blair

Chelsea Lately: Chelsea Lately: Taylor Momsen

Gossip Girl - The Princesses And The Frog Episode Vorschau

Gossip Girl - The Princesses And The Frog Clip

Blair Waldorf | Born This Way

I walk with shadows -CHUCK bass

Nate/Jenny [Kiss and Sell]

Dan and Serena- Not Like the Filme

chuck+jenny ; get over it

Jar of hearts

Chuck and Blair - Stay close don't go

"Because i Liebe her.. "((C&B)) ♥

Gossip Girl - 4x20 - The Princesses and the Frog Promo [HD]

Chuck/Blair 1x07, 4x07 Epic Scenes

Chuck & Blair : I keep Bleeding in Liebe

Blair,Chuck - All the small things

dan & blair • lean in closer (remastered)

Chuck & Blair ~ Tonight. ♥

Chuck and Blair: Stronger

Chair/Dair 4x18 Gossip Girl _ Mercy

chuck & blair | love's to blame

Chuck Bass-Bad Things (Jace Everett)

Queen B and Lonely Boy

Blair is perfectly flawed

Gossip Girl's Vanessa Abrams Must Go! 5 Ways to Kick Her Off the Zeigen

Wetpaint Asks, Du Answer: The Blair Waldorf Edition

Gossip Girl - Petty In rosa Episode Vorschau

Eric Daman: Gossip Girl | GILT.COM

Blair Waldof & Chuck Bass// Turning Tables

Chuck & Blair- "Somewhere We Went Wrong..."

Penn Badgley On Gossip Girl

stay | chuck&blair - gossip girl

Dan/Georgina - Poker Face

Gossip Girl 4x19 Petty In rosa Episode Vorschau

Dan and Serena - Fix Du

Gossip Girl 4.19 "Petty in Pink" Promo

Gossip Girl 4.19 "Petty In Pink" Sneak Peek

Gossip girl | Price tag

Dan/Blair(Chuck)- So Hard

Chuck's Scheme

Chuck and Blair all scenes 4x18

Apologize-Gossip girl

kss; jar of hearts ● chuck and blair; part 11

Dan & Blair ~ 4x18 Scenes

dan + blair | I just can't get enough [4x18]

Gossip Girl(Blair/Chuck&Dan) 4 ep 18 The Kids Stay In The Picture

Dan & Blair (Gossip Girl) - Uptown Girl

leave me paralyzed, Liebe (dan/blair)

what's wrong with me?.. ;; jenny humphrey

Serena transporter, van Der Woodsen & Blair Waldorf | "We Are Broken"

Blair + Chuck + Nate | I Believe In Liebe

Chuck & Blair | Almost Everything

I'd Suchen forever just to bring Du Home | chuck and blair

when Du leave | chuck&blair

Chuck and Blair -Just a dream

Chuck & Blair || Questo Bellissimo Gioco

Chuck & Blair Liebe Story

Taylor Momsen Talks Possible 'Gossip Girl' Return

Blair&Dan | Mended Von Du

Chuck & Blair - The story

Chuck&Blair :: Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking

chuck blair | gravity | preview.

GG - Chuck / Blair [3x17] ღ Someone Like Du

Chuck || Blair - "the resaon, why ..."

Nate & Katie - Suffocate - Juliet and Nate

Damon & Elena / Dan & Blair - shakespeare

nate/jenny; grenade

Nate & Serena - Stay with me

Nate/Serena ; Come Around

Dan&Serena - Under The Sheets

Dan & Serena; Jar Of Hearts

Chuck & Blair | "I cannot get Du out"

chuck and blair; young love...

Chuck and Blair - The Answer is YES)

I knew this was our time (dan/blair)

Dan & Blair- Mercy

Dan & Blair • Find Liebe

Dan and Blair - Teenage Dream

Dan and Blair / all we are

Dan & Blair - I want Du

kobra, cobra Starship: Good Girls Go Bad ft. Leighton Meester [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

"Stake Land" Trailer - (Starring Connor Paolo)

Gossip Girl - The Kids Stay In The Picture Clip

Gossip Girl - Midnight Vorschau

Dan/Blair- "I'm So Hot for a Rich Girl"

Dan/Blair - Heaven Sent

Blair&Dan ;; I'll hold Du up above everyone. [TUVO]

Dan/Blair-Sink oder Swim

Dan&Blair || Electric twist

Dan/Blair *Dair* ~ Just A Dream

Dan & Blair - Your Everything

Gossip Girl [Dan/Blair] - Coming Home

Dan & Blair - 4x17 Scenes

Dan & Blair - 4x16 Scenes

Dan & Blair - 4x15 Scenes

CB; [wedding] - |your Liebe is a symphony|

Chuck & Blair. She's got me dancing [vidlet ~ 1x07]

Blair/Chuck || Born This Way