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Coming Up from Behind - Blair Waldorf

Blair & Nate. x3

Nate's Girl Gossip Girl (Nate/Blair/Chuck

Chuck/Blair/Nate - Jesse's Girl

nate and blair- ONLY REMINDS ME OF Du

Blair/Chuck/Nate--Hold On

Serena/Blair - Look after Du

Serena/Blair-Keep Holding On

Gossip Girl: Chemicals React - Serena/Blair

Gossip Girl - Chemicals React

Serena & Dan; Chemicals React ♥

dan-blair-serena-pretty girl

Dean/Serena/Dan- Far Away

Hope for Blair && Chuck

Gossip Girl- We Used to be Friends

Gossip Girl (Friends)

Serena/Nate/Blair/Chuck - Hero Heroine

Near To Du [Blair/Chuck/Nate]

Gossip Girl - Nate & Vanessa "Look after you"

dan and rachel- secret valentine

Blair/Chuck - Breakeven

Chuck & Blair- Everything

Chuck & Blair // i'm not cool

Chuck & Blair // i'm not cool

Serena/Dan and Chuck/Blair - How to save a life

Blair & Chuck - Poker face

Gossip Girl cast // stripper

Derena: Im I Liebe With Du ..

It's gonna happen [Blair/Chuck]

Mae-Soundtrack For Our Movie: Nate and Vanessa

Blair Waldorf // maneater

Blair- Bad Girl

Gossip Girl - Chuck and Blair - River Flows in Du


Serena & Dan story

Gossip Girl Blake Lively Promo

Outrageous - Chuck & Blair

Nate & Blair [Love Scene] edited

Gone [Blair & Rufus]

Put Your Arms Around Me - Dan/Serena

"Always Be" [Dan/ Serena]

Dan/Serena(Gossip Girl)Blurry

Derena - When I'm With Du

Dan/Serena - She's The One (Gossip Girl)

Dan/Serena - There She Goes

dan and serena - i Dare Du to Bewegen

Dan And Serena- See Du again

Gossip girl - dan and serena - truly, madly, deeply

Dan Tells Serena He Loves Her (1x13 Scenes)

Gossip girl ;; Serena : Sober

Chuck/ Blair/ Nate - Thinking of Du

My Life Would Suck Withouth You-Kelly Clarkson-Chuck & Blair

Chuck/Blair - Prodigal

Gossip Girl: Season 2 Episode 17

I'm Lost Without Du ♥

chuck/serena; girl

Drag Du Down (Blair_Jenny)

Chuck & Blair/Sawyer & Kate - Epic Liebe

Chuck & Blair - Just Want Du To Know

SPOILER--photos from the set

Tell Me Why - Blair/Chuck

Nate and Blair- Slide

Chuck and Blair - Better Days

Chuck and Serena- Its in the water Baby [TEST]

Blair & Chuck - Torn

Liebe Story | Rufus & Lily

Gossip Girl 2x17 - Dan & Ms.Carr Affair !

blair&chuck - Liebe game

TheHug (Flashbacks) - Chuck&Blair

Chuck&Blair - TellMeWhy

Blair & Chuck // Use Somebody

blair waldorf - say anything

Gomenasai (Lily&Chuck)

Chuck/Blair - Prodigal (PREVIEW)

Teenage Prayer Chuck and Blair

Chuck and Blair -- On oben, nach oben of the World

[Chuck/Blair] Invisible

Huge Spoilers!!!!!

Chuck & blair- Broken

Chuck/Blair - I'm Not Cool

Gossip Girl - Chuck and Blair - Forever and Always

Chuck/Blair - How Did We Get Here

Gossip Girl Cast - Speeding Cars

Chuck&Blair- One Step At ATime

Gossip Girl 2x17 "Carnal Knowledge" Sneak Peek 4

Chuck & Blair/Shadow

When I arrive

Jenny Humphrey - Wake me up inside.

Blair and Serena - Strict Machine

GG Cast Video- Dammit Blink 182

All at Once -- Chuck and Blair

This Is Our Town - Gossip Girl Cast

Chuck & Blair // An Honest Mistake

i see signs (chuck;blair)

she can hardly breathe without Du (chuck;blair)

Gratest Time Of Jahr (Gossip Girl Cast)

Chuck/Blair: Look After Du

Chuck ♥ Blair - Liebe GAME

Blair & Chuck- If I Were A Boy

Chuck/Serena - The Way Du Make Me Feel