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Leighton Meester-Black and Yellow

Chuck and Blair - KISS me The Cranberries

Leighton on set 7/7/11

Elizabeth Hurley to Mitmachen Gossip Girl for Multiple-Episode Arc in Season Five!

Elizabeth Hurley on 'Gossip Girl'

blair waldorf + chuck ; Du find me there

Dan + Blair | Tonight

Dan & Blair// She's so High

Dan + Blair | Fix Du

blair waldorf • a barely breathing story [BGGV]

I just never thought the person I'd want would be Blair Waldorf.

Blair Waldorf | schloss walls

chuck/blair • falling in Liebe in the worst way

GG (Blair Waldorf) / I just wanna make Du sweat

losing your memory | chuck & blair

Serenate <3

Chuck & Blair |♦| Turning Tables

Chuck/Blair - "Your Liebe is a song" || GG

Chuck and Blair| Jar of hearts

Jenny & Nate and Vanessa // Airplanes-Misery Business

Love's Been Good To Me; Nate and Jenny; Request

Nate Serena ; Everything

Serena/Nate ♠ What do Du want from me

Dan & Serena; Dice (SLP)

Gossip Girl • Keep holding on

leighton meester in going the distance

GG Parody

Nate & Jenny - "You are special girl Jenny.."

Awkward Dan Humphrey

Chuck bass - She`s on the Bewegen

Chuck Bass| do it like a dude

Serena transporter, van der Woodsen

Serena transporter, van der Woodsen inspired makeup

Blair Waldorf | I'm In Here

Chuck bass e blair waldorf!

Gossip Girl | Pretty Little Liars | The Vampire Diaries - KISS Me

Gossip Girl | | The Time

Living It Up in "Monte Carlo"

Leighton Meester 'Monte Carlo' Interview

New Leighton Meester song at The Troubadour

Monte Carlo Movie Clip "What Are Du Doing Here?" Official (HD)

Blake Lively on Regis & Kelly (06.14.11)

Du Make Me Smile - Multicouple (TV shows)

Serena Nate and Dan

Serena transporter, van der woodsen - S

A Rundown of This TV Season's Most Shocking Deaths and Departures

Chace Crawford- Behind The Scenes of The Beauty Book

Everything I Know I Learned From Serena

Did Chace Crawford Nominate Himself For An Emmy?

Blake Lively & Leighton Meester

Blair Waldorf | Liebe of mine. ♥

|Blair Waldorf|I know how to say it

Serena van-der Woodsen - To Say Good-Bye•

Blake Lively; Saviour

Gossip Girl - Blair & Chuck - Fall For Du

Chuck & Blair || kreuz The River (4x22 SPOILERS)

500 Days Of Summer - Chuck & Blair Style

Blake - Glamour

Who's Hooked Up With Who on Gossip Girl?

Nate & Serena ♣ Never Let This Go

nate+serena : : Confessions [Dedicated for likeheavenx3]

Blair & Serena | Everyone wants to feel like someone cares

Serena and Blair: 'cause you're amazing just the way Du are.

Blair + Serena | So Jealous

Dan & Serena

I Just Wanna Feel Real Liebe [Blair/Chuck]

Chuck & Blair "Can Du Hear My Call?" watch in HD

Leighton Meester!,Vera Wang - Lovestruck

5 Reasons We Will and Won't Miss Vanessa on Gossip Girl

[Chuck Bass] Superhero's Theme Musik

Chuck bass - The maultier

Dan & Serena & Nate - Rolling In The Deep

dan/serena; shiver, shiver, SHIVER

Chuck & Blair | I will always Liebe Du | 4x22

chuck + blair; i don't believe in fairytales, but I believe in Du and me

stand there and watch me burn | chuck and blair

Chuck and Blair - Till My Heartaches End

Turning Tables||Nate and Serena

a prisoner of history❤4x20

Blair Waldorf - Everybody's Fool

Blair Waldorf / Pieces

Blair&Chuck// Lollipop

Blair Waldorf - SexyBack

Blair Waldorf || Suddenly I See

Blair Waldorf- Drama Queen

Blair Waldorf- Kill the Lights

Circus- Blair Waldorf

Blair Waldorf | Sober

Blair Waldorf-Hear Me

Gossip girl / Screensaver

Blake Lively & Leighton Meester | Afraid nothing can save me but the sound of your voice

What to Expect in Gossip Girl Season 5

oben, nach oben 6 Biggest TV Celebrity Fights and Feuds

5 Gossip Girl Liebe Interests We Probably Won't See Again, And 1 We Will

Gossip Girl- My First KISS

smile ; dan+serena

►Dan & Serena ;; Last Dance

blair waldorf (+ chuck) | this what it feels like to really cry?

Chuck and Blair I will Always Liebe Du

Chuck and Blair - I will be with Du