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Dan/Blair - Liebe Story -PREVIEW-

Gossip Girl - Dan and Serena

broken souls; blair&&nathan

Chuck/Ellie Vorschau

Gossip Girl after 10 years

Blair Waldorf Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy

Disturbia; Chuck&Blair

Chuck & Blair - [Radar]

Chusk & Blair - Beware of the Dog - Gossip Girl

Chuck and Blair- Never Again

GG "Call Security" Promo

GG "Take Me" Promo

GG "Slap" promo!

It's really, really nice to meet ya; Chuck/EdWestwick

Chuck and Blair - My Life Would Suck Without Du

Blair/Chuck - If I only could...


Chuck and Blair: 5 chances to say 'I Liebe you'

Chuck/Blair-Always Be My Baby

Nate & Blair

blair.leighton; hollywood whore

Nate&Jenny-You and Me

Blair & Chuck- Reach Out

Chuck & Blair- Liebe Du Anyway

Chuck and Blair - Break

Blair | Chuck - The Winner Takes it all

Chuck and Blair- It Must Have Been Liebe

Chuck & Blair - Run

Ed Westwick xoxos Jessica Szhor

Nate/Jenny - Only Hope

Dan & Serena - Bubbly

Gossip Girl "OMG" Promo

Chuck and Blair

Can't fight the moonlight Nate and Jenny

Chuck Bass- This Is Why I'm Hot

♥ Dan & Serena - Unusual Du ♥

Chuck/Blair - Fade away


B/C [Based off Take me now promo] -Come on Closer

---Nate/Blair--- Gossip Girl

New Promo OMG Gossip Girl!!!!!!!

Peyton and Blair - So What

Gossip Girl:Blair Revenge Promo

Blair/Serena Rumors

Chuck/Blair/Nate/Serena--Supermassive Blackhole

Ed Westwick and Jessica Szhor in NYC - 2.23.09

Ed/Leighton (Chuck/Blair) AU Horror Vid!

better version New Promo

New Promo!!!

blair/peter(/chuck); learning to fall

Gossip Girl 2x09: Nate supports Jenny at her fashion Zeigen

Nate/Jenny Deleted Scene from 113 "A Thin Line Between Chuck and Nate"

GG 2x07: Nate has abendessen with the Humphreys!

Gossip Girl 2x08- Nate is jealous of Jenny's new Friends

Gossip Girl 2x08- Nate catches Jenny dancing half naked

Gossip Girl 2x09: Dan finds out about NJ; Jenny prepares

Gossip Girl 2x09: Dan confronts Nate about Jenny

Gossip Girl 2x09: Coda- Nate leaves town; Jenny leaves Home

Gossip Girl 2x08- Nate visits Jenny at work

Gossip Girl 2x08- Nate and Jenny talk at the gallery

Again Again_Chuck & Blair _ Gossip Girl

The Virgin Suicides - GG Trailer

Nate and Blair - Fall To Pieces

Blair/Chuck/Nate/Serena - Huddle Formation

The Fear: Blair Waldorf & Jenny Humphrey

Blair & Serena {Never looked better and Du can't stand it}

Blair/Chuck - Fall

Cruella de Vil [Blair Waldorf]

*Georgina Sparks - Dangerous*

Chuck and Blair - Liebe games

Chuck and Blair (Toxic)

Gossip Girl filming 2.23.09 Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford

Chace Crawford & Leighton Meester film a seen on set of gossip girl 2.08.09

Gossip Girl Cast Shopping and Filming in NYC 1.21.09

Blair/Chuck - Du deserve much better

Touched; Chuck&Blair

Chuck and Blair - Rapid Hope Loss

Gossip Girl 2x18 Promo #4 Call Security

Blair & Chuck - "I've waited long enough"

Thinking of Du - Nate/Blair/Chuck

Nate & Serena - Why do i do this, over and over.

Brooke/Lucas ♥ Edward/Bella ♥ Chuck/Blair: Don't Let Go

* Blair/Chuck * BIG SPOILERS!!

Blair/Chuck - I Can Give Du Mehr [EXTENDED PREVIEW]

Gossip Girl "Security" Promo

Gossip Girl "Take Me" Promo

For You- Chuck & Blair

Blair and Chuck - I Will Crumble

Chuck/Brooke - One Mehr Night

Sawyer&Serena - Liebe song requiem [Lost/Gossip Girl]

Blair/Chuck - Against all odds

Gossip Girl Teaser Promo Take Me Chuck and Blair

Blair & Chuck: Liebe Story

Chuck Blair - Two Tragedies in Life

Edward & Blair (Bledward/Wallen) - Just so Du know

New Gossip Girl Promo: "Security"

New Gossip Girl Promo: "Slap"

Take me new gossip girl promo