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All We Are--Gossip Girl Cast

Blair & Chuck- Halo

Perfect Lover - Chuck/Blair

If Du Seek Amy: Blair & Serena

Breathe Me: Chuck & Blair

and from your lips she drew the hallelujah (Chuck/Blair)

Blair/Dan/Serena - Shattered Glass

blair/chuck [LOVES DIVINE]


Blair and Chuck: Liebe Story

Michelle Trachtenberg - New Movie with Zac Efron

*Chuck and Blair*

Gossip Girl - Blake Lively Promo

A Gossip Girl Promo

Chuck & Blair- Until The End Of Time

Dan confronts Nate about Jenny

Gossip Girl Best Couples

Nate y Jenny

Nate, Jenny, Chuck , Blair Definitely Maybe

GG- Chuck/Blair & Nate/Jenny- Halo

Jenny//Jenny&& Nate [Shake It]

jenny humphrey

Jenny Humphrey - Wake me up inside.

I hate everything about you. (jenny/nate)

jenny humphrey - freak on a leash.

jenny - i feel the adrenaline moving through my veins

Jenny & Nate - Fifteen

nate/jenny | paparazzi

Till everything burns

"I Lied and I Stole" jenny & blair scene edited with flashbacks

They're never gonna change my mind - Jenny Humphrey

Little J - Hollywood's Not America

jenny humphrey dramaqueen

Nate/Vanessa/Jenny - Revenge Is Sweeter

Jenny Humphrey Fashion Zeigen Musik Video

Jenny Tells Nate About Chuck & Blair

Chuck bass social calender

I'm Chuck bass

chuck/edward womanizer promo

Silver/Chuck - Ride on this way (Preview)

Blair Waldorf : Trouble Is A Friend

Blair Waldorf & Alex Pettyfer

Edward Cullen and Blair Waldorf - I didn't mean to fall in Liebe

Blair & Brooke Bad Reputation

Blair AtOmiQUE!

Multi-Fandom Couples - In Liebe With a Girl

cb all the best pt1

Chuck And Blair

Chuck And Blair

GOSSIP GIRL 2x01 - Chuck a Blair

GOSSIP GIRL 2x01 - Chuck a Blair

Chuck and Blair - Du took the words right out of my mouth

Gossip Girl-Bad Girls

Chuck and Blair - The Fortunate

Chuck and Blair - My Life Would Suck Without Du

Gossip Girl: Get the Look - Hair and Makeup

Gossip Girl: Get the Look - Wardrobe & Fashion

Gossip Girl & 90210: Get the Look

Jenny & Nate (Breathing Space)

Chuck/Blair-You found me

Dan/Serena/Nate - Du Know It Will Always Just Be Me

Blair/Chuck - "You're Not Sorry" Vorschau

Gossip girl cast - Even heaven cries

Dan & Serena - Beautiful

Gossip Girl Cast - Dark Blue

Chuck And Blair - OH MY GOD!

Miss Hilton; [BLAIR WALDORF]

Sick As My Secrets - Blair & Chuck

Leighton Meester and Chace Crawford - Celeb Cam at the Knicks Game!

feeling i've missed - chuck and blair

Blair Waldorf - Sober

Gossip Girl 2x18 Extended Promo

Complications of Liebe Chuck/blair/carter

Gosisp Girl season 2 DVD cover (not sure if this is true)

Rufly - My life would suck without Du

Shut up and let me go - Gossip Girl CAST.

Rufly - Crush

Rufly - Fan made trailer

Rufly - Best Moments

Rufus & Lily

Chuck and Blair - The Vesion

Blair/Chuck - Shake It

Gossip Girl Chuck and Blair As If WEB

gg_let it rock

Gossip Girl 1x09 Coda [Thanksgiving]

Gossip Girl 1.06 [Nate Archibald]

Gossip Girl 1.09 [Nate Archibald]

Gossip Girl 1.13 [Nate Archibald]

Gossip Girl 2.11 [Nate Archibald]

Gossip Girl 1.12 [Nate Archibald]

City of Engel Trailer - (Chuck/Blair Style)

Gossip Girl Sexy

Rehab; Chuck/Blair

Gossip Girl Break the Ice

P.S. I Can Change -- Blair/Chuck

Gossip Girl-Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

A Forbidden Liebe Trailer

N/B/C (Nate Doesn't Know)

Chuck and Blair (Like It Rough

Heartbeat; Blair&Chuck