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Gossip Girl 2x20 - Remains Of the J Promo

Gossip Girl 2x19 - Dorota's speaking Russian

Fan made promo


Blair with Carter Baizen (EWWW)

Chuck & Blair 2x19

Gossip Blast!

Dan&Blair | Where I Stood [Re-Uploaded]

Blair & Edward - Tattoo

Gossip Girl (Shop lift)

Gossip Girl (No Drink)

Gossip Girl Cat fight

Serena Slaps Dan

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 20 Sneak Peak "Quadrangle"

Rufus & Lily - All I Need

Rufus/Lily - Hey Now

Rufus & Lily - Worth the Wait

Lily/Rufus - written in the stars

Lily and Rufus

[Gossip Girl] Lily & Rufus - 7 Things

Perfect Picture of Ordinary Life - Lily and Rufus

[Gossip Girl] Lily & Rufus - I'd Lie

Lily and Rufus - So Close

Lily and Rufus - In Liebe with a Girl

Gossip Girl - Lily and Rufus: "What Hurts The Most"

lily and rufus forget me not

Lily and Rufus Apologize

Lily and Rufus Cute Scene

Gossip Girl | Before The Worst (Lily/Rufus)

Nate & Chuck - Someday

Blair & Seth - Crush

Jaiho (Chuck and Blair)

Blake Lively On Letterman 3-24-09

Gossip Girl 2x20 Remains of The J Extended Promo #2

Gossip Girl: Season 3 Episode 19

Gossip Girl - Nate and Vanessa scenes from 2x19 episode "The Grandfather"

Gossip Girl Puppet Parody - The Grandfather Puppet Recap

Gossip Girl 2.20 Remains Of The J Promo

Why - Nate/Vanessa (Gossip Girl)

Nate/Blair - I feel so lost...

blair/chuck; number 1

The Grandfather: Blair and Nate Scene

Gossip Girl 2x20 "Remains Of The J" Extended Promo

Gossip Girl 219 : Lily & Rufus

Gossip Girl 2x20 Promo "Remains of the J"

Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 20 "Remains of the J" Promo

Jaiho (Chuck and Blair)PREVIEW

New Promo - Gossip Girl Blast 'Quadrangle'

if I could change your mind [Chuck and Blair]

Gossip Girl 219 : The New Blair


Chuck x Blair Season 2 Episode 13

Favorit Chuck bass Scene "Are Du gay?"

Chuck bass "Running up that hill".. Episode 13 montage

Chuck Bass...Womanizer

Chuck bass - Womanizer

Chuck bass : Womanizer

Chuck bass - Womanizer

Chuck Bass- Womanizer- Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl Chuck bass Womanizer!

Chuck and Blair are Hot and Cold

~~Chuck&Blair~~ C'mon Baby

Chuck & Blair

Chuck & Blair - Gossip Girl

B/C 2.19 - "I know Du better than I know myself."

Gossip Girl 2.20 "Remains Of The J" Promo

Keeps Getting Better - Blair Waldorf

Got a Piece Of Me (Chuck and Blair)

Gossip Girl 2.19 - Blair tells Nate to stay; Chuck finds Nate's mantel

Gossip Girl 2.19 - Jenny reacts to Nate and Vanessa's breakup

Gossip Girl 2.19 - Nate and Blair talk about the past

Gossip Girl 2.19 - Blair wants Chuck to "take her"

Gossip Girl 2x20 Promo "The Remains of the J"

Blair/Chuck-Always Liebe Du

Brown Eyes(Janny,Chair,Brucas)

Blair/Chuck - "Shiver" [GOSSIP GIRL]

Gossip Girl's Chuck and Blair- Womanizer

Chuck&&Blair; Liebe Game; Gossip Girl [High Quality]

Chuck and blair - Jai Ho

Where Does My herz Belong - Chuck/Blair

Chuck says he's loosing Blair and he looks so hurt... cause he wants her

CB Good Times Gonna Come (Preview)

blair & chuck; ugly

Chair - Don't say [Preview]

MultiFandom - OTH / GG / Heroes

Nate and Jenny - caught up in Du

C H U C K & B L A I R - J A I H O [You are my destiny]

Chuck & Blair - Liebe song requiem

Freeze: Chuck and Blair

Blair & Chuck - Walking on a Dream

The ending 2.19, Chuck went to see Blair, to fight for her.... but....

CHUCK AND BLAIR MAKEOUT... he knows her better than HIMSELF,He wants the REAL Blair Back, 2.19 (4)

Blair begging to get into another college, SC try to help her 2.19 (2)

[Gossip Girl] The Grandfather (2x19) - The Detailed Summary [Spoiler Alert!]

Blair going insane in the Vanderbilt Party 2.19 (3)

SPOILER!!! Chuck seeing Blair, But she's with Carter 2.19 ( Scene 1)

Nate and Blair in The Grandfather

Chuck&Blair - Shameless

Chuck and Blair ♥ - Keep Breathing

Closer - Chuck&Blair