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Chuck and Blair pictures

Gossip Girl Episode 2x22 "Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" Promo Pics

GG Couples- I don't want to be in Liebe

Leighton Meester - Birthday (ft. Awesome New Republic)

Chuck and Blair- Incomplete

Chuck and Blair- My Life Would Suck Without Du

Gossip Girl Chuck & Blair apologize

Gossip Girl Opening Credits [Beautiful Dirty Rich]

Gossip Girl Boy Talk

Gossip Girl Girl Talk

Gossip Girl Trailer

Nate and Jenny - Rapunzel – Neu verföhnt Up In Me

Nate;Blair;Chuck - Unfaithful

Chuck/Blair/Nate- Just So Du Know

Blair/Serena- If Du seek Amy

The Graduate Trailer - Gossip Girl Style

Blair and Chuck : Shake It

Gossip Girl: Lover's Alibi

Blair and Chuck- Shattered

Chuck and Blair- Incomplete

Chuck & Blair - Gravity of Liebe

Blair - Someones Watching Over Me

Serena & Blair-Innocence

Dan/Blair - Every Little Thing

Chuck/Haley - Crawl

Blair- Come On Get Higher

Blair - Someones Watching Over Me

Chuck and Blair - Still in Liebe With Du

Liebe Story - Chuck/Blair

Blair&Nate- Everytime

Chuck/Blair - Stuck on Du

Chuck & Blair : Secret Valentine

Chair - It's not fair (I Liebe THIS <3 :D)

Chair - Everytime We Touch Slow (better than fast :P)

Cast, just a fanmade video :)

She's so lovely - Serena (& Nate)

Leaked Gossip Girl 2.23 "Get Rich oder Chuck Tryin" Trailer !!

Chuck/Blair -- The Gift

Gossip Girl - Don't lie

Nate Archibald: This Is Why I'm Hot

Chuck/Haley - When I'm With Du

Craw((Carry Me Through))_Bliar Chuck_Gossip Girl

Chuck & Blair - Inside Du Head

Blair & Chuck - Du Could Be Happy

Chuck & Blair - Colorblind

Chuck & Blair - Lost

Chuck & Blair - For Blue Skies

Chuck & Blair - Dare Du To Bewegen

How Do I Breathe- [C]huck & [B]lair

Chuck/Blair - Rose

Gossip Girl - KIDS ||PREVIEW||

With me [Blair/Chuck] 1x07 tribute

Gossip Girl Blair/Serena She's so lovely

always (chuck;blair)

Gossip Girl - Ed and Leighton on set 2-25-09

Blake Lively and Leighton Meester Rolling Stone shoot

Pocker Face {Chuck & Blair}

Chuck and Blair - I'll stand Von Du

Chudk/Blair - Prodigal

Gossip Girl Opening

Gossip Girl - Dan&Serena - Thinking Of Du

Chuck & Vanessa "Come Closer"

Blair/Chuck - One day*

Chuck & Blair // Hurt

Fanfic vid--A.M.L.S.L--Chuck & Blair

Gossip Girl Serena Promo

Gossip Girls Blair Waldorf

Breakeven; [CHUCK/BLAIR]

Chuck/Blair -- Everyday is Exactly the Same

Lips of An Angel – Jäger der Finsternis Serena Nate

Gossip Girl - Blair & Chuck - Until We Bleed

Blair & Chuck - White Horse

Blair/Chuck/Nate- Thinking of Du

Nate Archibald - In The City

Gossip Girl - Georgina // Pokerface //

Blair/Nate - you're not sorry

Chuck and Blair - Forever & Always

Gossip Girl; I like Du so much better

Gossip Girl Opening Credits

Who's To Say - Nate/Jenny

Nate/Blair - All I Need

Chuck&Blair - Dance

Chuck and Blair KISS on the Neck

dan and serena)hello

Blair and Chuck- She likes me 4 me

Leighton Meester on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - April, 2 *Part 2*

Heartbeat - Chuck/Blair

Blair Waldorf- Beautifully Broken

Taylor Momsen Truth oder Dare

Dan and Serena - Just So Du Know

Chuck & Blair - Let it rock

Blair&Serena- Rockstar.

Gossip Girl - The Arrival of Serena

Blake Lively - Serena transporter, van der Woodsen - Gossip Girl

stand in the rain; serena transporter, van der woodsen

serena transporter, van der woodsen ( disturbia )

serena transporter, van der woodsen ( disturbia )

serena transporter, van der woodsen-circus

Apologize: Serena

Serena transporter, van der Woodsen - The Best Damn Thing