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Gossip Girl Cast - Innocent

Chuck & Blair - Shattered Glass

Blair, I Just Want Du To Know

♥ Chuck ♥ Blair ♥

Blair & Chuck - Even Angles Fall

Chuck/Blair: He's So Addicted

Nate&Blair It's All Coming Back To Me Now

Chuck, Blair & Nate ; any other name

Engel on the Moon [Tony/Blair]

chemicals react; DAN/BLAIR [PREVIEW]

Serena; Happy

Blair/Chuck: Right Round

Nate Blair/Leighton Chace. Crazier.

Blair and Chuck-Long Shot-Kelly Clarkson

Gossip Girl - Boom Boom Pow

Chuck&Blair - Boston

Use Somebody - Blair/Chuck


Non-Judging Breakfast Club (CBNS) - Keep Holding On

blair/peter; betrayed me

Cry [Dan & Blair]

CB Stay

Chuck♥Blair (Chair) ~ Broken

Nate/Serena: Out From Under.

Blair/Chuck: Broken Tribute

Blair/Serena - Crawl

Gossip Girl || Speeding Cars ||

freddie/blair; why can't i

the Liebe Du gave; DAN/BLAIR

Haley & Nate . I Hate This Part Right Here ! [ I just can't take these tears ]

Gossip Girl 2.21 Sneak Peak #4 ~ Jenny/Dan/Rufus/West "Seder Anything

Nate & Serena- Never Say Never

NJBC - Crawl

Gossip Girl - Josh Schwartz - Season Finale Teasers

Oh my darling - Nate/Jenny

Gossip Girl 2.21 Sneak Peak #4 ~ Jenny/Dan/Rufus "Seder Anything"

Davis Bloome/Chuck Bass: In The City

Gossip Girl NBC Thinking Of Du

The Non Judging Breakfast Club (Gossip Girl)

Dan & Blair - Unusual Du

Chuck/Blair Goodbye to you.

Leighton Meester - Sugar

Blair & Chuck: Too little too late

Jenny & Nate - Du Belong With Me

Chuck and Blair - Sorry

two worlds collide - jenny/agnes

goodbye to Du - Chuck/Blair

if Du seek amy

Seventeen Forever- Chuck/Blair

Jenny - Nate

Never say never (Chuck&Blair) Vorschau

map of the problematique ; dan/blair

[Higher] Dan/Serena/Blair/Nate

issues (chuck;blair)

Gravity: Chuck/Blair

Gossip Girl: Faster

Gossip Girl Webclip - Seder Anything

Chuck, Dan, & Nate- Gives Du Hell

2x21 Canadian Promo

Nate/Serena: Hey Stephen

Nate/Serena: Hey Stephen

Serena transporter, van Der Woodsen: Save My Life

Serena transporter, van Der Woodsen: Save My Life

Serena/Blair: You're Always A True Friend

Blair Waldorf - Suddenly I See

Du don't know me; DAN/BLAIR

Jenny and Nate - Night of my Life

Gossip girl cast - White houses

Never Say Never (Blair&Chuck)

Davis/Serena - Everything

Derena Kisses

Nair - Forever And Always (Or not?)

Serena & Blair - When The Sun Shines We'll Shine Together

Chair - Anywhere But Here

Chuck/Blair/Nate - Jai H

Serenate - Nothing Else I Can Say

Jenny Humphrey - The Queen

Fanmade promo - Do Du Wanna

Gossip Girl promo in German haha so funny!

issues (chuck;blair)

It's Not Over

Serena & Blair - You're Always A True Friend

Blair Waldorf [Lost]

Chuck/Blair - Dont tell me

When I'm With Du - Brooke and Chuck

Lover Boy- Fake Movie trailer

Chuck/Blair/Nate - Du found me


Angel – Jäger der Finsternis in the Night {Nate Archibald}

love, save the empty- chuck&blair.

Gossip Girl - Beautiful Dirty Rich

Gossip Girl Cast Interview at Paley (short section) - Ed/Leighton part!!

Chuck Blair Nate

In Liebe with a Girl [Dan/Blair]

dan/blair; i saw sparks.

Chuck/Blair -- All I Need

Chair Vs. Nair - "Love Games"

Nate and Jenny - Mad About The Boy

The Way - Dan and Serena

Chuck & Blair // Right Round