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2x25 B/Eleanor Scene

2x25 NJBC Scene

2x25 C/N Scene

2x25 GG Blast scene

2x25 C/B Scene (cont'd)

2x25 C/B Scene


If I Lay Here;Chuck.Nate.Serena.Blair.

this i swear [njbc]

The Non-Judging Breakfast Club - i take Du for who Du are.

Blair/Chuck/Serena/Nate -- Stone (NJBC)

Chuck/Blair - With Me

Blair&Chuck//Listen To Your Heart.

Chuck and Blair ( Long Shot)



Chuck bass & Blair Wardolf -Gossip Girl- "You're not sorry"

Nate and Blair - Fairytale

[Gossip Gil] Serena N' Blair - All About Us

Chuck/ Blair Say All I Need

Chuck and Blair It's Not Over

Blair Chuck Du spin my head

Chuck Blair Nate Jealousy

Chuck and Blair - One in a Million

Ed Westwick - Interview

Non-Judging Breakfast Club (CBNS) - Pieces (Dedication: Bumcrackmosh)

They sagte I sagte - Owen/Lily

Lily and Owen - Look after Du

Gossip girl : Chace Crawford Interview

Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) Spills on Gossip Girl Finale, Future

Gossip Girl - Jealousy

Blair&Chuck ;; Breathing Weltraum

Chuck and Blair: With oder Without Du

Blair/Chuck - Happy

Evil - Blair and Chuck

Blair & Chuck 2x23 | My herz

Blair and Chuck - It doesn't matter

Serena/Nate - To Your Liebe

Britney Spears & Ed Westwick

Nate & Blair - "Love Will Come Through"

Chuck & Blair: Breath easy


Fuck ya man - Serena | Gossip Girl

ABSOLUTE: nate/blair, gossip girl

Chuck/Blair - Breakeven

Blair/Serena - A Moment in the Life

Chuck/Blair - Gomenasai

Where Are Du Now - Serena

Crush - Dan/Blair

Shattered- Nate/Serena

Mr. Brightside - Nate/Blair/Chuck

Gossip Girl: Blair Waldorf - Material Girl

Chuck and Blair : Time After Time

my wish-chuck and blair

Gossip Girl Cast: Du Found Me

Against All Odds

what about now (blair & chuck)

Tag N Nite Chuck bass

blair and chuck//what hurts the most

Blair & Chuck - Knock Du Down

Chuck & Blair Crawl

Blair~Chuck - Playground Liebe

Chuck/Blair (Gossip Girl) ; See Du in the dark

Blair and Chuck-Lost Without Du

Blair/Chuck/Nate - Wouldnt Du

Gossip Girl 2.25 Promo #2 "The Goodbye Gossip Girl" {SEASON FINALE}

Gossip Girl 2x25 Sneak Peak - Jenny, B and the minions

kobra, cobra starship ft Leighton Meester I Make Good Girls Go Bad!!!!

Realize - Chuck//Blair

Chuck & Blair - Halo

Touch Du right now - Blair/Chuck

I'm Only Me When I'm With You- Chuck//Blair

Gossip Girl Cast - Great DJ

"The Goodbye Gossip Girl" Sneak Vorschau

Nate&Blair ;Don't Let me go;

Nate/Blair - Prom Theme

Nate and Serena (good girls go bad) [preview]

NYC- Breakfast in New York (Clips from GG)

Use Somebody - Blair Waldorf

Blair/Chuck: I Just Can't Live A Lie

Gossip Girl 2x25 Sneak Peak 1

gossip girl; good girls go bad

Gossip girl / Taylor schnell, swift / Britney Spears / Katy Perry contest

Jenny Humphrey money honey

Chuck & Blair // Sober

Unusual Du - Britney Spears (Gossip Girl)

running away (blair/nate)

Blair/Dan - Halo

2.25 - Canadian Promo

Dan and Blair Halo AU

Chuck & Blair -- Comes and Goes

I look after Du - Blair & Chuck (L)

Harry Potter 6 Trailer ~ Gossip Girl Style

Blair/Chuck - Season finale promo (2x25)

Gossip Girl 2x25 Canadian Promo.

BLAIR WALDORF ; I don't know who I am anymore

Chuck & Blair-True Liebe

Nate & Blair

Dan/Serena - Breathe ♥

Gossip girl Cast - I'm with Du