Gossip Girl Gossig girl soundtracks on spotify to mp3?

sweetpumpkin posted on Dec 19, 2016 at 04:18PM
currently I`m searching for a spotify recorder, which is ables to record, cut and convert whole playlists in mp3-files. Because I wanna also listening to the gossip girl soundtrack in my car :-)

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr Beauty_Betty said…
Hi hi,
well I am also a huge Gossip fangirl :D
From which season is your favorite music? I like the songs from season 3 best!!!

Hm, yes I know a spotify-recorder-tool…I think it’s called Tunebite Premium or something like that. Wait, I am looking for you in the world wide web. Have a look here: link. It’s a quite good tool, because it does everything (record, cut, convert…) automatically. AND a real nice function: It’s able to do this in double time!! Bye-bye