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 Don't mess with another guy's girl!
Don't mess with another guy's girl!
Episode 16: Me, Myself and Blair

GG: Missing. One Queen B. Gone into hiding B? The shame, The ex-boyfriend and a sort of best friend? Don't worry B, We still Liebe you, After all, All the good scandals come from you.

(At the Waldorf Apartment)

In Blair's bedroom, Blair is hiding under the duvet.
Darota enters.

D: Morning Miss Blair
B: (no reply)
D: Are Du okay Miss Blair?

Darota pulls the duvet down.

D: Miss Blair Du have school
B: I'm not going to school today
D: Your education is very important Miss Blair
B: I know that, I'll get Serena to... Oh I hate her don't I! Well I get P to send them over. What...
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posted by ChuckBlairLuvA
Let me know if you've discovered any others! ;p

Gossip Girl Actors/Actresses B-DAYS!!! (and their teen characters. ;p)
Ed Westwick—June 27, 1987
(Chuck Bass)—May 19, 1991

Leighton Meester—April 9, 1986
(Blair Waldorf)—November 17, 1990

Chase Crawford—July 18, 1985
(Nathaniel Archibald)--???

Blake Lively—August 25, 1987
(Serena transporter, van der Woodsen—July 14

Penn Badgley—November 1, 1986
(Dan Humphrey)--???

Jessica Szohr—March 31, 1985
(Vanessa Abrams)--???

Taylor Momsen—July 26, 1993
(Jennifer/Jenny Humphrey)--???
posted by Mrs_Ron_Weasley
The letter. She didn’t want to look at it so she did what was only logical; she got up, strode quickly over to her dresser drawers and pulled out the tiny drawer at the very oben, nach oben the drawer that Du wouldn’t see unless your name was Blair Waldorf and Du noticed when the wood didn’t math exactly, even if your mother didn’t. Ever since she discovered it when she was 8 Blair called it her Box of Treasures, even though it wasn’t a box at all and the only stuff in it wouldn’t be considered as treasure to anyone but her. The drawer contained a jumble of items that all led back to him....
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A/N: Yes, I know….shame on me. I should be Schreiben another chapter of ‘so what if I’m jealous’…….*sighs* I apologize. It’s just…….*huffs*…….it will take soooo long and it MUST be perfect and I have another brilliant idea! Now, I know I don’t usually write up all my brilliant ideas, because let’s face it….then I’d have like 20 multi-chaptered CB fics and they’d NEVER get finished! Lol. XD
But! This is different.
I swear.
This story is simply the retelling of my Gossip Girl dreams, from my perspective. And I had TWO of them last night, so 2 chapters to start! *giggles*...
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Gossip girl has adopted a cloned feature of single streamed story-lines, without any real development oder substance. Characters develop overnight personalities and the actual 'Gossip Girl' is now used to relay simple jokes, that we could actually do without, as her story is unexplained. It leaves me wondering whether oder not the writers personally chose these stories to insult Fan intelligence, oder if they are carrying this series down a road where inspiration has Lost it's taste.

I used this episode as the final decision maker behind this conclusive realization. This would possibly be my final...
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 Tragedy of revelation.
Tragedy of revelation.
Chair Tales S02E21- Daddy Tag Care

It has been a week since Bella, Zach and Pheobe were Christened. Blair and Eric were named God parents to Pheobe and Zach. Serena and Dan were named God Parents for Bella.

Blair has come to Serena's house. She has had to drop Bella off to the hospital for a check up and observation.
Blair is upset and sits with Serena on a sofa. Lilly is still at Serena's house and is leaving for Home later today. She is talking on the phone near by.

B: I dont know what to do any more.....i think im losing her.
S: Hey...(puts her hand on Blair's) we've been through this before...we...
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posted by LoveLiesAndLust
In Your Arms, Here I Lay – Chapter Two

“Waldorf, I need Du to wake up. I know what I sagte and did earlier was wrong, but I…I…I Liebe you, Blair. And I don’t know whether I’ll have the guts to tell Du this later, but I do, Blair. I Liebe you.” Tears fell down his cheek, as he held her hand in his, not letting go for a second.

“I Liebe Du too,” a weak voice replied from the bed.

He looked up, only to meet the eyes of the beautiful, but broken brunette, he loved. “Blair?”

She smiled. “I take it that you’re happy to see me, Bass.”

He chuckled, and removed a stray strand...
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posted by ChuckBlairLuvA
Inspired Von this quote:
"We have a lot of conflict, believe me. And their conflict is very interesting b/c it's very internal. There's no real outward obstacles. It's a lot of their own minds colliding with each other. Her not wanting to give in. Him being a Playboy and not being able to fall for her completely. And then when he does, he doesn't Zeigen it and when she does, he shuns it, and all these things. So it's very real life..."
-Leighton Meester (on the CB situation, season 2)

At first when I read this quote I was overjoyed, cause I finally REALLY understood what was going on between...
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Okay it has been sooo long that i updated these chapters but i was dieing of boredom tonight and i decided to... i have written others that u shud check out... lol...so like always here goes nothing!
"Wait, what?" Serena sagte with a sarcastic laugh not believing a word Blair said. "I cant take it anymore Serena! I tried to help him since the night of the Snowflake Ball when Lily told him the news. I tried and tried Serena, I told him i loved him and he dissapeared for a month, I told him I would always be there for him an he insults me Von telling me to stop playing the role of the wife?...
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A/N: So, I’ve decided to admit to myself that perhaps I am addicted to updating this story. Still no homework done…*sigh* this story will be the end of me, I AM SURE OF IT! Lucky for Du though, Du will me entertained in my demise. *hums thoughtfully*Anyways! I hope Du are enjoying this story, though honestly I’m not sure if my last chapter was one of my best…must’ve been the lack of drama, though like myself I’m sure Du all did not mind the excessive CB fluff. Hahahah. XD Well, I am off to write! =D
*I own nothing! If I did, well….let’s just say CB would be in a much happier...
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A/N: My first Ed/Leighton fanfic! YAY! XD

So, earlier, I saw what Ed sagte about the first time he met Leighton, and I think I fell in Liebe with E/L even Mehr (if that’s even possible, hehe). Anyways, I decided to write this, and I do have to warn you: it’s kinda sweet to begin with, then a little later it gets kinda smutty and sexual, so if Du don’t like smut oder sex in fics, I recommend Du either don’t read this oder just skip that part. ;)

Oh! Also, I’d like to dedicate this to my bestestest buddy, Margot. Liebe you, M! And don’t ever forget that! <3


She laughed. God, her laugh...
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posted by kialove978
Alright. It has been months since I have done this! Explanation is because I started High School so I have been so busy its unbelievable. But I decided it's time to return.
"Hey." Blair sagte smoothly. Chuck was dressed a little too well. As in Tux attire. She looked down at her simple outfit and thought of an excuse. Because on the phone he had told her he was taking her to a movie. Not the Red Carpet!

"You're early. I was just about to change. Be right back." she said. Walking to him to KISS him quickly. The Minute he couldnt see her she tore apart her closet. Trying to find something...
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Turns out Serena and Gabriel are not married, however Gabriel and mohn are still together. Could they be plotting against Serena? We would have thought Gabriel would have been a bit better looking.

Blair made a deal with Nates grandfather that she would talk Nate into going to Yale in exchange for a bridesmaid position at Tripps wedding, landing her a spot in Socialites pages. It always seems as though anything sneaky Blair does it ends up backfiring. Karma seems to have it out for Blair because yet again her plan is spoiled. Nates Grandfather outs their plan to Nate, temporarily ending Nate...
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Chuck finally turned around to face her. He hauled her up off her feet and brought her back against his chest. Never taking his eyes off of her face, he said, “I don’t care if he’s my best friend. I don’t want Du to go back to him because I want Du instead.”
She felt her mouth gape open as she stared back at him, thinking that this was his idea of some horrible joke. But after a few moments when he didn’t take it back and just continued to give her that penetrating glare, she knew that he was serious. Blair tried to focus her mind on Nate instead of Chuck, oder anything that didn’t...
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posted by lozxtitchx

First off I would like to apologise for all the drama in the last chapter, but I thought it was time that I mixed things up a little bit, but anyway we are now back to the good stuff, Chuck and Blair fluff, just the way we like it.

Chuck had awoke from his unconscious state the night of his operation, he was allowed Home two days later, Blair thought it was best that the children didn’t come and see him in the state he was in hospital so she told them that he was in hospital and wasn’t allowed visitors, she hated lying to her children but she knew it would upset them...
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I chose to respond to link Artikel via another Artikel because the Kommentar would be too long. I suggest Du read that one before Lesen this one unless Du intentionally don't want it to make sense.

You do realize that Blair is the one who always called Dan for help right? He didn't pull her away from anyone. She distanced herself from her other Friends because the only person whom she felt could help her in any way was Dan. She could be herself with him. "You were the only one who could save me from my own worst instincts," (5x03). I'm pretty sure this was made clear throughout all of season...
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posted by xoheartinohioxo
*To be perfectly clear - this Artikel is not meant to attack ANY fanbase/fans of a particular couple/character etc. This goes out to ALL Fans that have forgotten that respecting others is very important.

 This goes out to ALL Fans that have forgotten that respecting others is very important.
This goes out to ALL Fans that have forgotten that respecting others is very important.

Respect: Polite oder kind regard; consideration: <i>respect for people's feelings

The hate on this spot has gotten ridiculous to say the least! We've got Fans attacking each other over who they ship, people calling each other rude names & trashing each other because they don't agree on something,...
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A/N: Hey sorry i havent wrote in a while, but i have had writers block and wasnt really inspired. but im back please review and cant wait for Mehr chair in season 5. cant wait for tonight
blair woke up the Weiter Tag in chuck's room, the light streamed in through a crack in the curtains. she was in the bett alone, she knew for fact that she had her v-card swiped becaise she was lying in the bett with nothing on. she heard the t.v. and figured chuck was in there, she hopped out of bett and lifted chuck's...
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A/N: i hope Du enjoy this one. if you're liking these Du can always go on the CB Fan site and read my other chuck and blair articals. the first one called chuck and blair episode 1 - unexpected. as usual please review. leave any Kommentar Du like. i Liebe to know how i can improve.

chuck's limo arrived outside blair apartment and nate and chuck made their way inside. up the lift to the waldorfs apartment they stepped out after the doors dinged and opened. they walked in and chuck looked around...
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posted by ratava123
Spotted: Our Favorit Upper East Siders scattered around the world for one sizzling summer. If Du think Manhattan had enough secrets and scandals to keep me busy, just wait until Du see the souvenirs our sexy socialites have brought back Home with them. Looks like gossip is global as "Gossip Girl" returns for its hotly anticipated fifth season!

Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) has spent a fabulous summer with her fiancé, Prince Louis (guest star, sterne Hugo Becker), in her future kingdom of Monaco. But when Blair returns Home from the holiday, this Princess-to-be will quickly learn that planning...
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