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posted by ChuckBlairLuvA
Chuck's thoughts after episode 1 of Season 2 (his frustrations in not being able to say those words) and how he plans to win Blair back...or the beginning revelations of it...PLEEEEEEEEASE REVIEW! =D


"That's all I need, Chuck. Three words, eight letters, and I'm yours," she spoke with such sincerity and yet such an extreme bitterness.

Chuck stared on at her in disbelief of what she had just requested of him. He had to spit something out. He had to say something. He just didn't know it would be this difficult. Of course, he had very strong feelings for her and he knew he loved...
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After taking a short break, our Favorit teen drama series is back with a brand new episode to entertain our manic

Monday night. It is time to indulge ourselves with high class drama as the Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 10: Gaslit

premieres on The CW on Monday, November 29 at 9:00/8:00 PM (ET/PT). The Gaslit episode was directed Von Tate Donovan

and written Von Joshua Safran and Robert Hull. This episode is the 75th episode of the entire series and the 10th of

the current season.

In the Zurück episode of Gossip Girl, Serena have to choose between Dan and Nate and Blair wanted to become the

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This is a fic about Blair losing her virginity to chuck rather than her boyfriend Nate, who she had always dreamt and planned on losing it to. This is a post-Victor-Victrola story. Unlike other fics about this storyline it focuses on Blair's feelings about herself, Nate and Chuck too. It is still a Chuck/Blair story. Its mainly Blair feeling confident and proud that she gets to have a happy moment without her cheating, never-there boyfriend and how someone else (chuck) was there for her and made her feel worthy and it has made her realise that she is worth it and doesn't need to...
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A.N.(Please Read This A.N)

I initially gepostet this on my fanfiction(dot)net Profil and I had two alternate endings.
The first possible ending was very smutty, i.e. it had a lot of explicit adult content in it and I didnt get many reviews so I assumed that people didn't really like to read explicit sexual content (I dont like to write it either but I assumed that the readers who reviewed Part 1 wanted some Ed/Leight sex so I wrote it)....of course I was gutted that Part 2 didn't get any reviews so I went back to the drawing board and wrote another chapter as an alternate ending...(with less...
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I am going to be frank from the beginning, I really do not like the direction the writers of Gossip Girl are going with this show. This episode bears no exception. I mean I really tried to find some interest in the new Vanessa Dan storyline, Blair's crazy obsession with the play and Jenny's experimenting stage, but I couldn't. I have accepted that Gossip Girl has found its way into this type of political drama and Lost sight of why Fans loved the series in the beginning. Yet for the past few weeks now, washed down Schreiben has become frequent and honestly I could do without it.

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Bree Buckley was in Texas during last night's episode, but she'll be back soon enough. The bad news for Nate Archibald? She's got an agenda.

Meanwhile, Jenny Humphrey will soon be getting a new boyfriend named Damien. Word has it that he could be a bad influence on her, as well.

Here's what E! Online has to say about both characters ...

Q: I really like Bree and Nate together on Gossip Girl this season. Please tell me that Joanna Garcia is sticking around for a while?!

A: Sorry, Bree's not exactly a paragon of sweetness and light. Her intentions might not be as pure as we've been led to believe. The redheaded Gossip Girl newcomer mostly just wants revenge on Carter, and she wants it bad.

Better luck Weiter time, Nate.

Q: What's up with this new guy coming to Gossip Girl?

A: Damien (Kevin Zegers) is bad news. If Du like raccoon-eyed Little J, you're in luck, because sources tell us Damien's going to bring Jenny "to a dark place."

Break out the mascara and eyeliner, J.
Chuck Bass: We could never be boring.
Blair Waldorf: Du say that, but I know you. You're Chuck Bass.
Chuck Bass: I'm not Chuck bass without you.

Polo official: What's so funny?
Carter: Old habits. Die hard. Don't worry, I'll find my way. Anyone see a girl in an orange dress?

Nate: Now that we're back on our Home turf, do I at least get your number? Maybe a last name?
Bree: A little mystery never hurt anyone.

Vanessa: [on the polo match] I'm sure Blair and Chuck will be there, if the murder-suicide I've predicted hasn't happened yet.

Blair: Spare me, S. I get every issue of Hello and OK! there is. I know what Du did this summer, and who. Cristiano Ronaldo? I hope Du got your shots before Du traveled. Should I be worried?

Rufus: Glad I had the number for City Harvest. This is all a little much.
Dan: [on brunch spread] A little much? This makes the Four Seasons look like ... one season.
A/N: Once again, I have waited till nearly midnight to write up the Weiter chapter. This story just offers me some relief I think….I mean, I can only NOT do my homework for so long…and believe me the GUILT is piling on, but Hey as long as CB have possibilities, how can I not write another chapter? ;p PLEASE REVIEW!!!! =DDDDDDDDD
*A bit of sexual reference near the end of this chapter, but it shouldn’t be too bad. ;p

CH.6—Eyes of Fire
    “Chuck,” she said, louder this time, her tone taking charge of the situation. She had fallen under his spell...
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A/N: I can’t believe I’m updating so fast…lol. This NEVER happens. Haha. XD Du lucky peeps, you. ;p Well, don’t count on too much Mehr of this…then again, who knows? ;) I may just keep updating this often…you never know! Heheh. Enjoy! And pleeeeeeeease comment! =D
Ch.3—All in a Text

    “My name…is Chuck…Bass.”
He sounded aggravated, agonized, paranoid, frustrated…all of the above? Yeah. But who could blame him? He and Waldorf had been stuck in that elevator for the last two hours. Shouts from Bart bass could be heard as barely a whisper,...
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posted by groovychicklisa
Hello People!
I recently found out some information about GG season 4.
The following was found on a spoiler website

Spoiler Tv
you can find spoilers on most tv shows and movies!
and recently they have introduced a celeb gossip colulm.

Gossip Girl Season 4 will begin filming on July 5th in Paris ! with ed westwick, leighton meester, blake livley and a french actress playing chucks girlfriend !!!

Thank Du for Lesen this! Become a Fan and i will become a Fan of Du please comment. i would also appreciate if Du read some of my article

(okay now im writting rubbish because it says write a longer article...
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 yep, thats me bitches..; )
yep, thats me bitches..; )
I just did this because i absolutely Liebe this song!! and for everyone who wanted the lyrics..well here they are LOL its my first time doing "lyrics" so sorry if some are messed up but i checked it like 5 times, so ENJOY!! ;)

Your Loves A Drug

**i like it i want it the way Du make my body move.
i think im addicted, im high off everything Du do, im going to call Du baby dont Du worry about a thing, cause your ill i need, ill become a slave to my **habit?** feaning/feeling? For your love, got it have it now,

your all i need, your loves a drug cant get enough your loves a drug and i cant sleep,...
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 Photo: Courtesy of the CW
Photo: Courtesy of the CW
Even someone without Blair Waldorf's unerring nose for sexual tension would have caught a whiff of the mammalian scent in the air on Gossip Girl last night. Pheromones coursed through the characters' bodies like so many high-grade drugs transported from Holland Von a disaffected diplomat's son: The Zurück episode's ménage, we learned, has changed the chemistry of the relationship between Dan, Vanessa, and Olivia, after Olivia suspects Dan and Vanessa's feelings for each other go beyond friendship, which Dan awkwardly confirms when, during the gang's ridiculous performance of Snow White, he...
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Now that Bree Buckley is out of the picture, and Carter Baizen looking like he could be soon as well does that clear the way for Nate and Serena to get together?

All signs point to yes, at least according to what we've seen on the Zeigen this season, heard up until this point, and read in E! Online's spoiler Q&A this morning.

Excerpts below ...

Q: I'm dying for Gossip Girl scoop! Will Nate and Serena get together? oder Dan and Blair? I keep hearing rumors, but I have to know if they are true.

A: One of them is. And I know Du smarty-pantses will figure it out: Nate and Serena are definitely circling...
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posted by LoveLiesAndLust
A/N: My Sekunde RPF, hehe. This revolves around Blake/Chace and Ed/Leighton, and the four's friendship in real life. It's gonna be only a few chapters long, and it starts out on an interview with...whatever the hell Du want it to be (TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, etc...). ;)

Anyways, enjoy!

…Um, I was gonna say something else….oh yeah! I’d like to dedicate this to my bestestest buddy, Margot (TmoVie_obsessed), and my Friends Cintia (cintia_cs), Anna (yaknowyaloveme), Maritza (mnicolini), and Lauren (lauren1102). Woo! I have no clue why I’m dedicating this to them…I think it’s just...
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A Dan and Blair story

Blair and Dan have been going out for a few days and everything is going smooth, except for the fact that Serena is jealous. Well,they did brake up two weeks ago. Blair even asked her was it okay if they went out. Serena only sagte yes because it was about time she got over him and Blair really started to like him. Du know they say, "All is fair in Liebe and war."

"Hey,Blair bear," Dan sagte as he gave Blair a hug. Then he gave her flowers. Aww, how sweet.
"Thanks, are we still on for our datum on Saturday?" She asked.

"Of course," Dan got a text message from Jenny."Sorry, I...
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posted by ChuckBlairLuvA
A/N: UPDATE!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Lol. XD Ok, but seriously…this is going to be my last update for a VERY long time. Du see, I have tried juggling four CB fics, and found it nearly impossible. Lol. Plus, the most Kürzlich one I’ve started (So What If I’m Jealous) seems to be attracting the most viewers, SO! I am going to focus wholeheartedly on updating THAT one, and once that is finished, then I will Bewegen on to the other three….so, if this fic is your Favorit out of…. ‘Queen Bee for a Reason’ and ‘Never Again: A Chuck & Blair Story’, then please go to my Profil and...
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posted by groovychicklisa
GOSSIP GIRL: Season four will open with a radiant Serena and Blair enjoying their grand and romantic summer in Paris…until Chuck mysteriously arrives in town with a new girlfriend and a new identity. Blair swore off Chuck forever but will this changed man woo Blair into having a change of heart, oder will Queen B set her sights on ruling Columbia University? And as for that baby…?

GG – Hello again upper eastsiders! Hasn’t it been a while? Well after my summer vacation i have returned and am ready to dish the dirty on your upper eastside lives. But don’t blame me my Posteingang is full from...
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posted by ladychazabc
1. Because they are a match made in heaven.

2. they are the golden couple.

3. nate Lost his virginity to her

4. when she came back he was still not over her

5. he thinks she is the most beutifull, amazing alive person he has ever known.

6.he is her natie

7. they have been best Friends since they were kids

8.he knows the real serena

9. she is the only woman he has ever loved

10. nobody....especialy jenny humphrey can stop them....

11.because she's always had a crush on him

12. in the Bücher she Lost her v-card to nate

13. he left his half-naked girlfriend to go and see her.

14. they wish they could re-live their first time.

15. because the best friend and the boyfiend always make the best match.

16. they always end up together..

17. when he sees her he gets nervous

18. during family problems...they are there for each other

19. they are good enough for each other

20. because the viewers Liebe them!
posted by TmoVie_obsessed
All over fanpop, on basically every spot in existence, there is poor fanpopping. And there are just some things that happen on this spot that are downright annoying. So I'm just going to get off my chest what irks me, so I can at least say I sagte something.

1. Repeat Picks: Really people, I don't want to answer hundreds of picks about which couple I prefer. oder which character/actor/off-screen relationship/who's hotter. It doesn't matter if the choices slightly differ, the wordings changed, oder the Icons are different, it's the same thing EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Try for some variety, take the time...
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A/N: Hey Du guys, I'm sorry for not updating sooner, but what can I say? School effin sucks, and I just had a D on Chemistry (which I have to pass because I have exam in a month, and a big test on tuesday) so I won't be updating much sooner, but maybe in about 8 days... But enjoy this chapter.

*It was Blair’s 18th birthday party and the Waldorf penthouse was filled with the hottest, most notorious, beliebt upper east siders, as the young pregnant girl made her way to greet her closest friend and her not so great step-brother.
B: Serena I’m so glad Du came. (she hugged S)
S: Oh the belly,...
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