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Anger is the Best Remedy for Love- Chapter Three

Blair still had her hand down his pants when the sound of a knock alerted her that they were soon about to be interrupted. She yanked her hand out of his pants as though she had been burned and looked him in the eyes and noticed the same shocked expression staring back at her. How had they let it get this out of control?
When the knocking increased, she hurriedly picked up her panties and ran into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. She heard Chuck sigh and walk to the door and while he did, she opened the bathroom door a crack.
“What the hell are Du doing here?” His voice floated into the bathroom and she noticed that the person at the door was the blond whore from before. Anger flooded through her when she saw the woman touch, no caress, Chuck’s arm. She shouldn’t be angry, she should have been grateful that they were interrupted because what they had almost done would have been a disaster.
“I left my geldbörse on your bett and I had to come back and get it.” The woman simpered.
Blair had to bite back the nausea that rose in her stomach.
“But now that I’m here, do Du need anything else from me tonight?” She asked hopefully. “Did Du get rid of that horrible hündin that sagte those things to me?”
Blair stepped back into her dress and pushed open the bathroom door and walked right over to the woman. She tapped her on the shoulder and Chuck look horrified at what was about to happen.
“You’re still here?” The whore sagte in surprise.
“Yes, isn’t that a surprise?”
“Blair, don’t…” He began but it was already too late.
“I know why I’m here but I don’t have the slightest idea what the fuck you’re doing here. If I remember correctly Du were sent away after Du had done what Du were supposed to do.” Blair admitted with a grimace.
The woman glared at her with a mix of anger and jealously. “I just came back to see if Mr. bass needed anything else from me.”
She snorted with derision. “Sweetie, doesn’t it maybe tip Du off that I just came out of the bathroom and I have complete sex hair, that maybe Du aren’t needed? I guess Du didn’t satisfy Chuck as much as Du previously thought because before Du knocked on the door, we were Minuten away from having sex. Du didn’t really do your job, did Du oder is it that Chuck didn’t find Du desirable enough and needed someone else for tonight?”
The blonde shook her head in disgust at the both of them but didn’t say another word. She swiped her geldbörse off of the bett and strode to the door, slamming it very hard behind her. Blair grinned like a fool when she saw that. That wasn’t for long though.
Chuck grabbed her arm in a vicious grip. “What the hell was the point of that?”
She jerked her arm out of his grasp. “Do I really need to explain it to you, Bass?”
“Yes.” He snarled.
“Fine. She was expecting Du to have some round two action with her and I wanted her to know that even being a whore doesn’t mean that she’s qualified to have sex Mehr than once with you. Because Du never sleep with the same woman twice, do you?”
“I don’t.” He admitted.
The jealously surged through her body again and that just made her all the angrier. “I also came out of the bathroom because I’m sure that if I didn’t, Du gladly would have fucked her out there while I stood in here. A pig like Du doesn’t turn down free sex now, do they?”
His eyes glazed over with anger. “What makes Du any different than her? Du just came here for a quick fuck, didn’t you?”
Before she had known what she had done, her hand flew across Chuck’s face and slapped him. Hard. “Do Du think I would really beg for sex from somebody that I hate? I only came here because I didn’t know where else to turn but that was obviously a mistake. I hate Du as much as I ever did. I only wanted to get back at Nate and Serena for what they did to me; I really hope Du didn’t think that any desire on my part was involved.”
He walked vorwärts-, nach vorn until she was plastered against one side of the wall. “Is that so?” He asked. “How do Du explain how those wet panties of yours, then?”
She stared back into his hooded gaze. She had let her guard down around him but that wouldn’t be happening again. “It was a mistake, Chuck. I shouldn’t have come here and I should have never begged Du to have angry sex with me.” She tried explaining to him. “I’m very mortified at what I did. But Du really didn’t try hard to resist me, did you?”
He rolled his eyes in annoyance. “It’s kind of hard to resist someone when they have their hand down your pants and your dick in your hand.”
“You are so crude!” She spat at him.
“I’m just stating the facts sweetheart.”
“I fucking hate you.”
“What is it that Du hate? Is it me oder is it the fact that Du so desperately want to finish what we started?”
“I don’t want you.” She tried to convince herself of the fact but she wasn’t so sure anymore.
He put a hand on her collarbone and bent his head down towards her. His breath whispered against her face. “Are Du sure?” His tone was very seductive.
She felt her willpower slipping again and she looked into his face, only to see the same lust sparkling deep in the depth of his eyes. “Just this one time?”
“Once.” He replied.
She wanted to forget about what she had seen with Nate and Serena but most of all she just wanted to feel alive again. When he had kissed her before, it was unlike any feeling she had ever felt before. And that scared the hell out of her because he was Chuck Bass, and she hated him. But just once she was going to do something for herself and not think of the consequences that it would bring. So she whispered, “Okay.”
Chuck lowered his head until his lips were whispering across hers and when they were about to touch hers, he pulled back. “Too damn bad, Waldorf.” He whispered.
A shock gasp escaped her mouth. “What?”
He placed his hands on the side of the Wand where her head was. “I had no idea how much Du wanted me. All this time you’ve been pining for me, huh?”
She saw the grin that was tilting the corners of his mouth and it made her sick. She pushed him away and walked to the door. “Sorry to disappoint Du Bass, but anyone will do for me tonight. I guess I’ll just have to go find a Mehr willing participant.”
He moved his body in front of the door and blocked her way. “Just admit that Du want me, Blair.”
“I don’t want Du in the least. And even if I did, it wouldn’t matter because Du turned me down. Remember?”
He swallowed hard at her words and his face conformed into a devious expression. “I sleep with a lot of woman but I would never take Nathaniel’s sloppy leftovers. And I wouldn’t do that to my best friend.”
“How dare you!” She was outraged. “Do Du actually think that I wanted you? All I want is to get laid and get back at my boyfriend.”
He removed his hand from the door. “Then I guess anyone will do, right? Go knock yourself out.”
“You are one slick bastard, Chuck. No wonder your father thinks you’re such a fuck-up.”
“Get the fuck out of him and don’t Du dare come back here, Waldorf!” The anger radiated off of him in waves and Blair thought that he looked so angry that she wouldn’t have been surprised if he exploded.
She wrestled opened the door and stepped into the hallway. “With pleasure. And I wouldn’t be so concerned about your sagte best friend. I’m sure he’s fucking Serena as we speak.”
“Better Serena than you.” With that closing remark, he slammed the door in her face. It felt good. But he couldn’t help feel the tiniest twinge of guilt, he had seen her face when he had uttered that remark about Serena and she had looked completely dumbstruck. But he wasn’t going to let himself become soft when it concerned Blair, that was the absolute last thing that could happen. It was all for the best though. It was better if they hated each other. She was a Waldorf and he was a Bass, and the two certainly didn’t mix very well together as seen tonight.

The whole Weiter Tag at school Blair ignored Serena and Nate. After a while, Serena couldn’t take anymore and just as the glocke rang to signal that it was the end of the day, she caught up with her down the hallway. “Blair, what the hell is wrong?”
She stopped in her tracks when she heard that voice. Blair slowly turned around and gave Serena her normal ice Queen glare that was reserved for anyone that she hated. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
Just as she was about to leave, Serena latched onto her arm and wouldn’t let go until she turned around to face her again. “Don’t play games with me, Blair. I don’t know what’s wrong but I know that you’re pissed. Just tell me what’s wrong and I’ll try to fix it.”
She slapped her arm away. “Don’t Du understand Du can’t fix it because you’re the cause of it.” Blair tried to explain to her. “If Du don’t know what I’m talking about than I’m certainly not going to tell you.”
“What?” She growled out with aggravation.
“You’re my best friend. I need to know what I did.” Tears were sparkling in her eyes but that did nothing to detract from Serena’s beauty. If anything it only made her look Mehr like an Angel – Jäger der Finsternis but Blair knew that she was far from it.
“Fine. When you’re ready come back my place and bring Nate with you. We’ve got to get a few things straight.”
“Nate?” Serena squeaked nervously.
She shook her head. “Yeah, Nate. I’ll see Du later. Don’t think this is going to be a fun experience either.” She left with that parting statement, shooting her a dark look over her shoulder which had Serena nervously gripping her hands together.

As Dorota showed Serena and Nate into the living room where Blair was already seated, they did everything they could to avoid looking at one another but they suspected that she already knew what had happened between them.
“Well, look who it is.” Blair’s tone of voice was very sarcastic when she saw them and they exchanged a quick glance. “My boyfriend and my best friend oder should I just call the two of Du traitors?”
“What’s going on, Blair? I’m not going to play guessing games with you.” Nate sagte in a bored tone.
“Is that so?”
“Just tell us what’s going on, B.” Serena sagte in a weary voice. Her nerves were already grating.
“Okay.” She stood up and began to pace around the room. She stopped every so often but still sagte nothing. Serena and Nate hurriedly took a sitz on one of the couches as they continued to watch Blair’s angry steps around the room. She finally stopped right in front of where they were sitting and her defenses came crashing down, and left her with an exhausted and devastated expression on her face.
Serena gripped her hand fiercely. “Are Du okay?”
She had to fight to keep the tears at bay. She couldn’t cry yet, she at least had to wait until they left. All Blair could think about was that everyone she loved at one time oder another had betrayed her. Nate, Serena, her mother, her father, and she had no real Friends of her own. It suddenly felt like her life was falling into pieces and she didn’t know how to put it back together. She tried to regain some of her composure but it was hard, her lip was still trembling.
She looked Serena straight in the face. “You know that Nate and I have been having problems for some time now.” She turned her head to face him but he was looking anywhere but at her. “Actually I’m not even sure if we ever loved each other. I think our relationship was always about friendship mostly. We have been having some problems but we decided to stay together until one of us decides that the relationship doesn’t work anymore. Neither one of us wants to be alone and as my best friend, I expected Du to understand that.”
“I do, Blair.”
She shook her head sadly. “No, Du don’t because if Du did I wouldn’t have had to find Du yesterday with your lips plastered to my fucking boyfriend’s face!” Her tone rose with each word until she was shouting into her face. “I saw Du in the school courtyard yesterday and while I was shocked, I expected Du to stop him Serena, oder at least yell at Nate oder slap him away from you. But what did I see? Instead Du pulled him down and kissed him like Du wanted to do that for weeks and weeks. How could the two of Du do this to me again?”
Nate picked up his head and looked ashamed. “I’m sorry Blair; I didn’t honestly think that Du would really care. We both know that there has been nothing between us for a while and I know that I shouldn’t have done it but I couldn’t help myself. I never meant to hurt you.”
“That’s always been the problem, Nate. Du just don’t understand me at all. Du have no idea what I’m like oder anything about me. In what world would it be okay to have your best friend and your boyfriend make out? And you’ve already done it before so it shouldn’t surprise me!” Blair pointed at Serena. “And I shouldn’t be surprised at Du but I am. You’re with Dan and no matter how much I don’t like the Brooklyn boy from the slums, he doesn’t deserve this.”
“Blair…” Serena started to interrupt but she didn’t get very far.
“No! Don’t Du dare try to interrupt me. I think I’m at least entitled to speak my mind, it’s the least that Du can do for me.” When she noticed that neither one of them objected she began to walk around the room again. She couldn’t stand to look in their guilty faces anymore. Blair finally took a sitz across from them in an armchair. “You know what the sad part is? I would have gegeben Nate up in a heartbeat if that’s what Du really wanted. We don’t Liebe each other and if I knew that Du really did want him and this wasn’t just a fucking game to the both of you, I would have gladly gegeben my consent. But Du didn’t even come to me.”
“I have the worst fucking boyfriend and best friend in history. I should expect this though since you’ve already done this to me before. It’s obvious that both of Du care Mehr about each other than Du ever cared for me. So answer me one question. Are Du actually interested in having sex with one another again oder is it Mehr serious than that?”
Nate and Serena immediately exchanged incredibly guilty glances.
Blair’s mouth drop opened. “So, it’s like that? Du did have sex yesterday? I knew it; I told him that Du would.”
“Told who?” Nate asked.
“Never mind.” She snarled. “The worst part is that I don’t even really care. I’m not upset about this, I just feel so betrayed. Why the hell is my life turning out like this?”
“I’m so sorry, B.” Serena whispered.
Her head snapped up at this. “Sure Du are. You’re only sorry that Du got caught. If I didn’t see this yesterday, I would have never known about any of it.” She placed her hands on her rock and wrung the material between her fingers. “What about Dan, Serena? I thought Du were in Liebe with him, and here Du are screwing someone else’s boyfriend.”
Serena buried her head in her arms and pulled at her hair, Nate placed an arm soothingly on her back but one look from Blair and he removed it instantly. “I’m just so confused, Blair.” She cried and wiped tears from her face. Blair felt no sympathy for her though. “I Liebe Dan, I really do but I can’t help feel an attraction to Nate still even after all of this time. I just have no idea what to do.”
“You obviously don’t Liebe Dan, Serena, if Du feel comfortable whoring yourself around with my boyfriend!”
Nate looked disappointed. “That was harsh even for you, Blair.”
“Harsh?” She repeated incredulously. “You have no idea what harsh is Nate, harsh is when I have to discover two separate times that Du have slept with my best friend. In the same Jahr I might add!”
Nate closed his mouth immediately and Serena still sat weeping.
“It gets even worse. When I saw Du yesterday, I couldn’t think of anyone I could go too who could maybe comfort me and give me some words of reassurance that everything would be okay. What did I do? I had no choice but to go to my fucking enemy because he was the only person that I could think of. How fucking pathetic is that?”
“You went to Chuck?” They both asked in unison.
“Yes.” She managed to bite out. “I didn’t have a choice. I felt like the lowest of people and I figured that maybe bass could understand that. But of course he couldn’t.”
“What happened with Chuck?” Serena asked. “I can’t believe that Du went to Chuck, I thought the two of Du hated each other.” Nate added.
“We do hate each other. This is my whole point, I didn’t have anyone else to turn too and I don’t want to talk about what happened between us last night. It was a fucking nightmare, I should have known better than to go to him. It was my fault.” She recalled the hateful things he had sagte to her last night and she tried to push Chuck out of her mind. She didn’t want to remember the humiliation that he had caused her. She had thrown herself at him two separate times last night and both times he had turned her down. Even Chuck bass didn’t want her, not that she should care. Last night only affirmed her hate for him.
“I’m sorry, Blair.” She heard him say.
“Right.” She muttered. “What are we going to do about this? Do Du guys want to be a couple oder am I going to stay with Nate until something else better comes along?” Blair knew that sounded degrading to him and that was what she had been hoping for.
“I have no idea what I want, Blair.” Serena said.
“Let me make it easier for you, S. Maybe Du want to keep fucking Nate along with Dan, is that what Du want?” The stress of the Tag was getting to her and she really couldn’t take any Mehr of it. She needed them out of him as soon as possible. “Fuck it. The both of Du better decide what Du want to do and then let me know. Until then I don’t want to see either one of you. Now, get the fuck out of my home.”
Nate and Serena quickly headed her warning but not before Serena whispered, “I’m sorry.”
She ignored that and slammed the door in her face. Blair slumped against the doorframe and sank all the way to the floor. She didn’t even know why she kept staying with Nate. She should just let him go and have his merry way with whomever he wanted. But above all she didn’t want to be alone. She is terrified of ending up like her mother, a cold and calculating bitch, and even though she doesn’t Liebe Nate and hasn’t for some time she would stay with him because it was what she has known her entire life and Blair hates change Mehr than anything else.

He is sitting in his suite and doing his damndest to get drunk when he hears the knock on the door. He ignores it, remembering answering it last night and all it did was cause trouble. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t get her out of his head. The seductive, alluring beauty of Blair Waldorf and he is supposed to hate that. And yet, he doesn’t. He had always thought of Blair as this cold ice Queen who didn’t know the true meaning of sex oder fun but the last few weeks she had certainly proved him wrong. Chuck hated being wrong. The knocking on the door began again.
“I’m not in the mood.” He shouted at the door and he hoped that whoever it had been would leave and realize that he was not in the mood for company whatsoever. All he wanted to do was get drunk, shower, and order a woman for the night. Although not necessarily in that order. He thought that he would go with a brunette woman tonight. No Mehr blondes.
“Open up man, I really need to talk.” Nate’s voice called through the door.
Chuck threw his head back against the couch in defeat. Why the hell would no one leave him alone when that was what he craved the most? He had to be there for his best friend and he was feeling guilty for what had almost transpired against that very Wand last night.
He sledged over to the door and opened it, revealing a weary Nate. “Nathaniel.”
Nate sighed and walked into the suite. “I’m sorry to bother Du now but I just needed to talk to my friend. What a fucking day.”
Even though he didn’t really care, he asked anyways. “What happened?”
“Blair asked me to come over to her house with Serena this afternoon,” Nate began waiting for Chuck’s reaction to this. The controlled mask was still in place over his face though, so he continued, “She told me that she came here last night.”
He knew that Nate would pick up on the surprised expression on his face but he didn’t care. “She did?”
“Yeah, she sagte that she had no one else to turn to after she saw Serena and I kissing. She really laid it to us.”
He thought that he deserved it but he didn’t say anything. “Drink?” He asked holding up the bottle of scotch.
“Yes, please.” Nate sagte gratefully.
He went over to the sidebar and poured Nate a drink and handed it to him. He didn’t want to ask, he really didn’t but he needed to know. “Did Du and Blair break up?”
Nate downed his scotch in one gulp. “Not really. She sagte that it was up to me if I wanted to be with Serena oder her. But I know that Serena is not going to be with me now, she already feels so guilty for cheating on Dan yesterday.”
He held up a hand. “Wait, are Du telling me that Du actually fucked Serena yesterday?”
Nate had the chagrin to look ashamed. “Yeah, I didn’t mean for it to happen but it just got out of hand rather quickly.”
Chuck took another schlucken of his drink before he said, “She was right. Blair sagte last night that Du would sleep with her again. How could Du do that again, man?”
Nate gave him a strange look. “What are Du talking about? I thought that Du would get a kick out of this. Du hate Blair and are always telling me to dump her because she is not worthy of me. What happened to that?” The frown deepened between his eyebrows. “I really thought that Du would find this funny and congratulate me on it.”
He sighed. “I don’t like Blair, that is all true, bit even for me this just seems a little perverse. She’s your girlfriend and has been for many years, and Serena is her best friend, the both of Du have already done this to her before, and it’s got to really hurt her. Du should have at least told her first that Du still liked Serena before Du went out and slept with her again.”
Nate pulled the bottle of scotch off of the tabelle and refilled his glass before tipping it back and drinking his own and from the bottle. “I don’t understand any of this. Du hate Blair, remember? Why are Du sticking up for her?”
He shrugged, he really didn’t know why. “I don’t hate Blair like I thought I once did. You’ve to figure out what Du want and let her know because you’re just stringing this relationship along. Figure out what Du want Nathaniel, and let the both of them know. It’s going to be better that way in the long run.”
Nate nodded and stewed quietly. “You don’t hate Blair anymore? That just seems a little weird to hear Du say. What changed your mind?”
Chuck closed his eyes and rubbed them tiredly. “Enough with the questions. I’m sorry Nathaniel but I’m just not in the mood for company tonight.”
“Okay.” He stood up and pierced him with another strange look. “You’re Schauspielen very weird tonight anyways, I’ll see Du later, I guess.”
Just as he was about to leave, he placed a hand on Nate’s shoulder. “Just decide what Du really want. It’s about time Du did.”
He nodded but looked at Chuck like he had gone crazy which he had. He was defending Blair Waldorf for god’s sake, what had the world come to? He was irate at himself for doing that. What the hell was wrong with him? He hated her, didn’t he?
He walked slowly back to the couch and slipped his shoes off, and sprawled back down onto the couch. He forgot all about drinking, calling a whore to pleasure him, and showering, all he did was sleep for the rest of the night. Something was wrong with Chuck bass indeed.

He grabbed her the Weiter Tag just as she was walking down the street. “Blair.”
She turned around cautiously and when she saw that it was Nate, her mouth settled into a thin line. “What?”
He continued walking and she had no choice but to follow him. “I’ve decided that we should stay together. I know that Serena will never leave Dan now because she’ll feel too guilty and I’m not even entirely sure that I want to have a relationship with her.”
“Whatever.” Was her flip response, like she didn’t care which was true. She just wanted to know where they stood.
He placed an arm on her to stop her. “Blair, I need Du to listen to me for a minute.” When he saw that he had her attention, he continued, “If we ever have a better offer and we want to get out of the relationship, we have to let each other know. I’m sorry for what happened yesterday and I never want that to happen again.”
She shoved him off her with one of her hands and she smiled when her ring got stuck in a piece of his flesh on Nate’s arm, and he squealed with pain. “Sorry.” She muttered, although she wasn’t sorry at all. “Nate, just know that I will be taking Du up on your offer one day. I know there has to be a better person out there for me somewhere other than you. I will have a better offer and Du better believe it but I’m curious as to what changed your mind.”
“Chuck did.”
Blair groaned. “Oh no, what did he say about me now? He must have been pretty damn thrilled when Du told him what had happened with Serena. Did he tell Du to just dump me and be done with it once and for all?”
“No, he didn’t do any of that.” Nate shook his head in amazement because he still couldn’t quite grasp the concept that he had stuck up for Blair last night. “He actually sagte that I was being really unfair to Du and that it was wrong. He stuck up for you, Blair. I couldn’t believe it either.”
“Yeah, right.”
“I’m telling the truth. Chuck told me to let Du go for once oder to start treating Du better. I thought that he hated Du but he really stuck up for you. He must have been ill oder something, he was Schauspielen very strange.”
Her herz stopped for a moment. “Are Du actually being serious?”
“Yes.” Nate admitted testily. He was tired of being asked the same Frage over and over again.
“Wow. I never thought I’d see the Tag when Chuck bass stuck up for me.”
“Neither did I.” Nate looked at his watch and then back into her face which now had a smile residing there. “I’ve got to go Blair, but are we alright now?”
“For now.”
He nodded and turned on his heel, and left. Blair started to head back in the direction of her apartment but after a moment’s hesitation, she quickly changed directions. There was somebody that she had to see first.

For the Sekunde night in a row, a knock sounded on the door in his suite. Figuring that it was Nate once again, he opened the door only to reveal one Blair Waldorf on his doorstep. Her figure clinging in a body hugging green dress and her hair fell loose around her shoulders. He swallowed hard but a leer spread across his face. “I didn’t expect to see Du back here so soon Waldorf but I should have figured. Have Du come back for Mehr of what I denied Du last night?”
Blair brushed past him with annoyance. “Do Du always have to make everything about sex?”
He closed the door before turning back to her. “What else is there?”
“There will never be sex between us, so I don’t like the insinuation that there will be.”
She always seemed to find a way to annoy him and he moved closer to her. “Listen princess, Du were the one who threw yourself at me last night and not the other way around. So don’t act like I was the one to start it.”
“I didn’t and that was a mistake. I was drunk last night and I will never be doing what I tried to do last night again.”
He smirked. “You weren’t that drunk. Du knew exactly what Du were doing. Du wanted me, admit it.” His breath fanned across her lips.
She leaned vorwärts-, nach vorn until her lips were just inches away from brushing his. Right before they touched, she muttered against his mouth, “No.” She pulled back and grinned at his frown. “I actually didn’t come here to talk about last night. I just saw Nate and he told me that Du stuck up for me last night. Why would Du do that?”
He groaned mentally. Nate and his big fucking mouth. He hadn’t wanted Blair to know that he had done that. “It was nothing.” He admitted self consciously. “I just told him not to keep stringing Du along if he wanted Serena; it wasn’t fair to either of you.”
“Is that the only reason?” Her gaze burned into his and he felt the overwhelming desire to bury his hands in her hair and slam his mouth over hers but that wouldn’t do at all.
“What else could there be?” He whispered seductively, his eyes still trained on her.
She licked her lips. “You tell me.”
He felt a distinct tug in his groin and that irritated him, so he decided to lie. Keep his eyes locked on hers, he said, “That’s all.”
A flicker of disappointment flashed across her face. “Oh. “ She sounded surprised.
“Was there anything else?” He needed to get her out of there before he did something stupid.
She shook her head sending her waves flying across the front of her dress and dipping down into her cleavage. He swallowed hard again.
Blair had a curious look on her face. “I think I might have misjudged you, Chuck. I think we’re both a lot alike and we may both just be Lost souls looking for something that is just out of our reach.”
What she sagte made a lot of sense but he wouldn’t admit that to her. “I guess we’ll never know.”
“No, I guess we won’t.” She muttered against the constriction in her throat.
His deep penetrating gaze locked with hers and it unnerved her. She did the only thing that she could, she decided to leave. She walked to the door without another word and just as she had opened it, she turned back to him. “Bass?”
“I still hate you, Du know.”
He grinned at her. “And I still hate you, Waldorf. Don’t Du ever forget it.”
“I won’t.” She slammed the door behind her but not before seeing the sparkle reach his eyes and she knew that she was responsible for that. Everything seemed to be right in her world for now, but she knew that it wouldn’t be long before things would be screwed up once again. It was only a matter of time before Nate screwed up. oder things with Chuck would…
She actually didn’t know what would happen with Chuck. If she had to guess though she would say that they would be back at each other’s throats Von tomorrow. It was just the way it should be.

A/N: Wow. That was one long arsch chapter. Ha! I really like how it turned out though but I could always use some feedback. I’m currently working on a drabble challenge and I will be updating “The Secrets We Keep.” Updates will be infrequent though because I’m headed out of town for a week on Thursday. Until then.
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