The story of the daughter of the infamous Chuck bass & Blair Waldorf, Kayla Bass. I hope Du enjoy it!!

"Ouch!" exclaimed Kayla as the foreign maid pricked her leg with the needle as she was fixing the hem of her party dress. "Sorry Miss Kayla." Dorota said. It seemed like she has heard that sentence hundred times in one hour. she heard her mothers distant heels clicking in the hallway of their lovely penthouse that cost $250,000 a month.

"Kayla? Kay where are you? I need to talk to Du NOW!" Blair, her mother, sagte in her I'm-really-mad-right-now voice. "Damn." Kayla muttered under her breath. "Right here Mother!" she sagte sarcastically. she heard the heels click until they found the dining room where she currently was standing. "Kayla Evelyn Bass. Do not give me attitude! I am so angry right now I could scream! Du bought all of these things off of your fathers credit card?!" Her mother yelled as a really long narrow white paper fell to the ground. "Mother, Du are screaming!" Kayla sagte sarcastic yet again. She gave her mother the evilest look she could come up with. Her mother looked at her face and saw a mirror image of Chuck. The same lips, jaw line, hair, the same exact smirk. She let out a laugh. That look got her everytime. "You will pay back the money Du basically stahl, stola Von Weiter Saturday. Understood?" she sagte walking away. "Yes Mother." Kayla sagte loudly and overexaggetory.

Kayla heard the elevator door ding and saw her father walk in, in a red and black suit ensemble and his signature sleek silver brombeere, blackberry dangling near his ear.
-Like Always!
Kayla thought.

Blair ran up to her husband and grabbed a hold of his neck and kissed him passionately. "Yeah. I am a little busy right now. Call Du later Arnold?" he sagte pressing the end button on his phone and shoving it in his pocket.

Kayla groaned and got off of the schemel, hocker as Dorota muttered "Finished, Miss Kayla." Kayla ran upstairs to her room and slammed the door. She had a lot of scheming to do before dinnertime.
Tiara burst into laughter as Kayla finished her sentence. "You're going to try and take down Gossip Girl? Thee Gossip Girl? You're crazy, girl!" Tiara sagte shoving her thick black curls out of her face and sitting up straighter. "Come on T! It cant be that hard to find her can it?" Kayla asked. "Kay I am always with Du on crazy take downs but this one seems impossible!" T said. "Do Du forget who my parents are? I am a Bass. I can do whatever the hell I want to do!" she sagte in a loud whisper. Tiara laughed again but stopped as the bouncy red head, Courtney, sat down Weiter to her. "Go ahead Kay. Tell C." Tiara sagte flatly. Kayla rolled her eyes.

She looked over towards the exit doors as Lucy Yuki and her Geek Squad came through the door. "Want to play a game?" she sagte mimicking an old movie called Saw. Tiara and Courtney knew exactly what that meant. Torture the enemy.
-Lunch just got Mehr interesting!
Kayla thought as she rose from her sitz and threw a rasberry cream yogurt in Lucy Yuki's direction. She laughed as it splattered all over her white Constance blouse.
"She has got suspended three times already this year!" Headmistress Allen sagte to Mrs. Bass. Kayla sat slouched in the chair Weiter to her mother. They heard a knock and a door open then in walked Kayla's Billionaire father Chuck Bass.

"Yeah. Thats why!" Blair sagte sarcastically as Chuck hung up the phone once again and sagte "Sorry I'm late." as he sat down. "What'd she do this time?" he sagte in a voice that sounded bored. He slouched in his chair the exact same way Kayla did. They were so much alike. "She started a Essen fight in the girls lunch room!" Ms. Allen sagte loud enough for the people in the Weiter room to complain. Chuck smirked. "And?" he said. "Alright Mr. and Mrs. Bass. We understand who Du people are, and how Du behaved as teens in this same school but it gives Du both no right to not think these things are serious.

Chuck and Blair exchanged a look only they could read on each other, as Blair nodded and opened her purse. "How much this time?" she asked. "I dont think it is appropriate-" Ms. Allen was cut off as a rolled stack of 100s landed on her desk. "You are excused Kayla. Mr. and Mrs. bass have a nice day!" she sagte with a fake smile that meant thank you. Blair and Chuck smirked at the same time as Kayla ran out of the room and slammed the door.
"You should have just let me get suspended! Now everyone at school is going to think I get special treatment! I just want to be like everyone else!" Kay yelled to her parents in the limo ride home.

Chuck once sagte how him and Blair were synched in the head. They knew what each other were thinking just Von the look on their face. That's how they mostly communicated. That's how they communicated on the ride home. "Too God damn bad." Chuck sagte removing his gaze from his wife to his daughter. "And dont even think that there wont be-" Blair started, "Consequences." Chuck finished. "Yeah. Whatever. Like I care." Kay sagte rolling her eyes. "A Monat this time, baby?" Blair asked Chuck. "Make it two." he sagte smiling a crooked smile at her. They exchanged a quick KISS on the lips as they soaked up the moment in which Kay's face fell and she looked like she was ready to kill someone. Blair giggled and Chuck smiled again. The car came to a hault just as Kayla was starting to say "B-but-".
Kayla's life wasnt going that well. Her 2 Monat probation from her parents had gave her a speed bump in the take-down plan of Gossip Girl. Her parents werent talking to her and worst of all they wouldnt let her touch their money! And of course the whole pay-back-the-$5000-she-owes-her-father-by-saturday thing too. She is so confused and utterly lost. It doesnt help that she has a datum with Leo Clark on Friday.