Plz don’t attack me I’m just stating facts, and as they always say the truth hurts

As we all know from the first season until now Dan was always the OUTSIDER, LONELY BOY he even wrote a whole book about being the outsider and that’s after spending 4 & half years with the upper east sider’s circle.

No matter what he been through with them (Nate, Serena, chuck, Blair …) he still judge them and saw himself BETTER than them, still after everything he still looks down on them, want a proof Nate his best friend didn’t even have a dissent role in his book, the girl he loved since he was a teenager wrote her as shallow, rich girl who didn’t care about anyone oder anything, and loved to put the spot light on, he made her look like a drama queen, and until the middle of S4 he always thought of Blair as the worst thing about the upper east siders.

Blair represented everything he HATES about rich people, he had morals and ethics against being Friends with people like her let alone falling in Liebe with her, and before Du start to say that’s the “great” thing about it that despite all of that he still wants to be with Blair, don’t because guess what he still thinks low of the upper east siders so making an exaptation for Blair (the worst thing in the upper east sagte like Dan sagte in 1x04) makes him a HYPOCRITE and being with Blair makes losses EVERYTHING he ever believed in, everything that he wrote about in his book, it makes him lose his identity. I have never been a big Fan of Dan, but I have always been to recognize him from the crowed, he was the one person who was different from all of them, but now I can’t find one unique word to describe him.

The same goes for Blair, I mean this Blair Waldorf, we talking about, Queen B, Queen of upper east siders, who ruled high school, who despite the obstacles got to the college she wants (at least her Sekunde choice) who dated a duke and is married to a prince (yes I know they don’t Liebe each other now but he was in Liebe with her at some point) even so he’s a freaking prince, she represents everything miraculous about being an upper east sider, she has one of the best sense of fashion and cares about appearances therefor has high standers of the guys she dates, guys who get haircuts when their hair looks like a MUPPET, putting that aside she has high standers of the kind of guys, guys who don’t judge people and CARRY people.

Blair is a queen, who needs someone that is equal to her to role, and I don’t think hypocrite Muppet hair BOY is up to that standers

I mean GG Fans Du do realize for these two to be together (Dan & Blair) it will ruin their characters completely right? the characters that Du have been watching develop and evolve for the past 4 and half years, all that growth of character will be out of the window

So basically dair being together not only it DOESN’T make any SENSE, but it RUINS the WHOLE plot of gossip girl.