Glee Quote contest <3 (Round 5 - TINA)

klaine_forever posted on Jul 16, 2013 at 08:59AM
Ok hopefully this will be a new contest so please participate!
Whatever the theme is you post your favortie or the best quote from them. I will put them all up on the polls and whoever wins, wins!

If this has already been done please tell me!

The themes could be anything you think we could do, like Charecters, episodes, themes (Modivational, love, friendship ect) or whatever you want!

1 Prop for participating
3 Props for runner-up
5 Props for winner + picking next theme


Round 1 - Rachel Berry. RUNNER UP: sheerika WINNER: Clara_Valentina
Round 2 - Quinn Fabray RUNNER UP:jake_rose_4ever WINNER: sheerika
Round 3 - Santana Lopez RUNNER UP: jasamfan23 WINNER: sheerika
Round 4 - Britney Pearce RUNNER UP: Nicky23 WINNER sheerika
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