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LetsDuel2012 posted on Dec 16, 2012 at 09:58PM
welcoome to my glee RP (which i hope people will want to join) OCs are welcome and i basicly have the basic RP rules and it takes place in season...hmmmmm....1 and every 10 or so pgs is a new season
Canon spots
Mr. Shue-
anyone else i didnt put too

Name: Alexis Joanna Puckerman (dont hate on me i made her when i was 10 for crying out loud)
Age: 15
Looks:(THE PIC, i might change it but this is her for now)
Personality: sweet,nice,stands up for her friends,shy
Bio: Pucks younger half sister who of course her dad left her and her mom went awall so she lives with Puck but they are like water and oil they argue about almost any and everything and barely get along. During her first year at WMHS he completly disregaurded her basicly disowning her and even partaking in the monthly Slushings she gets. during her first week she also develops a huge crush on Artie and joined glee club because she wanted to get away from everyone, Mercedes is like an older sister to her and Rachel kinda annoys her, her relationships with the other members are pretty normal. She also likes Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, shes very artistic and when she isnt singing shes either drawing or reading so Sues nicknames for her are either Harry PotterHead, or the wordless wonder on account she doesnt really talk much until later in her time at school
 welcoome to my Glee RP (which i hope people will want to join) OCs are welcome and i basicly have the

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Vor mehr als einem Jahr LetsDuel2012 said…
walk through the halls with my bookbag slung around my shoulder and a copy of Harry Potter and the Half blood Prince in my hand this school was pretty cool....despite the abuse from my older half brother, i walk to my locker when i feel the oh-so familiar feeling of freezing stickiness "HA! you were past due" one of the jocks says i hear Puck laughing as they walk away and i wait to take my extra shirt out my pants are fine and i have to fix my hair
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LetsDuel2012 said…
(awww screw it nobodys gonna join :( )
Vor mehr als einem Jahr ninjacupcake88 said…
Yeah; Glee RPs aren't really popular around here. I'd be happy to rp with you though, if you want.
Vor mehr als einem Jahr belledjac said…
Sure I will join them
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LetsDuel2012 said…
(thanks I wasnt tryin to get attention its just I really wanna do one but thx just post who u wanna be)
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Vor mehr als einem Jahr trentgwenfan1 said…
i'll be happy to RP
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LetsDuel2012 said…
(ok k just post who u want to be and we can start)
Vor mehr als einem Jahr belledjac said…
Of corse u weren't trying 2 get attention I just know how annoying it is when u post a spot and nobody joins. Just 1 question do u make up a character or do u use a character of glee?
Vor mehr als einem Jahr sheerinandamian said…
can i join
Vor mehr als einem Jahr LetsDuel2012 said…
(@belledjac either one is fine, just tell me who you want to be and @sheerinandamian yes)