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posted by iluvshadowo3o
The beautiful girl I have known since I was two,
made a speech and now there's nothing I can do.
Drove away Von a simple word,
flew away like a stream-lined bird.
A tear blown away with every gush of wind,
the script was wrote and then it was binned.
Ever word counted as horror,
sitting under a baum clenching onto my sorrow.
Every type of contact opened up a mystery door,
now it is a shame because it won't happen anymore.
I wish for Du if I wasn't cruel,
I'd hope you'd wish for me too.
There is no Frage relevant to why Du left me,
there is only the answer which is obvious Du see.
I covered my heart...
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posted by iluvshadowo3o
March 2013, Gizbin the hedgehog

Dear Diary,

I wanted to wake up late this morning, but I didn't, getting woken Von my sheriff is new. I had a lot of jobs to do... Schreiben letters... Cleaning Fury... Also having to check up on my town. I haven't rested since... But whats strange is... This Tag seemed different... As for.. I met someone new... Someone positive and... Beautiful.
Her name is Stella, Stella Kitsuna. She's a young hearted girl with a lot of talent. Green, blue and white fur, green and blue eyes-glistened and a sharp, piercing crystal clear sight... I think I'm in love...♥
It is such a shame... her being a rebel... And I as a royal... We can't be together. Were the total opposite of each other so... I'm screwed over.
As for the rest of the day, it has been pretty forlorn and dull. Alone since she left me. But really... I couldn't forget that gorgeous sight, not ever...
posted by sonic4evar
Chapter 6 the plan
Ever so cautiously and slowly did Thunder Tiger crept along the rocky ufer until Gizbin’s tribe mates were in sight. She made sure that she could see and hear them, but they could see nor hear her. “Wait….i forgot the plan again.” Muttered one of Gizbin’s tribe mates. “URGH! Do I have to tell Du the plan every second?! What if there’s a spy around here?! Do Du want it to know the plan?!” “Oh yes, there is a spy alright. And SHE wants to know the plan.” thought Tiger. “I’m sorry, but I forgot it again!” whined the forgetful tribe mate. “Oh, very...
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posted by sonic4evar
“Intruders? Now? At our Jahr of weakness? I’m afraid we cannot chase them off this time, Tiger.”
“We will, Firechaser. We will Zeigen them that this is OUR land!”
“But it is hopeless! They may have fewer Warriors then us, but this is not our advantage. Look how strong their weapons are compared to ours!”
“So what? I will fight till my last breathe if necessary! We WILL win!”
“I’m sure about that, but I hope your right, Tiger.”
“I KNOW I’m right!”
The mysterious pair traveled along the trees faster than a bird can fly and Mehr fluently then the river....
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Palm trees were blowing in the soft warm breeze and the sound of morning songbirds filled the soupy, humid air. Gizbin looked around nervously, "I really don't like this. Were to exposed here."
Lerir was still glowing in the pre-dawn light. She pointed to the house directly across the canal from there, "Look, their lights are on. If they look outside they can't miss us."
"Then lets not stay here," Albion said. He looked at Beyal. " Are Du sure this is the right place?"
"I am not, but my sandals are certain." Beyal replyed.
Lerir fluttered her wings into possision and scanned the area. "I have...
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Beyal was unsure how long they have all flown. But with the passing of the moon overhead, he knew it had to be most of the night. Just before dawn, with the air becoming warm and getting warmer and sweeter with the fragrance of Blumen and salty sea air, Beyal's sandals finally started to descend. Gizbin and the others were heading down towards a densely populated neighbourghood that was filled with houses running along a canal. With the rosa rays of dawn rising in the east, Beyal noticed several houses with their lights on. There was some light traffic on the roads as commuters started their...
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The air was warm and getting warmer the further south Gizbin travelled. Beneath Gizbin, he watched towns and city lights passing. Yet Beyal's sandals continued without a break. After a time, the lights of civilization stopped and they passed silently over a tall, heavily wooded mountain range with only the occasional car headlights to break the solid darkness below.

"Em," Albion finally called,
"do those look like the spirit mountains to you?" Albion asked nervously to Beyal.
"Don't know," he admitted.
"I've never travelled any further south than my past homes."
"Well, I've gone down to Huntington and this place looks familier."
posted by iluvshadowo3o
-in Gizbin's castle-
Gizbin: I shall not fail this mission! I shall never fail! As long as I have my sword. I am going now.
Albion: I will see you, my lord.
Gizbin -walks out of schloss and into the forest nearby- hmmm
Sandi: -walks along beside him- Will Du protect me along the way? I will help Du if Du let me join. -smiles-
Gizbin: -blushes- sure
Sandi: -giggles-
Gizbin: -gets to a clearing- we need to defeat the dragon, beautiful.
Sandi: That we can do.

-two massive Drachen fly down-
Dragon1: RAHHHH!!!
Dragon2: GAHHHHH!!!!
Gizbin: I will take care of that dragon, Du take care of the other one!
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