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 Tiffany for Allure Magazine June 2015
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Park Myung Soo and Jessica of SNSD will reunite for their beliebt track Naeng Myun one Mehr time!

For those of Du that don't recall, this adorable duo performed Naeng Myun (Cold Noodles) for the Infinity Challenge Duet Song Festival this summer, then went on to perform a few songs on Musik shows due to the widespread popularity of the surprise hit track.

So are Du excited oder what? This time it'll be for the 2009 MBC Entertainment Awards. The two will sing their special song they sang for Infinity Challenge back in July.

Unfortunately, Park Myung Soo was supposed to perform with all of SNSD but, due to the girl group's busy end-of-the-year schedule, they had to narrow it down to Jessica.

But there's still going to be a girl group performing a track from Infinity Challenge. Who? After School! The sexy girl group will get together with Jung Joon Ha for their Infinity Challenge song, Young-Gae-Baek-Sook.
 Jessica and Park Myung Soo
Jessica and Park Myung Soo
*Disclaimer: Solely my opinion. Just saying. Don't hate, since I'm won't even bother anyways, and don't tell me to listen to this particular song more, since I probably will only download one oder two songs anyway.*

I really have no words for this mini-album... and I'm not saying that I'm blown away.

1. Holler

The Titel track of the song that seemed somewhat promising due to its Musik video Vorschau yesterday, since all the glitz and glamour seemed to resemble the masterpiece that was Twinkle. But, alas, it's like every SM track that's used for promotions: upbeat with a repetitive chorus. It's...
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On June 13th, Yuri opened an Instagram account under the Nutzername yulyulk and shared a Foto of herself from Girls’ Generation’s “2013 Girls’ Generation’s World Tour – Girls & Peace” tour.

Yuri is now the third member of Girls’ Generation to Mitmachen the Foto sharing service, following Taeyeon and Hyoyeon. Taeyeon recently uploaded a Foto of herself and the members of Girls’ Generation from the world tour concerts in Seoul, and included a caption tagging both Hyoyeon and Yuri.

All of the Fotos Taeyeon and Hyoyeon have uploaded and their captions can also be found on Soshified. Yuri’s Fotos will be shown below and updated with their captions translated as well.
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X( On part 2 some stupid copyrite BLOCKED it!! :(( X(X(( Im not heu, hay at all Well u have to skip that an go to part 3 :(
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Our girl's are back with a better song!Let's raise the views!And keeping that aside,as Du see in the Titel it's a beauty ranking!i Liebe doing rankings Von the way..Let's start now!

Mr.Mr Beauty Ranking
She's just so pretty in the mv,I don't know why but this time she is sure the prettiest!
Have Du seen her with the rosa tint?It's so pretty on her!Personally I think this is the prettiest period of her.
So pretty!She looks so cute in her hair although she is growing it back..
She matured a lot and I liked it so much,she looked Mehr sexier nowadays.
She seriously...
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