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This Girls Generation/SNSD foto might contain porträt, kopfbild, nahaufnahme, portrait, headshot, and kopfschuss.

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I haven't right Artikel for quite long time so i will try to write a short Artikel and sorry for my poor Schreiben . Well, some people do sagte that there are 7 people who do look alike in this world. So,here i try to find and Suchen about our soshi look alike.

I will start with Tiffany first. One of the main attraction of Tiffany is of course her link =D and also her lovely smile. Its quite hard for me to find Mehr but if Du do have others Du can also share it. Of course they do look alike bec they are siblings.. btw her sister is so pretty. some Fans do sagte that her sister looks...
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After hearing some the song, I think people created a mountain out of a molehill. This are my predictions of the song. Hope Du enjoy them ^^

Full song:

0:42 Tiffany
0:53 Seohyun
0:59 Yuri
1:03 Tiffany
1:09 Yoona
1:14 Tiffany
1:17 Sooyoung
1:20 Tiffany
1:22 Sunny

1:27 Taeyeon/Tiffany
1:30 Taeyeon
1:37 Tiffany
1:41 Sunny/Tiffany
1:44 Jessica

1:52 Tiffany
1:54 Hyoyeon
2:00 Sooyoung
2:05 Hyoyeon
2:10 Yuri
2:15 Sunny/Yuri
2:21 Seohyun
2:23 Jessica
2:27 Seohyun
2:29 Taeyeon

2:33 Sunny/Tiffany
2:37 Tiffany
2:39 Tiffany - Maybe alone oder with someone, I'm not sure here
2:43 Taeyeon/Sunny...
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Usually, Hyoyeon barely gets any lines, seen in their new Japanese single, Indestructible. A lot of people, Fans and antis, always claim that Hyoyeon's voice is really bad and should just stick to dancing. (This is not referring to anyone on here; I see it a lot outside of Fanpop.) Usually they only base it on the lines that she actually does get, which usually don't sound too great (Ex: Mr. Taxi) oder on the fact that she doesn't get any lines at all.

So, I decided to make a Liste of what I think Hyoyeon's best Singen lines are. Hope Du like it!


Well, she looked great and sounded great,...
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