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This Girls Generation/SNSD hintergrund contains brautjungfer and trauzeugin.

posted by soshisonesever
Following the wild success of the debut solo album from Girls' Generation member Taeyeon, her bandmate Tiffany was thought to be Weiter in line for the individual spotlight.

Amid heavy speculation from Fans that Tiffany Hwang would drop an album in early 2016, unconfirmed reports spread to Korean news sites, forcing the singer's record label, SM Entertainment, to issue an official statement to address the rumors.

Their statement was short and to the point: "Nothing is certain yet."
SM neither confirmed nor denied when oder if Tiffany would have a solo debut, so hopes are still high for a 2016 debut.
For the time being, both Tiffany and Taeyeon are currently busy promoting with their Girls' Generation project group TaeTiSeo (also including member Seohyun) for their Christmas-themed single "Dear Santa."
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posted by kpop4everlover
Since my fanfictions are always so long , I might not be able to continue them so here is a short horror story that I made up with a friend in drama today , I liked it so I will re-tell it , using some of the SNSD members and I will change a bit of it.
**Warning!** It is gruesome and if your scared easily then don't read! I have already warned Du and for those that are going to read it let's start! And of course this is all fake!

SNSD's Horror Story

Once there were two girls , Taeyeon and Tiffany and they were best Friends , as usual they were having a sleepover at one the girl's mansion. There...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
I saw this in a different club a long time ago, and I wanted to recreate it. I changed a few of the questions, and if Du want to do this in the Kommentare oder in another article, feel free to do it, as long as Du give me some kind of credit. Okay, let's begin!

1. If Du could change your name to one of the members, whose would Du choose?
I would probably choose Tiffany/Stephanie. It just sounds so pretty and pure!

2. If Du could have any skills of one of the members, who and what would Du choose?
I'd like Sooyoung's Schauspielen skills. She's a really versatile actress, and her crying scenes...
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