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my taquitoes..taquetoes...MY TAQUIIIIITOEEEEES!!
Von piggy i gotta go..BY PIGGY!!I GOTTA GO!!
I was the turkey!!ME!! I was the turkey!!
Du gunna make biscets,you gunna make biskets, Du gunnnaa mmaakke biskets?
(doom song)doom doom doom doom(6 months l8r)doom doom doom DOOM!!
im just gunna roll around on the floor ok?
zim-why was there speck IN THE SOAP!!
GIR-i made it myself!!
INTRUDER!!"starts eating cookie"
oooh leprecons
"looks like he going to battle then gets in his dog suit"

if Du can think of Mehr plz put them on the Kommentar below
thanks 4 Lesen it!!
posted by Solo28
"The door is open" came a stuffy voice from inside
G.I.R. opened the door and went into the kitchen
"hi" sagte G.I.R.
"YOU" sagte the man"you're the one who forget to turn the waffle maker off and now I can't stop eating them"
"oopsy daisy, I do that sometimes to my master" sagte G.I.R.
"What does that mean"
"It means Du can't come here anymore so grab your check and leave FOREVER!!"
G.I.R. grabbed 2 envolopes without noticing. Then he opened one up that sagte CHECK on it. He took out a long peice of paper that had a $30.00 in the corner. He went to Krazy taco and bought 50 tacos and 10 burritos for $30 dollars. While he was walking Home and eating tacos and burritos he opened the Sekunde envelope. He read it and it said
"I was wondering if Du would like to be a cook at Krazy taco for $20 dollars a week. Sincerely The Krazy taco Manager"
The internet looked so complex! there were numbers everywhere!Surrounding them were loads of pop ups and websites. Gir and Piggy were falling at light speed.
They landed in a place where mariachi Musik blared out loudly, and the aroma of tacos filled the air. A sign read, " Welcome to iMexico-Bienvenidos a iMexico!
" We must be in Canada!!" sagte gir, very intelligently(sarcasm)
"no, gir, it's imexico. let's go ask that man if he's seen our action figure.
There stood the taco man, advertising the Krazy taco nearby.
"Krazy taco's special offer!! 13 tacos for99 cents! Made with real artificial-"
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A mysterious guy was walking Von Piggy's lawn. He looked around, just to make sure nobody was there, then dropped the strange object on the ground. He cackled an evil laugh as he ran away.
It was spring, and everything was about to bloom, Suddenly, Piggy stopped. He saw...a strange device. It was an iPortal. Piggy had heard of those, but where? Hmmm.....
Just then, Gir came along.
"Hi Piggy!! Oooohh...What's that?"
"it's an iPortal," sagte Piggy, holding his Tarantulaman action figure. He loved the new Tarantulaman comic book.
"is that a football?" asked GIR.
"no, Gir, it's-"
but it was too late. Gir had already thrown the toy into the iportal.
"now how do we get it back?" asked piggy.
Without thinking, Gir pushed piggy into the iportal.
"Gir, Du imbecile!" screamed piggy as he fell "get me out of here!!!"
But instead, Gir jumped in too.Where were they headed?.......
* as ash continued his jorney catching irkens he found a very tall and very fat one named sizzlorr*
ash: wow this pokemon is going 2 look good in a pokemon battle
pokedex: sizzlorr the foodcourtia frylord pokemon
* ash threw his pokeball at sizzlorr and he caught him*
ash: yay i got u now sizzlorr
sizzlorr: curse u ash i will get my revenge when i come out of this pokeball
ash: i will only use sizzlorr 4 pokemon battles
* ash kepr on walking and he found another irken and they r smeets this time they where as cute as pikachu*
ash: wow little smeet like pokemon i am going 2 catch them in the pokeballs...
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Zim was just about to leave the base to go and steal parts from Dib, a kid with a big head, for Zim's ultimate plan to destroy Earth.....

Zim:GIR! Im going to Dib's to steal stuff. Don't do anything stupid while im gone!
(Zim opens the door and leaves)
GIR:Im gonna watch some TV
(TV goes on)
GIR:GASP! The Scary Monkey Zeigen is on, YAY!!!
(Loud noise is heard)
GIR:Hmmm....I wonder what that could be...
(GIR looks out the window)
(GIR runs outside)
(Taco Truck leaves)
GIR:No.....come back.....
(GIR starts crying)
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posted by Solo28
G.I.R. was back at the very same house he rang the doorbell and saw the man open the door. G.I.R. ran right in and pointed at the T.V. he said,
"I have that,....*gasp* IT'S THE SCARY MONKEY SHOW!!! That's my Favorit show."
"Really, well anyway I need Du to file these papers for me"
"Is this how Du act at home"
"yes I do"
"I bet Du don't even know how to file papers"
"It meens to put it in a certain place"
"I had no idea"
"Can I have tacos, I need tacos oder I will explode,that happens to me sometimes"
"I'll tell Du what, I'll give Du some tacos if Du put these...
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posted by Solo28
We begin our story at Zim's house in the morning on Sunday. Gir went outside to go find a pig to play with. He didn't find a pig but he found the newspaper sitting on the front step. He grabbed it and went inside with it.
"What's this"asked G.I.R. Zim grabbed the paper and he said,
"It's a newspaper for Earth people to read."
"I had no idea" sagte G.I.R. he jumped on the couch and flipped through the pages and found something that sagte JOBS. He asked Zim what it was and he said, "It's how Earth people make money".
"Ooohh Maybe there will be one of tacos." He found a job as a house attendent. He...
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posted by Solo28
Idea. Fun idea. Not real. No complaining. oder else Gir will make Du biscuits.

Available for: All Systems


Zim kicks Gir out, now Gir must survive on his own. Mitmachen him as he fights legions of....people and attept to become Zim's servant once more.


Tacos [Restore Health]
Cupcakes [Restore Health]
waffeln [Extra Life]




Level One: Zim's Neighborhood
Boss: Neighbor Lady

Level Two: Krazy Taco
Boss: taco Critic

Level Three: Downtown
Boss: Cops

Level Four: Dib's Neighborhood
Boss: Dib

Level Five: Park
Boss: Bully Kid

Level Six: Grocery Store
Boss: Manager

Level Seven: The Moon
Boss: Moon Man

Level Eight: Zim's House
Boss: Zim


Starts with 5 lives


-Fun Green Robot
-Serious Red Robot
-Dog Suit
-Bloody Gir
-Kid Suit
-Cat Suit

-Attack Menu-

-Taco Toss
-Laser Eyes
-Piggy Combination
-Head Arsenal Assault