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Why doesn't Ginormica have Mehr fans?

My reasoning is she isn't a full enough character. She, and the other monsters, have great potential to be better heros oder just well liked characters if they had Mehr to do. What I wanna see it, not another Halloween special- but a series. Not a saturday morning one, oder something like the Penguins of Madagascar oder KungfuPanda (both painfully bad); just a mini series.
On tv periodically, long enough to give a story- something to catch people's eye. A few shorts to give the Monsters some room to grow and be Mehr than just their names.
 Why doesn't Ginormica have Mehr fans?
I agree. No Mehr Halloween rubbish.
ToriKelly5 posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
 Purple0ctopus posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
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SusansMan said:
Because most people dont know how to be open-minded. Gee, sucks for them!
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posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr 
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