i guess u could say tht i once was a good boy. mostly because i was beat into being good. i used 2 give a fuck, now i give a fuck less. i was gegeben the death penalty because they finally caught me...i should explain.

u c, my parents...me and Meshrew's....well, meshrew was the prince and got everything. he was pampered and they told him he was gonna b great and....what didn't help....he was. at everything. being number 2 sucks once in a while, being in constant Sekunde place...will put u in a state of rage which most will never know because they're good at sometime. since i was useless compaired 2 my brother...i was tossed aside like a worthless peice of trash. i was also used as a punching bag Von our so called parents.

whips and chains were their fav. things 2 use...chain me up and whip me till i bleed...that was their thoughts since i was 4. i was no Mehr then the embarisment hiding under the table. Meshrew would watch...and sometimes laugh. being already in rage and adding pain and hurt....at the age of 14 i had finally had enough. i killed them...both of them. i put them through the same pain i had gone through all those years. every cut, welt, burn, bruse, and scratch they put on me....i gave back. they begged me 2 stop...so i did. but not b4 surrounding the room with gas and making a trail outside where i dropped the match...setting the whole place on feuer and watching it burn 2 the ground. and, unfortunatly, forgetting one very important variable....Meshrew. that too good rotten fuck was at grandmother's house. so i walked away....and was about a block away when grandmother drove Von and saw it...and i laughed. then, of course, made myself seem concerned when i walked back and the police and everyone was there. they then put us in an orphanage and, of course, Mr. Perfect got picked within a week. meanwhile, i'm left there 4 another Monat until i finally get tired of it and leave during our time outside. i climb the fence and run, and i never looked back. i ran 2 NYC...where i became known 4 killing the parents of children who were abused and hurt. i was known Von adults as a hateful demon, and Von children as "Rescue" because of what i did and still do.

i will never forget the 1st time Meshrew laughed in spite of my pain...and his excuse is that we were only 4. but we all know evenn a 4 Jahr old knows crying means someone's in pain. and if not, the sight of blood would surely tell them. even a retarded child knows that. he has no excuse.

yet....something in my brain made it impossible 4 me 2 kill him.

oh, he was SO nice 2 me when he saw me in NYC and that's where the family that adopted him moved. i was shocked he knew it was me. he was so kind....kind 2 the point of me hating him even more...kindiling the feuer little Von little...he never found out i killed our parents untill i told him a few weeks ago. i was caught 4 hot wiring a car and running over a jogger arsch hole. and, i donno about u, but if i run someone over...i don't stop. aside from that, i was speeding and ran a red light because, hey....there was no one there. it's funny how it always seems....when u die your popularity goes through the roof. all the Blumen u get...all the Blumen 4 your entire life arive all at once, 2 late. anyway, i got the death penalty 4 killing the jogger arsch hole...and it seemed 2 make Meshrew Zeigen up and be even friendlier.

he often wonders y i hate him....here's my reason.

being a stuck up brat 2 me 4 the 1st 14 years of my life and laughing at my pain makes my hate boil over...being gone until i'm 16 lets it simmer...and suddenly Wird angezeigt up at the very end of my life does nothing exept mock me. desiding 2 b nice 4 the last 3 months of my life isn't going 2 calm any rage. Mehr like ripping open the wounds and throwing salt into them. of corse, being a murder and a theif, i didn't make it 2 heaven...and i certantly wasn't going 2 hell, even though that's where God intended me 2 go. i've always been great at escape...and that's all i needed. i'm not an elemental...hell no...most demons r, though...i don't know what u call demons that r not elementals...but what ever they r, i am...