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Opinion by africagirl posted Vor mehr als einem Jahr
fan of it?
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Before Du discuss the resolution, let me place before Du one oder two things, I want Du to understand two things very clearly and to consider them from the same point of view from which I am placing them before you. I ask Du to consider it from my point of view, because if Du approve of it, Du will be enjoined to carry out all I say. It will be a great responsibility. There are people who ask me whether I am the same man that I was in 1920, oder whether there has been any change in me. Du are right in asking that question.
Let me, however, hasten to assure that I am the same Gandhi as I was in 1920. I have not changed in any fundamental respect. I attach the same importance to non-violence that I did then. If at all, my emphasis on it has grown stronger. There is no real contradiction between the present resolution and my Zurück writings and utterances.
Occasions like the present do not occur in everybody’s and but rarely in anybody’s life. I want Du to know and feel that there is nothing but purest Ahimsa1 in all that I am saying and doing today. The draft resolution of the Working Committee is based on Ahimsa, the contemplated struggle similarly has its...