2013-14: Japanese album, overseas activities, comeback in Korea, individual promotions

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The band continued their TAKE FTISLAND tour which started the year before in Seoul, Korea and went to Taiwan in December 2012[60] and continued the tour in Shanghai and Beijing, China.[61]

On March 27, 2013, F.T. Island released their single, "You Are My Life" with 2 tracks, "Beat It" and "Come Into My Dream".[62] All three songs ended up in the top 5 of Japanese music site Dwango's K-Pop weekly ringtone chart. Also, their M/V for "You Are My Life" took first on Chinese video site YinYueTai's Korea chart.[63]

Later on April 9, the band's 2009 album Jump Up topped Taiwanese music charts for Korean and Japanese releases, with "Bad Woman" ranking first on the songs chart, as well.[64]

The group released their Japanese album Rated-FT in June 2013, where members composed tracks such as "Time To", "Hold My Hand", "Black Chocolate" and "Orange Sky".[65] The album charted at third on Japan's Oricon Daily Album Chart on the day it is released.[66]

F.T. Island released their 11th Japanese single "Theory of Happiness" on July 24, 2013. It included two tracks composed by the members which were "Eyes On Me" and "Rainy Day" which both topped the Oricon Daily Chart.[67]

The band became the first Korean band to perform three years in a row on Fuji TV's "Mezamashi Live!" on July 28, 2013.[68] F.T. Island also performed live at rock festival, Summer Sonic 2013 in Tokyo on August 10 and in Osaka on August 11 which was their second appearance at the festival, after 2010.[69] The band also completed their first Japan arena tour of seven cities, titled F.T. Island Arena Tour 2013 ~Freedom~, drawing an audience of 100,000.[70]

F.T. Island returned to Korea in late September 2013, and released their self-composed mini-album Thanks To, dedicated to their fans and supporters. "Memory" and "Always With You" was composed by main singer Hong-gi, "Try Again" by Jong-hoon, and "Falling Star" by Jae-jin.[71] They held a two-day concert in Seoul on 28 and 29 September, in front of 6000 fans.[72] The concert was called "FTHX", combining the first initials of the band FT with THX (thanks).[73] 'Memory' by Hong-gi ranked No.1 on the Taiwanese Omusic chart.[74] "According to the Taiwanese G-MUSIC Chart, F.T. ISLAND’s 6th anniversary album ‘THANKS TO’ ranked the weekly chart No.1 recording 28.84% sales among Asian album sales."[75]

Their Japanese Zepp Tour started on October 1, 2013 in Tokyo, and later performed in Sapporo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Shizuoka and Nagoya, as well.[76]

The band made their official Korean comeback with their fifth mini album The Mood on November 18, 2013.[77] It topped the weekly Hanteo chart[78] and Gaon chart;[79] and ranked first on the online HMV chart in Japan for pre-released sales.[80]

F.T. Island at La Cigale, Paris, in January 2015

Main singer Lee Hong-gi at La Cigale

F.T. Island started 2014 with a concert in Shanghai which was part of their FTISLAND’s 6th-anniversary tour. The band released multiple albums and singles in Japan. New Page was released on May 2014,[81] it sold an estimated 22,000 copies worldwide and charted at 3rd on the Oricon Daily Charts and 6th on the Oricon Weekly Charts.[82][83]

A few months later, F.T. Island then released a second album, titled Japan Best – All About in October with the title track "Be Free".[81] It topped the Gaon physical album chart during October 5 and 11 periods, Tower Records Daily Pre-Order Charts and HMV Korean-Asia Daily Charts. It also achieved 8th position on the Gaon album chart for that month.[84][85][86][86]

The band then released a new single, "To The Light" in October, which consists of three fully composed tracks.[87] "Mitaiken Future"[88] was released on March 16 and "Beautiful" [89] on January 15. "Mitaken Future" was later included in the album New Page. "Beautiful" charted at 4th position in Oricon's Daily Singles chart on the day same day when the album was released.[90]

F.T. Island also held several tours and announced partnership with Taiwanese clothing brand, STAYREAL.[91] They were invited and performed in one of China's most biggest music festival - Zebra Music Festival; where the band sang songs such as "Flower Rock" and "Freedom". Its ticket sales were also long sold out before the festival even started proving F.T. Island's immense popularity in China.[92] Moreover, the band were also invited to perform in the Japanese MTV - Unplugged segment that only top artists could perform.[93] Also, Hong-gi was also chosen to be the MC for M Countdown's 10th-anniversary special which proves the member's talent.[94]

The members also promoted themselves individually throughout 2014. Min-hwan was cast in a musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat,[95] Seung-hyun collaborated with comedian Song Eun-yi for Two Song Place[96] and starred in the film, No One to Trust in the World.[97] Hong-gi resumed filming Bride of the Century after his fall on an icy road.[98] He also starred in the drama, Modern Farmer.[99] and released his new accessory brand Skullhong.[100] Hongstargram was also released as a travel book where he took pictures in his first solo tour in different countries.[101] Jong-hoon was later announced in a new upcoming drama “Heroes”, said to premiere in 2015.[102]He also launched his first Art Expedition In Japan where he showcased his artworks to the public.[103] Jae-jin starred in Fashion Killa alongside Hong-gi as a special guest[citation needed] and also sang the title song for Bride of the Century, where member Hong-gi was starring in the drama.[104]