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posted by warrior_cats100
 follow these rules oder face the powers of starclan!
follow these rules or face the powers of starclan!
These are the oben, nach oben ten rules of Frogclan

1. all roleplay must stay on "Members of Frogclan"

2. no curseing only if needed XD

3. try to stay with the topic of warriors don't talk about barbies oder anything like that :3

4. try not to be over 7 characters

5. try not to cause TOO much drama

6. try not to fall in Liebe all the time, Liebe is fine but I don't want my whole clan with a mate xD

7. do not dissagre with your leader when gegeben a warrior name

8. try not to cause any problems with the other clan

9. no killing other cat only if needed xD

10. HAVE FUN!!!!!

Roleplay times!

Deputy: almost everyday

Med. Cat: twice a week at least

Warrrior: a least once a week

Apprentice: twice a week

Queen/Kits: twice a week

Elders: once a week

Plz follow these rules oder else u might have to pay the price >:)
 are swamps tell us who we are!
are swamps tell us who we are!