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For Marshall Barnes, "Parallel Universes" Reclaims Fringe Cred From "Fringe"

Von Debbie Lissa

"A character who has had experiences in their youth involving altered states of consciousness research that led to seeing parallel universes, investigates a series of strange occurrences and has involvement with exotic science technology".

Sounds like the basic of plot foundation for link, right? Wrong. At least not until Fringe was written, somewhere in 2007/2008. Up until that time, it was exclusively the plot-line of the real life of Marshall Barnes, as depicted in the new experimental video art piece, Parallel Universes, which is at the web site for the U.K.'s leading art magazine, Not the DJ whose rave party exploits have become legendary on the Internet - link. The one who has a trackable background going back to at least 1977 where as a high school kid, David Rockefeller Jr. practically pleaded with him to attend the Art, Education and Americans Panel conference at the Ohio State universität because young Marshall was deemed as the best example of what arts education could do for a kid in Ohio. The same one that a few short years later was the first musician in the country to create a rock video album single handedly. The one that would then go on and teach Musik video conceptual theory at Ohio State universität and then teach kids drug-free creativity for the Nancy Reagan supported Youth To Youth program and film a documentary about it with former David Bowie associate, link , and then go on and invent the world's first and probably still only, link. That's right - rock Videos that will get Du stoned. The laundry Liste goes on from there but, the main tidbits of information that matter here are that sometime, after meeting Zanetta in 1988, elements from a sci-fi saga that Marshall and record producer Judson Leach were working on, began to come true when they weren't "supposed to".

1992. Enter link, physicist with a PhD in theoretical physics and Autor of the book, link. He somehow meets up with Marshall and explains that Marshall, who had been using an altered state of consciousness technique he calls Razz Triggering for years, has been tapping into a real parallel universe to get some of his ideas. It's not explained how all that works, but the book Von wolf does state that concept can happen. What follows is Marshall's journey to explore what may be behind these events and they included a "Man-in-Black type spy", invisibility research, Tesla's Wand of light, alternative uses for A/V technology, and more.

The sight of Brit rocker, link, of the band, UFO, assembling some kind of contraption that when activated, blows away the link seems like something right out of Fringe but no, it was a Musik video that Marshall did with him eight years before Fringe was to see air. The contraption appears to be one of Marshall's inventions oder could it be link? If Fringe is fiction, then It would be the other way around. Speaking of which, why do both scientists in Fringe have WB initials? I couldn't help but to see a possible code while typing this - invert (not reverse) the initials WB and the "W" becomes a "M" and the "B" stays the same. That's when I became a believer. If Fringe Fans can look for hidden clues, this then is a natural act.

Intrigued Von this little discovery, I acted on a hunch. If the initials "WB" were a code, was there Mehr to it? "M" stands for "Marshall" but in the reality of the fiction of the show, it's inverted and becomes "William" oder "Walter". I Weiter looked at the last names. "B" for Barnes is obvious but why the names "Bell" and "Bishop"? It turns out that anyone knowing much about quantum theory knows about Bell's Theroem, named for physicist link, the famous extension of Einstein's link that was supposed to disprove quantum mechanics because it suggests the possibility of faster than light signaling or, as Einstein originally put it - "spooky action at a distance". Sounds like Fringe alright. But, what about the Bishop name? Why Bishop? Could there be a relevant scientific reference to someone with that name. I checked. I found Nigel T. Bishop, a physicist who works in the area of relativistic physics, which would include the theories applicable to wormholes and such - link . Remember? It's Walter Bishop, in the show, that creates a link to get a live copy of his dead son. Nigel Bishop, in fact, help co-author a presentation in 2003, five years before Fringe, that sounds like a Fringe episode Titel - "Bagels Form When Black Holes Collide" -
link .

Is all this coincidence? Perhaps in relation to glocke and Bishop, those are just name and subject connections, however ironic. There's far Mehr weight to the idea when Du factor in all the similarities with just one Marshall Barnes and his life. Just based on the face of it, there is no doubt. Marshall Barnes is the physical embodiment of the reality that is merely reflected as a cheap, but complex, hologram in the fuchs TV show.

For Fringe fans, the video resolves what many had been wondering about after a series of released statements, and news stories, beginning in 2010, about how the creators of Fringe had somehow been putting in major elements of Marshall's life in the show. link, made with archival footage from Marshall's well documented past, vindicates Marshall's claims that major portions of the initial plot, as it was revealed between 2008 and 2010, indeed reflect link, years before the Zeigen ever saw the airwaves. The Frage is how, which the video, nor Marshall, have ever asserted. There is no question, however, that this whole affair is a violation of the laws of probability. There is no way that the odds can naturally play out for as many things in the video to be in the Zeigen and the Zeigen allegedly has over 30 elements connected to Marshall's life that he knows of. When's the last time Du have had that happen to Du - especially from a sci-fi program?

So it looks as if Olivia Dunham and the Fringe Unit have another case to investigate. In fact, that would be a good episode - a discovery is made that someone else knows everything about them - and it turns out he knows because he's from a parallel universe where their world was just a TV show, but the writers had been unwittingly tuning into their world with the powers of their imagination. Maybe that's where they should say Peter Bishop is now, in some parallel universe where he's shocked to see an actor portraying him and each episode is directed Von Marshall Bell. oder should it be Marshall Bishop? We'll let Jeff Pinker, J.H. Wyman and J.J,. Abrahams decide. They seem to like to play with people's names.

Stargate SG-1 Fans know what I mean...