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 Young Matthew Perry
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This Friends foto contains porträt, kopfbild, nahaufnahme, portrait, headshot, and kopfschuss.

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DID Du REALIZE...That in "TOW Monica's thunder", Monica sagte to Rachel that on the night of her wedding Tag she is going to announce that she is pregnant. But in "TO after I do". At Monica's wedding Rachel announced to Monica and Phoebe that she was pregnant?

DID Du REALIZE...Monica married Ross' best friend "Chandler" and Ross married Monica's best friend "Rachel?"

DID Du REALIZE...That everyone got together out of town. Ross and Rachel in Vegas. Monica and Chandler in London. Joey and Rachel in Barbados. Ross and Chalie in Barbados. Phoebe and Mike in Barbados?

DID Du REALIZE...That Ross...
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I didn't write this fanfic, I found it on

Wrote Von matthewperry4ever.

It takes place when Pheobe is giving birth to her triplets. It's right when Joey starts to film and says "and so the miracle of life begins" Instead of him gettting kidney stones something else happens. No one knows about Monica and Chandler yet...

And if I use some of the lines from the Zeigen oder from movies, just try to ignore that. They just so happen to fit perfectly with the current situations, is all. I could think of new ones but those happened to work.

Legal crap: i don't own anything.

Part One:

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