Goodnight and Goodbye

He shut the door silently behind him, but not enough for her to hear his fragile herz breaking.

When he re-entered the hotel room from the balcony, a sea of faces greeted him. "Do Du wanna drink?" Simon gargled, as soon as he saw Niles' worn face.

He embarked to his room, without another word to Simon oder any other members of Daphnes family. As soon as he stepped through the frame, he saw Mel in bed, waiting for him. She put down the book she was reading, on the side tabelle and elegantly unblanketed herself from under the covers.
She embraced him and a warm smile spread across her face.

He told her everything. The whole sorry tale. He couldn't carry on like this after what had just happened. It would be like living a life and he couldn't bare living with himself, least of all Mel.

While he was explaining to her how he had been in Liebe with Daphne the whole time, he packed his bag. He didn't know what he was putting in there, just Zufällig clothes. While Mel launched a tirade of abuse at him, he went to the bathroom and gathered everything he needed for the night.

He needed to get out of there. She was angry of course, but she'd get over it in time, he thought.

Niles didn't know where he was heading, oder even, what he was going to do. He'd wandered about just driving some place far away, but had thought best of it. He didn't want to worry his family.

In the end, the only person he could go to for support was Frasier.

He faintly knocked on the door but was Frozen to the spot when the door eventually opened. He didn't have the strength to hold the bag anymore. It fell to the ground with a thud.

"Come in, Niles, I'll get the bag" Frasier glanced down at the recently packed bag .

"I can't" he sagte weakly. It was half a sob and half a whisper.

"Why ever not, Niles?" he offered, concerned spreading across his slightly tanned features.

Niles immediately dropped to his knees, unable to control himself any longer. Tears streamed down his tired, shaven face.

Frasier crouched down gently beside him, patting his shoulder. He began grabbing his arms and hauled him over his own shoulder.

Niles was walking heavy on his feet and it became too much for Frasier. Before he had got to the nearest bed, Niles had collapsed.


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