Debra has the power!
Where: Blue kreuz Arena, Rochester, New Yorks
When: 2nd November 2000
Show: Smackdown

On the Zurück RAW, Mick Foley had announced Debra as his Lt Commissioner. Straight away Debra was gegeben important responsibilities. With the Commissioner not on Smackdown, Debra would be in charge of the show!

She arrived and with her own personal sign, took over the office. She would have a busy evening in store!

We went backstage to see Debra having a friendly chat with Lita, the WWF Women's Champion. Then Ivory, a Kürzlich new recruit to the Right to Censor faction interrupted saying she wanted a Titel shot, so the Women's Champion would be someone respectable. Ivory scolded Debra for Wird angezeigt off the "puppies" which the Lt Commissioner didn't seem to like.

Trish Stratus and Jacqueline would then came in and also demand Titel shots at Lita's championship.

Debra made a quick decision, booking
made a Four Corners Match for the Women's Championship and to ensure it would be a fair match further stated that T&A, the Hardy Boyz and the Right to Censor would be barred from ringside!

Debra sagte that she was doing things "Debra style!" and that continued later on. Edge & Christian came to see her and believing she would be a far softer touch than Mick Foley, they attempted to sweet talk Debra into giving them a tag team Titel shot which they had been banned from getting. Debra appreciated all the compliments but then declared. "I'm not an idiot! If Du two guys think Du can walk in here and sweet talk lil' ole me then your wrong!"

Edge & Christian rather childishly stormed out of the room and declared that Debra was worse than Mick Foley as she grinned and waved them goodbye!
Booking a match for the WWF Women's title!
Debra waves off Edge & Christian!