Debra leads Jarrett to the ring!
Where: Jefferson Civic Center, Birmingham, Alabama
When: 15th February 1999
Show: Raw
Match: Jeff Jarrett & Debra Vs D'Lo Brown & Ivory

The animosity between Ivory and Debra had continued to grow at the St Valentine's Tag Massacre pay per view where Ivory had attempted as promised if Debra interfered to rip off her clothes after the WWF Tag Team Championship match. The Weiter night on RAW, D'Lo Brown and Ivory would take on Jeff Jarrett and Debra in a mixed tag match. Gone was the normal trademark business suit, Debra was here tonight to wrestle and if necessary take care of her new female rival in a skimpy rosa outfit and white boots!

Jeff Jarrett and D'Lo Brown spent the majority of the match without making a tag to their female partners with Jarrett wisely seeking to keep his tag team partner, not a trained wrestler out of the contest if possible. Ivory broke up Jarrett's attempt to win with the figure four leglock and left the ring before an angry Debra could catch up to her. Then after D'Lo turned the tables and executed his frog splash finisher on Jarrett, Debra pulled the leg of D'Lo to break the pin.

Ivory decided she had enough of Debra and she launched into an attack and the fight was on with the RAW crowd going crazy for the brawl! Surprisingly Debra held her own in the hair pulling and overpowered Ivory, pushing her down to the mat with the blonde on oben, nach oben attempting to choke out Ivory. With the men fighting still, the referee had Lost control of the match and rang the glocke for a no contest. Ivory now fought back against her rival and the two reversed positions in the struggle with Ivory now getting her hands on the throat of Debra who now looked like she was in serious trouble but the male tag partners pulled the two women off one another to noticeably loud boos from the fans.

A frustrated Debra grabbed Jarrett's gitarre but her partner held her back while D'Lo held Ivory back. However suddenly Jeff let Debra go and taking a swing, schaukel she smashed the gitarre off the back of Ivory in sadistic fashion! Debra looked very pleased with herself as she escaped the ring with Jeff Jarrett covering her exit as D'Lo tried to get at her. Owen Hart came down and eventually they double teamed D'Lo and the three left the ring. Jarrett lifted Debra into an embrace with Debra looking delighted with what she had done in seriously injuring Ivory.

With D'Lo checking on Ivory and angrily pointing at the person responsible, Debra smiled and waved with a smug expression on stage having seemingly taken out Ivory possibly for good! Debra's first wrestling match in WWE had seemingly gone to plan!
Chaos in the ring!
Jeff Jarrett carries Debra away after her evil act!