Her grin wouldn't last for long on this night!
Where: Skydome, Phoenix, Toronto, Ontario
When: 13th February 1999
Show: Raw
Match: Jeff Jarrett w Owen Hart & Debra Vs D'Lo Brown w Mark Henry & Ivory

Even after taking a beating from the WWF Tag Team Champions AND their manager laughing at him over on the Zurück episode of RAW, Mark Henry still had eyes for Debra watching her stroke her slender legs from a monitor in the backstage areas.

D'Lo Brown decided to do something about this and in the ring before his match against Jeff Jarrett he decided to give Mark Henry some eye Süßigkeiten to look at that wasn't Debra. He introduced a lady known as Ivory dressed in a sleek valentine red dress and Mark Henry look delighted while Debra tried her best to hide her annoyance that for once she wasn't the centre of attention. Certainly this was a smart Bewegen on D'Lo's part because he and Mark Henry would be challenging the Tag Team Champions Jeff Jarrett & Owen Hart the Weiter night for the titles and they now had a woman who while not a match for Debra's beauty was certainly Mehr than a match if things got physical and that's exactly what we would see right away!

In a short match, Jeff Jarrett locked in the figure four leg lock but Ivory stepped into the ring and distracted Jeff Jarrett in very much a similar style that Debra was known for. Moments later D'Lo Brown hit a powerful slam and pinned Jarrett with a three count. Instantly an irate Debra came into the ring and marched across the ring to angrily confront Ivory over costing one of her men a match.

With her continued jaw jacking at Ivory, the latter decided not to take any crap from Debra and slapped her hard in the face! Debra retaliated and the crowd went crazy as the two grabbed each other into a wild catfight. Their two teams managed to teilt, split them up quickly but one thing was certain these two wanted a piece of each other and it wouldn't be the last time they would fight either.

Debra had met her match and a new rival in Ivory!
Debra and Ivory go face to face!